I've found there's a need to provide a list of people who are involved in or whose philosophical contributions related to 2012 Theories, methods of critical thinking and also scientific, arcane, spiritual and general knowledge. In part, this is to provide readers with the assertion and clarification that this entire blog project is NOT based purely on my own beliefs. Sure, I have some biases - everyone does - but I promise to include even theories and information that I am not inclined toward as the whole and general attraction and make-up of this blog project. That said...

Important People:

Blake4D a.k.a Blake Hall IV is the person who started The 800 Days blog project. I feel he is an important person as he is a general link to all sorts of arcane and critical knowledge - is a purveyor of arcane theories and interpretations on ancient texts as well as MODERN spiritual and lifestyle information. Blake provides us with both "accepted" theories and "off-beat" or "uncommon" theories and knowledge, proving that it is possible to undertake study of many topics without worry of becoming "indocrinated" or mis-lead simply by reading about things we might not believe in. In my correspondence with Blake, I have come to believe that much of his wisdom comes from "experiential" knowledge of the world, lifestyles, events and his tendency toward critical thinking - and also - a willingness to delve into "the uncommon" with a fearless wholeness that most people just refuse to do/exert in life. As an experiential mentor and provider of information, Blake might not be viewed as a typically "formally educated scholar," however experiential knowledge can lead to great theories, interpretations, insights, and wisdom and should never be overlooked. I'm not aware of Blake holding any particular Ph.D., but then again, I've never known him or have never read that he has made claims to be a traditionally accepted authority with said "title," either, so partly because of his honesty and energy, along with his willingness to share, I think we can trust Blake as a source for all kinds of information and interpretations.

Jose Arguelles: is a Mexican-American (b. Jan 24 1939) educator, author and artist with a Ph.D. in Art History And Aesthetics (U of Chicago), who has taught at Princeton and San Francisco Art Institute. He was an originator of the "Earth Day" concept and founded the first "Earth Day Festival" (1970 - Davis, California). He is also founder of the Foundation for the Law of Time as well as the Planet Art Network. Arguelles' theories mostly revolve around Mayan Calendar and numerological studies. Although some of his works are unsupported by more pointed "Mayan Calendar" and "Mayan Culture" specialists and scholars, his theories and works are well worth looking into and Arguelles claims he has merely synthesized information from New Age theories, I-Ching, numerology and a few other sources of non-Maya origin. This personality is mentioned many times by Eden Sky.
Robert Bauval: (b. March 5 1948 in Egypt to Belgian parents) is most commonly known for his ORION CORRELATION THEORY which includes the belief that 4th Dynasty Egyptian Pyramids (Giza Plateau) have a relationship or correspondence with stars of the Constellation of Orion. Basically, Bauval noticed or surmised that 3 notable stars in the Orion constellation may mirror the layout/placement of 3 main pyramids of the Giza Plateau (Giza necropolis). Bauval's theories are considered "pseudoscience," however, his ideas have inspired other people to write seriously on his theories and topics of interest. Bauval's formal educaiton includes - British Boys' School in Alexandria, Franciscan College in Buckinghamshire, England.

Graham Hancock: (b. August 2 1950, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction but mostly non-fiction works. He has collaborated on works with Bauval and specifically on "Orion Correlation Theory." Hancock's main areas of research are - altered states of consciousness, megaliths, stone monuments, ancient mysteries (the "arcane"), ancient myths, and ancient astronomy/astrology (ages ago, astronomy and astrology were studied together). Hancock is often considered to be a "pseudoarcheologist" by serious scholars but where have we heard this "pseudo" word before? Hancock's works are still important study pieces and Hancock (refreshingly) has been absolutely honest in making statements before his critics - admitting he has no formal acheological training. However, Hancock has also stated that he sees himself as a necessary "counterbalance" between formal and accepted "archeologists" whose words are not contested due to their being considered "unquestioned" scholars and experts. In short, Hancock's work is VALID as being full of competing theories against the largely accepted and non-contested "authorities" of archaology.

* hint - ask yourself if we have or have possibly not been indoctrinated to believe in "the experts" and their theories... Hancock provides us with room to question our sources of alleged "experts." Archeology is a field CHOCK FULL OF people who have pushed information, other authorties, scientific data TO THE MARGINS when competing theories, data and objects come into play... if you're at all familiar with Charles Fort and his works or information, you'll see the value and NECESSITY of people like Graham Hancock.

