Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 672 (Tidbits)

The content over on THE 800 DAYS blog for Day 762 is from another good friend of Blake's but this time, it is a mutual friend, KIMBERLYSLYRICS.

Many of the artists/authors Blake decides to give a feature spot to are people he knows and/or corresponds with over a long-term but this time, the feature artist/author is also someone that I also know, correspond with and have a long-distance relationship with - a peer-Canadian!

An interesting article by kimberlyslyrics which doesn't exactly make Canada look so good but no matter, these blogs are about truths, right? The article is about Canadian serial killers (ouch), entitled, "Canada's  10 Worst In Serial Killers."

Strangely enough, I just watched the movie "Karla," online about two weeks ago, so the details on Paul Bernardo with Karla Homolka (a killer duo), are pretty fresh in my mind. I know the movie portrayed a certain viewpoint so I ended up delving into quite a lot of text about Bernardo and Homolka online after viewing the movie... needless to say, I am not rushing to look up details now, after reading Kimberly's article over at The 800 Days blog!

(usually I am in a frenzy of open browser windows while reading each respective post on Blake's blog, fact-checking or supplementing my understanding of Blake's articles as I go)

Luckily, for readers, Kimberly has done an awesome job of arranging and presenting certain pertinent details of each serial killer and their deeds without going into enough detail to traumatize the reader (which is what I usually do to myself when I start to dig for information lol). Blake has done an awesome presentation of Kimberly's article onto his blogspot, adding some fitting graphics so that this Day 762 blog post has just enough information and graphics to please a reader without scaring him/her off!

I'll get out of the way now so people can go check out The 800 Days blog...

The Day 762 post over on The 800 Days blog is on the topic of 10 worst serial killers from the country of Canada (Oh Canada, Oh Dear!)... and is associated with Thursday February 17 2011.



Feb 17th is also my (adult) son's birthday! 'cept my son doesn't read my blogs :)
(would frighten him lol)


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