Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 716 (Tidbits)

I don't know about other readers, but I like the music vids that Blake posts. Sometimes I wonder how much he sits and listens to the various artists like have been featured in posts thus far but since I'm in Canada and he's in America, I think it's kind of cool to imagine getting to know Blake just a little bit across the distance by catching on to the music he selects and listens to.

I'm pretty geeky and have my head in books and online texts quite a bit - so much so that I forget to turn on the radio these days lol Needless to say, I'm pretty out of touch with what anyone is listening to. Catching an earful of music from the the vids Blake posts seems to be allowing me to get in touch with the fact that all my music is out of date and people aren't still listening to the tunes I have favoured over the past while.

I'll catch up with musical tastes... maybe. I'll keep listening and try to, anyway. I like the "Lovesick Teenagers" tune featured on Blake's Day 716 entry over on THE 800 DAYS blog.

As far as the content on the most recent post, Blake has reminded people about some suggestions I made a while back for people who would like to support and follow the efforts being made to inform people on various topics via THE 800 DAYS blog and this "Follower" blog. Although I get feedback from time to time on various social networking sites and know that quite a few people are reading and supporting these efforts, I still think a lot of people generally read this content and then are shy about responding. Hopefully, the Day 716 post will prompt people to jump into discussions and we can start sharing info, opinions, sometimes laughs... occassionally some cathartic moments of sadness that are best shared, too, from time to time.

Anyway - if you just started reading from these blogs and want to know what the heck everything is about, want to know how to follow the content, the entire 800 Days Countdown and such, head over to Blake's blog and see what's there - including why on Earth we started doing this in the first place!

The Day 716 entry is associated with Tuesday January 4 2010.

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