Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 725 (Tidbits)

There are two displays on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for the Day 725 entry.

First off, there are some pics displayed (artwork by Falon Jones) - and then another poem by Blake Hall...called Necronomajia.

My favourite lines of the Necronomajia piece are (the last 5):

"It's changing my mind and it's changing my goals
And sometimes I wish it would just tell me
What I don't want to know...

Is it golden, is there silver in gold
Life is hopeless but the riddle is old"

Now it may or may not be significant that at the end of the last line, there's no period...

Regardless of whether Blake made a typo or not, to me, within the context of this piece being poetic, the lack of indication to "stop" as a punctuation mark, the period, commands - means that the entire last sentence is up for discussion, pondering over, consideration. Therefore, "life is hopeless" might be up for discussion rather than a conclusive, final statement. Also, it may be up for discussion, this riddle, its age - or maybe the un-ended statement (considering it without a stop/period/end) means the riddle is timeless and not bound by the constraints of our perception of time.

The last two lines, the words, "Is it golden, is there silver in gold - life is hopeless but the riddle is old" are both "questions" and statements...

There is no actual punctuation question mark, either - so by form, the words are a statement but by context, they are questions. As statements - something is golden and something else precious is in gold. As Two questions: Is it golden? Is there silver in gold? The last identifiable concept I can backtrack to is that the poet is speaking of a soul (the narrator's soul - might not be the poet himself - but is the character/speaker/narrator within the poem), perhaps the soul is golden, according to the narrator within.

Luckily, a question is being asked - not only giving the reader permission - but actually commanding the reader to think about this concept... for me, punctuation cues in poetry are usually commands. Punctuation is often used in place of a word or to emphasize concepts that a poet has condensed the words for or used where a poet has taken away words - so I take every question mark and contextual question very seriously in poetic works - as a command to actively ponder the question.

"[...] And sometimes I wish [...]" occurs prior to these last lines, so the concepts in these particular words are important because they are stated more than once - within the confines of condensed poetic ideas. Often, with poetry, words are excluded, concepts refined down to as few words as possible - sometimes poetry is very much like a puzzle intended to be sorted out by the when words repeat, I have learned that this often means the repeated words are some of the most important in the entire piece. ie: poets, stating one thing ONCE, rarely need to repeat a phrase or word unless doing so is an act of emphasis or contrast. Here, I think the said words are for emphasis. Also - there are two different wishes repeated - a lot going on here.

1 wish: To be left alone
2 wish: To be told something

The title, Necronomajia, in my opinion, must be Necro+Magic together. Magic. Death. Death leading to Magik (death to life - magic is often equated with energy/life). Death is Magick, and magic, since it is everywhere, belongs with death/life concepts. (Blake will have to correct me if I'm interpreting grossly wrong here). The term makes a lot of sense and has impact upon the senses when broken down like this... thus, Necronomajia is a written, poetic work about DeathMagick and ends with no end (period).

Very interesting.

I'll have to build a better summary later - the poem has given me a lot to think about and I'll actually have to go doodle this out a bit on paper...

Read the poem in its entirety on The 800 Days blog... let me know how YOU interpret the poetics.

The Day 725 post is associated with Sunday December 26 2010.

Day 726 (Tidbits)

The post on THE 800 DAYS BLOG on the special day of Day 726 is a Christmas Day post.

It's short.

The video that is contained in the Day 726 post is interesting, to say the least


...and I like it.

Christmas isn't my favourite day of the I really enjoyed the video and that it wasn't a Christmas Carol medly or something.

Just to prove I'm not a total SCROOGE, I'm placing my favourite Christmas song on my own post here...

(I used to play this song, myself, in band - French Horn)

YAY!! GO GO Gadget Guitar!!!
Song: "O Holy Night"

The Day 726 is associated with (short and sweet) Christmas Day and Saturday December 25 2010.

Day 727 (Tidbits)

The post for Day 727 on the 800 DAYS blog is a Christmas Eve post!

Blake brings good wishes to readers in light of the holiday season and the special eve of the 24th, and the obvious celebratory day immediately following - and he also offers some wordplay.

Anagrams "Star" "Music/Magic" are detailed for your enjoyment and consideration...

Then a smudging ritual is offered.

Now, if you're not Pagan and have never done smudging, I recommend that you at least TRY IT. It's not going to make your God(s) of choice go away or anything and will probably be quite "grounding" for you. Many Christians also smudge, so no worries there...

Blake gives a nice run down on what smudging materials are common, their purpose and use. Personally, I almost always have sweetgrass and sage in my home, ready to smudge with. I don't often have cedar but, on occassion, a native elder will give me a gift of cedar for smudging. I still smoke, so I often also add loose tobacco in my smudge and speak to the Creator, apologizing for still abusing the sacred tobacco - so I offer some tobacco back to Creator, all my relations, the elements, earth, etc.

Blake also has some tidbits on a very useful plant that many people already use and have in their homes - the Aloe Vera plant. *Note: Aloe is not for smudging. Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage are for smudging - also, Tobacco... but don't try to smudge with Aloe!

Other smudging materials:

Lavender: name may be derived from the Latin "lavare" (to wash) or "livendula" (bluish). A Christian legend has it that baby Jesus was laid upon a bush of lavender and his body was bathed in the fragrance, taking on the smell of the lavendar. From this, some Christians believe lavendar to be a substance with properties of protection against evil. Smudge from this substance works best with a charcoal burner.

Frankincense: obvious reference to frankincense and myrrh in Scriptures and, consequently, in some common and popular Christmas carols.

