Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 782 (Tidbits)

Obviously, since male and female are counterparts to each other and the last post on The 800 Days blog was about Female Goddesses, it naturally follows that there should be a complimentary post to immediately follow that is about Male Gods. The Day 782 post lists male deities that are important in many religions and philosophical belief systems but will mainly be noted as "Wiccan" and "Pagan" gods.

This isn't an extensive list by any means but Blake has managed to provide most of the "correspondences" personas from the list on the Day 783 post. That is, most of the "male" gods who correspond or match the female goddesses from the previous list are mentioned here.

A personal favourite of mine is in the list on Day 782 - Coyote! (Native American)

I love Coyote but have run into many an argument when I mention "Coyote/Trickster Tales" to people who identify as devout Christians. A few Coyote tales I know about have this trickster present during the creation of the world... he actually tricks God (some people view the persona in the story as "God" or "the one-god" of "the one-god people" but many Natives consider the one persona as "Creator" who has human-like characteristics...you can see how this might offend some people, right?). Sometimes people fail to see the symbolism and life examples and explanations in trickster tales and, instead, see them as offensive against certain religions or against particular religious personas - but I love trickster tales - and am happy to see this "deity" in Blake's list of gods in the Day 782 post.

Day 782 before the end of the Mayan Calendar was Saturday October 30 2010.

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