Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 734 (Tidbits)

How was your trip down the Rabbit Hole (via the last day's post)? If you're still in a state of dizzy disorientation from what you read and viewed about Rendlesham, Vrilion, The Blimp Ufo, etc., then take a deep breath and give yourself a couple of moments to re-orient to something less bizarre, okay?

You'll need a fair amount of calm and critical thinking for the Day 734 article on Blake4d's THE 800 DAYS BLOG.

The article is about mysticism and pseudoscience - and how these aspects of belief work or are sometimes a major part in 2012 Theories. Blake presents some videos featuring a Galactic teacher, Jose Arguelles.

Although this post isn't going to be like the previous "rabbit hole" experience, you'll still have to keep an open mind and be willing to shift perspectives here. You'll need to imagine a sort of falling away of the timekeepers you've become used to (that most people have become used to - maybe you haven't - but most of us have). Things like clocks, watches, digital time pieces, timers, man-made mechanical devices which command a certain view of "time."  The reason for this is that some say (Galactic teachers definitely say...) that we've traded natural rhythms for manmade time... some concepts that are hard for many to realize and accept due to the early teaching of clock time in most developed regions of the world (ie: when did you start learning to "read a watch"? Age 4, 6, 7 10? Likely no later than age 10 - so you've had THIS timepiece, mechanical perception of time on a daily basis since you were 10!).

Oh - and BTW, Arguelles isn't just some flaky spiritually excitable do-good-ing New Age guru. He's done some serious study inside AND outside of New Age concepts - all on the aspects of time that most of use don't ever consider. He's a legitimate scholar and art historian...and he also studies CALENDARS...

Also - Arguelles orchestrated a massive Harmonic Convergence event in our recent and still relevant past. In 1987 there was a global mediation and planetary peace event that Arguelles was largely responsible for planning and implementing. Hundreds of thousands of people participated. Blake goes on to list Arguelles' long string of (mainly humanitarian) accomplishments, but I'll let you view that on THE 800 DAYS blog as material to view while you listen to the vid/audios that Blake has put up on the Day 734 post. As you listen, you'll be able to learn more about Arguelles' qualifications in discussing "time" and "calendars" - and you'll also be treated to some more in-depth information Blake put together on the Gregorian Calendar.

Enjoy! (Glad to see that you made it back from the Rabbit Hole!)

Day 734 is associated with Friday December 17 2010.

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