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Day 777 (Tidbits)

The post for Day 777 is totally BOOKMARKED in my browser because it contains an excellent list of reading materials that are really important for people to read if they wish to get out of "robotic mind-mode" and "manufactured-consent" mode and simply if they want to start being able to THINK INDIVIDUALLY. I will have need to return to the reading list on The 800 Days blog until I'm further up to par with these titles.

Ultimately, Blake has my full attention here, especially 'cos in the Day 777 post, Blake appears as a "Fortean" in displaying some "uncommon" but important book titles.

Now, don't get the wrong idea about the term, "Fortean," because this term has a derogatory connotation attached to it by "pop-culture" non-thinkers... the pop-culture derogatory meaning is that Forteans are "whack-jobs," "nuts," "nutty," "off their rockers." This has come about because original supporters of Fort appreciated out-of-box thinking and information sources that were uncommon and not from mainstream sources. Naturally, mainstream sources basically turned a "name-calling" trick on Fortean thinkers (related term, "Forteana" to describe materials/sources that are uncommon, sometimes "arcane"), hence, Forteans and sources - Forteana - have become "joke terms" and derogatory in our times. Personally, I think many of the writers I appreciate - and also of course, Blake Hall - should be considered "Forteans" - in all positive senses of the word. Forteans simply choose to delve into information and materials that most people aren't paying attention to - also - delving into materials that have been banned (often with a motivation to figure out WHY the materials were banned).

The term, "Fortean" comes from the name, Charles Hoy Fort. Now the late Mr. Fort is considered to have been quite eccentric, it's true, but if you look more deeply into the bio of Charles Fort, you'll learn that - in part - his shying away from mainstream society had something to do with the fact that he studied "uncommon" topics, rare books, old newspaper and magazine clippings that (grab your seat and HANG ON!) were out of MAINSTREAM CIRCULATION... Also, Mr. Fort wasn't well appreciated in his time and basically lived quite an impoverished lifestyle. Hence "out of the limelight" has no bearning on "validity of source/activity." Mr. Fort basically did nothing but research into topics and reading materials that almost nobody else in his day and age would touch!

An Article: People in Strange Sciences Series: Charles H. Fort by (yours truly) Mythbuster

Anyway - that aside, here are my favourite words in the Day 777 post:


I am only psssed that I cannot make these words larger

I also liked the COMMAND: "BE THE PLAGUE" but realize that out of context, this little phrase can be misconstrued, so I will find another article or way to project THAT message out there...

If the words at the beginning of the post, all in caps - don't make you shudder...that is, if you DO NOT identify with at least some of the things being conveyed there - if you do NOT turn the words on to yourself and feel somehow at least slightly imperfect and like you need to make changes.....

I say this to you:


Unless, of course, you're quite perfect, then you've had the experience before - or now - of wondering, "Hmmm did I just get OWNED in that situation?" and "Oh man... did I STEP UP when I should have," or the opposite, "Shoot, did I run away from that situation?" or anything like, "Have I used critical thinking in order to DO THE RIGHT THING?"

Well... heck, we're all human - and AS SUCH... it is necessary to modify our behaviors and thinking, bringing them back to a balance and centre... or else we can be very much like the way things are in the letters with all caps at the beginning of the Day 777 post.  Here's a BIGGER HINT... Day 777 beginning of post - all in CAPS - simply: "BE MINDFUL."
I'll say that again' 'cos it's such a quick summary of the caps-text:


Loving the caplock button today...

An important article from The 800 Days blog post:
 Looking at a Survival Guide For "The Year 200o Problem" In Retrospect"
I think this article is important to read because - if you're on THIS blog and have been visiting Blake's 800 Days blog, then you're not a little kid... this means that the year 2000 is something you lived through already - INCLUDING the Y2K Scares... so go read the article above and reflect on how "MINDLESS" some of society became, as a whole, in the year 2000.



 Important Books Nobody Reads (on Magick and the Occult)

Trust me, you're not going to explode if you read the works from the list...

I don't care how busy you are or what is on your schedule for 2011 or even what New Years Resolutions you're getting ready to make as the year 2010 winds down... I feel people should make "CRITICAL THINKING" a priority in the coming days! The book list is a great way to start LEARNING about things that are out of mainstream common ideology and out of mainstream media...

Hey - is this too bossy? --- "Get on over to those urls and READ"

The Day 777 post on the 800 Days blog was for Thursday November 4 2010.

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