Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 673 (Tidbits)

My suggestion for navigating through the material for Day 673 on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog is for readers to grab and pen/pencil and paper and jot down some notes as they move down the page.

The article presented, explaining a way of thinking about the origins of humans is by a dear friend of Blake's named, Cricket Rockastellar! "The Story of the Earth...In Reverse" by Cricket with Blake4d... 

I am going to mention, right now, there are *SPOILERS* in a huge way on the Day 673 post - concerning the movie, Avatar...  Basically, Blake gives a summary of the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, you will know what it is all about by the time you get through the Day 673 post.

Blake summarizes what happens in the movie, Avatar, and relates these to concepts in Christian scriptures, New Age concepts, etc... and launches into some apt social commentary along the way.

"Look around, it's the world we live in" Blake asserts... well do just that - Look around at the world you live in and TRY TO SAY that the human species in real life isn't as awful as in the Avatar movie... materialistic, disconnected from nature and other human beings...

A warning: The Day 673 post over on Blake's blog is LENGTHY. It contains a human history, summarized, along with the Avatar movie summary... which - (not coincidentally?) resemble each other a whole lot. Use your pen and paper, your notes to refer back to as you watch the movie, Avatar sometime. Yes, even if you have seen the movie already - try watching once more - and see if the things Blake discusses do or don't show up as pretty damn BIG concepts in the Avatar film...

Avatar (Movie-2009) at the Internet Movie Data Base site.

Avatar Movie site Avatar Movie official site - links and movie clips.

Read the blog. Take some notes. Check your notes. Watch the movie. Check your notes. Think, think, think. What do you think?


The Day 673 post is associated with Wednesday February 16 2011

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