Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 695 (Tidbits)

If you've been wondering about what is at the core of the blogger personality and person of Blake Hall IV, then the Day 695 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog will give you a fair bit of insight. Of course, spirituality (what Blake chooses to write about in the entry) is just on facet of a human being - but if you've wondered, here's your chance to hear about some of Blake's personal experiences with spirituality.

In the Day 695 post, you may examine Blake's thoughts on Buddhism and - as always - interpret for yourself what Buddhism might mean to you.

Beyond the commentary about spirituality and Buddhism, further down in the post, Blake offers some artistic words in the piece called "What Could Be - And What Has Been."

What I like about this piece is that the narrator asks a number of questions at the beginning:

How can you save a person who doesn't want saving [my paraphrase, so as to refrain from taking away from Blake's own artistry and word structure]? Also - how do you save a person who is empty inside and nothing but a shell [my paraphrase]? How do you stop a train [my paraphrase] - how do you attempt to stop the inevitable [interpretation, mine]?

Now, from these questions, there are vastly different answers, each per person, according to worldview and personal belief system - however - Blake's version of how to process questions of this nature is clearly and artfully provided - just read through the "What Could Be And What Has Been" poetic piece.

Something I've noticed in almost all of Blake's writing is a definite balance that I like very much. This balance is in the concepts of "good/bad," "good/evil," and I find that Blake almost always has a Devil wherever he has a higher concept of "Good," "Holy," or higher cosmic forces. Here, the Devil arrives late in the poetry, within the last third of the content:
Throwing all away, that's real pure & true

Devils jeers laughing, as you arrive right on cue

Sure he'll give you enough reach, to go get another fix

Delusional comforts of HIS home, where you'll remain but just Exist...

The three words above that provide an unmistakable mental image are "Devils jeers laughing[...]" and such a powerful mental image makes the Devil almost viewable, touchable.

Now, you can interpret the poetry any way you like - I just wanted to show a portion of the poem that struck a definite mental image and cue for me (above - it's actually a pic of a match stick holder/striker - creepy, lighting fire on the face of the Devil? Yikes!)... And I'll leave off now, so you can go interpret and enjoy Blake's brand of poetics!

The Day 695 post is about the core beliefs of Blake Hall IV and is associated with Tuesday January 25 2011.

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