Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 774 (Tidbits)

This is one of the best posts I've come across so far over at The 800 Days blog. Right near the top of the entry, Blake Hall has placed a very interesting and inspirational video - a hopeful message from a woman named, "Eden Sky," who is a self-described "Red Self-Existing Skywalker."
With a title like that - c'mon...admit it - YOU HAVE TO LISTEN!
Go To the 800 Days blog, entry for Day 774 (day seven hundred and seventy four)
Now I have to say that after I listened to Eden speak via the you tube video, I had to just sit back and BREATHE a sigh of relief for this very positive message about the month of December in the year 2012.
FINALLY... some positive STUFF!
I also had to remark - to myself (because the only other entity at home happened to be my cat, who doesn't particularly CARE that 2012 is coming 'cos he's an angel, anyway)... "Mythbuster, now T - H - A - T which was recently heard - is SO COOL." Also, "WE DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IN IT TO TAKE ACTION."
What I mean by that last statement is that, basically, WE NEED TO GET OUR SPIRITUAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SHYT TOGETHER... and even if we don't believe in the conclusions about WHY Eden says we should get our shyt together - IT WILL NOT MATTER what we believe because...
Okay... I know, I'm gettin' fired up and ahead of things here. Let me backtrack just a bit...
Basically - Eden says something is in motion in the universe anyway... we are all out of sorts, partly because we're living in a time period where a final wrap up of events, environmental, spiritual, planetary and universe STUFF is going to happen - WITH OR WITHOUT our caring about what's going on...
To make things beneficial and positive for our human species, we can cleanse, get straightened around, get our ducks in a row, so-to-speak.
We can ignore everything, continue killing the environment, the world around us... whatever's "coming" or "about to happen" is so much larger than us that it's going to happen anyway...
Those who are creating positive changes can benefit...
Those who aren't... SEE YA!
And the world will be left in a better shape or in a state that is sort of "supposed to be," according to the cosmos...If that is MINUS a bunch of hundreds-of-thousands of people who don't want to create changes for the positive...
Oh well *shrug*
Basically, Eden Sky is talkin' about GALACTIC ALIGNMENT theory within the 2012 Prophecy which follows a timeline marker of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendars (13 Baktun Long Count Mayan Calendar) and points to a date - December 21, 2012, for the date when the world as we know it, will end...
How to live from this day onward 'til December 2012:
  • Find our calling, our breath, our centre, our grounding and calm
  • Live by moving with and toward our healthy passions
  • Move toward our callings
  • Purify and heal
  • Reject artificial time as much as is possible
  • Get back to "earthy" things, be aware of the presence of the earth
  • Look outside to get a bearing on what time of day it is
  • Look at the stars, look at the daytime sky, the clouds, the night, the day
  • Cleanse and become stewards of those weaker than ourselves
  • Become stewards over the earth and respect the environment
  • Find and project our compassion
  • Become an "agent of calm"
  • Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude and love... 
Eden says that what we project upon the date of December 21 2012 has the power to influence what sort of day/time that date will actually be... We can shape what the day will be like. The date is expected to be our ultimate awakening.
Now you might never believe in the telepathic possibilities that Eden Sky is talking about in the video - but believe me - even if you don't believe and feel that this is all just a bunch of bulljunk, doing the things from the bullet points above sure isn't going to do any harm to you or anyone else.
And if this date and alignment is coming... NOT doing acts of stewardship and cleansing and all the rest sure - and expecting awesome results from these - well it's just silly - so ya might as well "go with the positive, healthy, beneficial flow."

Day 774 in the 800 Day Countdown is Sunday November 7, 2010.

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