Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 693 (Tidbits)

Mysterious INDEED! The theme for the Day 693 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog appears to be "Mystery."

At the top of the post is a video that, itself, is somewhat of a mystery to me - but I'll check with Blake about the artist, song, etc. The music is enjoyable nonetheless, so have a listen while you read about some mysterious items Blake felt needed some attention!

There are items detailed, ranging from coins to skeletons in the Day 693 post - and with every item, follows the questions:

  • "How did these get here?"
  • "Who left these items?"
  • "Why are people just finding these items NOW in mainly (but not all or always) populated places?"
  • most importantly
  • "Why are these objects (and so many of them) dated as OLDER than human civilization?"

The objects are often "out of place" or do not adhere to what science and history texts currently tell us about the regions we live in... ie: the items are dated to be OLDER than what is currently accepted as how long human beings have existed on the earth... The widely popular and current belief is that people have only been walking on the planet for about 1.6 million years... but some of these objects are being dated as 2 to 2.5 million years old (a carving of a human face into a shell, found in England)...

Strange, huh?

Go read about this stuff on Blake's blog!

The Day 693 entry on The 800 Days blog is about OLD STUFF and wondering about the mystery of how old this stuff might really be... and also, Day 693 is associated with Thursday January 27 2011.

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