John Major Jenkins: (b. 1964) is an American independent researcher and also an author. Some say "pop-culture" author but I'm not going to judge, as he has been one of the most influential personas to promote 2012 Theories, connected with Mayan culture and Calendar theories in our present day and age. His viewpoints involve Mayanism, New Age, 2012 Millenarianism, and his views are decidedly controversial and contraty to mainstream science. Even if his views don't mesh with mainstream science and scientists, John Major Jenkins has written has lucid theories and ample works published so that even mainstream scientists have taken note. In a brief search for bio information on Jenkins, I did not turn up details of his formal schooling, however, as already presented, Jenkins is a personality that even scientists feel has some worthy theories. Jenkins' knowledge of the ancient Maya culture is something that is not often contested and he's considered one of the foremost experts on this ancient culture. Jenkins often presents a message that science, itself, is not trustworthy and is a product of conditioned and limited thinking. This, no doubt, puts many professional, elite scholars right off, but his works have given solid explanations for his assertions. John Major Jenkins is definitely a name that will come across often in any study of 2012 theories, Mayan Calendar prophecy, etc.

Terence McKenna (1946-2000) was an American writer who wore an amazing variety of "hats." His name will invariably come up in response to searches and discussions on "psychedelic drugs," and he definitely was a strong advocate for the use of psychedelic drugs but was also a researcher on how psychedelic drugs affect society, in general. It's not that McKenna was just some "groovy dope-head" - he investigated the validity, experiences and effects of substances when almost no one else would even utter the name of this conroversial topic. And these details aren't even about the REST of the "hats" he wore. McKenna was self-described as a feminist, anti-materialist, anarchist, environmentalist, skeptic and Platonist. He gained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ecology and Conservation from U.C. Berkeley. McKenna was a "psychonaut," art historian, ethnobotanist, and was an active public speaker.

Topics of study and expertise for McKenna: psychedelics, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, physics, geology, Neo-Platonism, biology, phremenology, Hermeticism, mysticism, and "Novelty Theory (a type of "process theory")."

Process Philosophy: the universe progresses from a/the state of entrophy (disorganized complexity) to a state of information (organized complexity).

Now, Terence McKenna is important here because with his work on Novelty Theory, he developed some rather controversial statements about December 2012 that falls in line with "2012 Phenomenon." Altogether, his ideas are known as "Timewave Zero." I just started looking into Timewave Zero information so I will update on the blog in a few weeks with some information about what Timewave Zero theory says about the I-Ching, calendars and past historical events and how all these coincide.

Semir Osmanagić: (b. June 1 1960) is a Bosnian born American (Houston resident) who also uses the name, Sam Osmanagich. He is an author, researcher and contractor in metalworking. In 2005, he was asked to conduct investigations on Visočica hill. This request was made by Senad Hodović the director of the Visoko Museum. Since that time, Semir Simanagic has written a book and claimed that the Visocica/Visoko Hill is a remaining structure of an ancient pyramid. Furthermore, Osmanagic says there are more pyramids nearby in the Bosnia-Herzegovina region northwest of Sarajevo. Osmanagic established a research site (charitable foundation) for investigating the site. This man is criticized by scholars as having outlandish notions which connect Mayan civilization with Atlanteans... personally, I am brand new to Osmanagic's theories, so I am currently studying what Osmanagic's work and statements are about. This man is well-schooled from the University of Bosnia and holds several degrees: Ph.D. in Sociology of History: The Mayan Civilization, Master of Sciences in International Economics, B.S. in Political Sciences, B.S. in Economics, and 2 years training in Sociology studies.

Daniel Pinchbeck: (b. June 15 1966) is an author and is also the editorial director at the website known as REALITY SANDWICH. He is an advocate of psychedelic/hallucinogenic drug use and of shamanism and the study of metaphysics. This author is also quite new to me, so I am doing some browsing on the Reality Sandwich site to find out more about Mr. Pinchbeck and his theories.
Books by Pinchbeck
  • Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism
  • The Return of Quetzalcoatl
  • Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age (with Ken Jordan)
Eden Sky: has been immersed in and sharing knowledge about the teachings of Dr. Jose Arguelles regarding the Mayan Calendar System and related topics (including 2012 Prophecies related to Mayan Calendar contexts) for over a decade and a half (since 1995). Eden Sky is also the author and publisher of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar. Eden's blog is called "Awakening Galactic Culture" and her site is the 13moon .com website.  MORE BIO INFO COMING SOON.