Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 710 (Tidbits)

I want to bring two important statements to the forefront that are on the Day 791 entry because I feel they appear too far down on THE 800 DAYS blog. You have to scroll down really far to see them, so here they are at the top of my post:

"Art is a gift of freedom.
It illuminates all who let it in."

And with these concepts in mind, get ready to be shocked once you head over to Blake's blog because your perception of Hollywood, Hollywood Stars, even "Talent" will change (hopefully) once you've ingested Blake's content.

Now, because Blake more than touches upon controversial personalities and the subject of "sex in Hollywood" and the big, four letter "P" word (starts with a P ends with an N), I'm not going to repeat the content here - besides, Blake has an awesome way of dealing with language related to these topics that I don't want anyone to miss.

To review and report on the content, what I will say is - YOU MUST READ IT - and afterward, RECONSIDER what resides in you as current belief about "Stardom," preferences in movies, the "Arts." It is clear that Blake provides a message that much of (almost all of) what we view and experience out of HollyWood-dom is NOT ART!

We are selecting this stuff as a general public, too...

That's all I want to say (because I feel a welling up of a shout coming on that wants to project the name CHOMSKY and the words "MANUFACTURED CONSENT...but alas, this shout is not artistic in any way, nor informative and is likely going to show up SOON in a non-tidbit post).

The Day 710 post is VERY IMPORTANT because it gives hints on WHY we have garbage media, television, movies, etc., all around us and it also contains some shocking things you likely don't know yet about "Stars" from Hollywood that are less than model citizens in society. And, oh yes - the Day 710 entry is associated with Monday January 10 2011.

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