Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 730 (Tidbits)

If you haven't been feeling the Christmas or Solstice energy yet this winter season, sit your busy self down and enjoy the music offering via  Day 730  at Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS Blog. Four and a half minutes of Gregorian and Vangelis ought to steady you right up for the holidays and get you in a level headed way.

Right below the video/music clip is a fantastic geometric image - images within images - that is fitting to go along with the youtube stuff...

Blake kept this post simple and so I will follow suit here.

Enjoy the tunage, image - and relaxxxxxxxxx.... you'll also have ample time while the music plays - to read through the bit of inspiring text/quote that accompanies the image and music.

I'll get the vid posted on the follower vid/audio tab soon - just in case you want to return somewhere and listen again...

The simplistic but effective Day 730 post is associated with Tuesday December 21 2010.

On Tuesday December 21 2010, Blake Hall wrote the Day 730 blog post just prior to a lunar eclipse. His post is pre-eclipse - and as I catch up in content, my post is post-eclipse. I was able to view the eclipse for over half an hour but right at the time we were told, in my region of the world, that we'd be able to see a rosy hue, sudden cloud cover occurred in the sky and the entire eclipse was hidden for a while... What I did see of the eclipse was awesome...

Model of a Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone else view the eclipse?

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