Friday, November 19, 2010

Follower Reader Appreciation

Almost all of my posts on this blog to date have been attempts to keep up with The Blue Magnetic Storm 's many articles and posts at THE 800 DAYS blog. Blake's 13 Moon Astrological Identity/Association is Blue Magnetic Storm, in case you're wondering.

I just wanted to take some time to post a "Reader Appreciation" article because I know that some friends are reading, even if they haven't been posting comments directly at this blog here. I've gotten comments at my Facebook page that let me know that people are reading.

In return, I'd like to tell people about a few articles I think are related to thinking critically, are about tough topics, or about sharing the experience of being human - such as...

What is great about Lorlie6's article is that she puts the HUMAN back into the soldier experience topic she's writing on. At least that seems what is attempted. I don't know that anyone can ever make a really healthy "human experience" out of being any kind of soldier, but Lorlie's viewpoint is that soldiers need to be treated humanely. She talks about a certain humiliation tactic that has been used on US soldiers when they are not mentally or emotionally coping with their job as a soldier very well. This "tough love" tactic is to put a highly visible vest on soldiers considered "unstable" and SUICIDAL, bringing further attention to their delicate state of mind. Anyway, visit the article to see what sound arguments Lorlie6 gives AGAINST this CRUEL treatment of soldiers!

I won't spend much time at all "reviewing" kimberlyslyrics' personal offering because, honestly, I can't do so without becoming overly emotional. Get the kleenex out and fall into the human experience of crying over a very personal story about young love, young misfortune and the difficulty of healing in response to the death of a soulmate... (R.I.P. Darren). This is such a delicate topic, I feel I should keep the details where they belong... at kimberlyslyrics own page, in her own words... I merely suggest that you do pay attention to this one special article if you really want to come into touch with feelings and humanity today.

dreamreachout is from India and when I browsed dreamreachout's hubs at a certain website, I was struck with the beautiful pictures that accompany a particular article about "long oiled hair." Since the oiling of hair in my area of the world isn't a common practice, I felt compelled to actually ask a hairdresser about this. I actually have very long hair - a giant mohawk lol. And now, for the past 5 months, I have a hairdresser who keeps my mohawk in great shape and who also pretty much insists on oiling/conditioning my I thank dreamreachout for some information and wonderful, beautiful photos - and also, a peek into how a different culture than my own practice certain grooming techniques.
Here's something that will freak a few of you right out... most of Pacal Votan's articles are only accessible with a bit of creative thinking and action... I loved the looks of Pacal Votan's sites/blogs so much I said, "To heck with this...I don't care WHAT language these are in...I'm going to get reading them!", I didn't start learning a different language - I boot on over to translators online in order to figure out what Pacal Votan is posting. TRUST ME - it is WORTH every additional translator page I have to open and wait to load....awesome viewpoints, information and links to many philosophical, scientific and spiritual wonders are available from Pacal Votan's blogs/sites.

To summarize... thanks in particular to Lorlie6, kimberlyslyrics, dreamreachout and Pacal Votan for just being online and for sharing the written words, pictures and human experiences with people online...and thanks to any who are reading!

Stay Well!




  1. thank you for sharing these great stories, I like them especially this one of dreamreachouts, keep it up and never give up...

  2. Hello Aznzar, thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like the tidbits here, particularly the material about dreamreachout! I'll keep posting. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hello my beautiful lovers, well maybe for 800 days? maybe?

    You should put a sound bite on here thats looped saying [ok sing]

    800 babes of blakes on the wall, and 800 myths I's marry right now

    yada yada yada

    hey that's why they call me lyrics


    ending it off by listing, understanding we're into it *wink* far by know-the program ?

    with one of two options

    lyricsingray posts here one word a day right to the end that pertains to Wicca, misconceptions, the beauty it beholds, the beauty kimberly beholds, spells, nature, the earth and the moon, explanations, witchery, what a dictionary is, how a beautiful, kind, soft, healing, inventive and giving people can really be, even knowing little of one another. Recap of long winded point; with no education and learning the craft just starting last year, maybe someone could learn a word here and there, or shoot 7 words on Monday and I'll look up a word

    B Blake,
    I'm trying hon

    BTW happy Friday and in case no one told you today baby, remember, in many ways, it ain't over til 4d says it's over. That I support. love ya ta bitzzzzzzz


    aka lyryks

    omg guess - ac denied publishing my piece-sex

  4. Great work MB. Thanx for all the support.

  5. Hey Kimberlyslyrics! I missed this post for several weeks...sorry 'bout that. Thanks for stopping by to lyric some stuff on the blog in your unique way. I like the "lyryks" too.

  6. Hey Blake - thx for the interesting project to work with! IAOTIO!