Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 770 (Tidbits)

The post offered on Day 770 of THE 800 DAYS BLOG contains numbers...


Even SPECIFIC Numbers - and, that's basically what the whole post is about. What you're going to read about when you visit the 800 DAYS blog is "11:11 THEORY." These aren't all "Time" or "clock" prompts, but can also be a series of recurring numbers ie: 9999, 888, 1213, 7777, 242526, 8989, and so on. Apparently there are some people who almost always see these prompts whether they are planning on it or not. What I mean is, they're not consciously aware of constantly looking back and forth at clocks - or numbers - in fact, they're probably not attempting in any way to prompt themselves or keep tabs on numbers or the clock...what is happening is that, quite naturally, when they're in everyday - even mundane - activities do they DO HAPPEN TO glance at the clock, other time-pieces, digital technology, they're seeing consecutive or patterened numbers!

Are they subconsciously in some sort of obsessive time-checking or a similar obsession? People who are reporting this don't think so and, personally, I don't really think they're doing this obsessively either...at least some people aren't.

The kicker: this time-checking CAN BECOME obsessive for a little while IF YOU WORRY ABOUT IT or if you don't take a healthy viewpoint on this matter.

Personally, this 11:11 Theory is a curious matter - a strange phenomena to me, however, even if I don't understand it or what's going on surrounding 11:11 events and theory, I am perfectly "OKAY" to let 11:11 happen around me, unexplained. Oh sure, I want to know WHY these prompts happen, but I look into a TON of strange topics, paranormal items, urban legend and folklore - even HORROR genre tidbits - so I am content to read up on this 11:11 stuff and let it be until I come across a really valid explanation that satisfies my curiousity.

Oh wait a minute...

I just glanced at my clock. It says 12:13 as I am still typing...I just typed "1213" above just a couple of minutes ago... that was probably at around 12:11 and through 12:12... until when I looked just now and the clock said "12:13" - very curious coincidence?

Hmm curious, right?

The date for the Day 770 post: Thursday November 11, 2010.

*gasp* "11."


  1. And now... curious, too... 12:23 (just finished adding the post navigation to the sidebar and it's now 12:23, ones, twos and threes all day...