There are certainly more materials widely used for smudging. I just remembered that Lavender, Frankincense and Myrrh have definite Christian as well as Pagan uses and respect from many different religious denominations, so I thought I'd mention these.

Also used for smudging: Copal (tree sap, primarily in Mexico, citrus-like scent - a lot like Frankincense), Myrrh is a tree resin, Mullien/Yerba del lobo - often mixed in smudge bundles and primarily used in smoking blends for sacred pipe ceremonies, Red Willow Bark - smudge less often, used for pipe ceremonies more often, Pine, Juniper, and mugwort are also common.

Last but not least...

There are some awesome video/audio offerings on the Day 727 post! (I'll get those also placed on the Vid/Audio tab location here soon).

The Day 727 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with Yuletide Eve, Christmas Eve, sacred smudging and Friday December 24 2010.

Day 728 (Tidbits)

And... we're at the twenty third day of the month and 23 Enigma content for the Day 728 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog.

Mixed in are some tidbits on timing and calendar/countdowns of two separate cultures whose timing devices match up in different eras - the Mayans and the Romans... Interesting - but let Blake explain it for you over on THE 800 DAYS blog.

In the spirit of things related to 23, Blake has presented a few versions of Psalm 23, an extremely well known and oft-cited bit of Christian text...

And then (LOL) Mr. Hall quotes YOURS TRULY... and to tell you the truth (again), I am still quite perplexed by this 23 Enigma!

The Day 728 entry on The 800 Days blog is associated with 23 Enigma and the 23rd Day of December, 2010. Thursday, December 23 2010.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 729 (Tidbits)

I'm going to go ahead and post some quotes I believe in - right before reviewing the Day 729 entry on THE 800 DAYS BLOG.

Why would I do such a thing? Well... just so you get the IMPACT of what Blake does...

The quotes:

"Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular. "
"Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does."
~~Allen Ginsberg.
"Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history."
"When a poet's mind is perfectly equipped for its work, it is constantly amalgamating disparate experiences."
~~T.S. Eliot.
"Poetry doesn't belong to those who write it, but to those who need it."
"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance."
~~Carl Sandburg.
"Poets are masters of us ordinary men, in knowledge of the mind, because they drink at streams which we have not made accessible to science."
~~Sigmund Freud.
Unfortunately, of my fave quotes, almost all of them come from old, dead dudes - lol. I feel that in our current day and age, POETRY AND POETICS are a lost art, misunderstood and greatly undervalued. In ancient times, a great deal of time was spent on poetry and poetics in education systems. Today, many youngsters equate "poetry" with only "rhyme" that occurs at the end of every couple of lines of text or so, using the most commonly rhymed words - while alliteration, syllabic structure, apostrophe (not a punctuation mark - but an effect in poetry), synechdoche - techniques and effects - are largely ignored and even unknown to vast numbers in our civilized population.
I'm not sure how much Blake has studied poetics but his knowledge of how words go together, sometimes quite artistically - sometimes in powerful prose for effect - is worth looking at within the context of the quotes above...
Just take a few moments, please, and chill... letting the quotes above sink in... before continuing on to Blake's 800 DAYS blog.
What awaits on The 800 Days blog is
Three Sections of Expression by Blake4d on The 800 Days blog await: "Autogenesis," "My Religion Is Not What I Want," and "Of Starlight, Crimson, and Scarlet: The Last Prophecy."
The Day 729 post is associated with Wednesday December 22 2010.

Day 730 (Tidbits)

If you haven't been feeling the Christmas or Solstice energy yet this winter season, sit your busy self down and enjoy the music offering via  Day 730  at Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS Blog. Four and a half minutes of Gregorian and Vangelis ought to steady you right up for the holidays and get you in a level headed way.

Right below the video/music clip is a fantastic geometric image - images within images - that is fitting to go along with the youtube stuff...

Blake kept this post simple and so I will follow suit here.

Enjoy the tunage, image - and relaxxxxxxxxx.... you'll also have ample time while the music plays - to read through the bit of inspiring text/quote that accompanies the image and music.

I'll get the vid posted on the follower vid/audio tab soon - just in case you want to return somewhere and listen again...

The simplistic but effective Day 730 post is associated with Tuesday December 21 2010.

On Tuesday December 21 2010, Blake Hall wrote the Day 730 blog post just prior to a lunar eclipse. His post is pre-eclipse - and as I catch up in content, my post is post-eclipse. I was able to view the eclipse for over half an hour but right at the time we were told, in my region of the world, that we'd be able to see a rosy hue, sudden cloud cover occurred in the sky and the entire eclipse was hidden for a while... What I did see of the eclipse was awesome...

Model of a Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone else view the eclipse?

Day 731 (Tidbits)


Blake Is Playing Match-Maker Now!

How awesome is this????

Okay, joking aside... (actually, not so much of a joke) Blake's DAY 731 entry on his THE 800 DAYS BLOG seems to be made with empathy in mind for those who might be alone or lonely as Christmas Day approaches.

Much of the world population will be celebrating with loved ones, family, friends, and in large social groups, but there are definitely those who are not, for whatever reasons, participating in large social functions concerning the Christmas celebrations. (Myth is one of those people, btw, so anyone else... you're not alone in your "lone-hood").

Just in case -- Blake has set up some links to social sites, even some dating sites. You won't have to worry about preferences, gender, race - he's got sites for any type of person to socialize on both through this holiday season and afterward. KUDOS!

Day 731 on The 800 Days blog is associated with Monday December 20 2010.

Day 732 (Tidbits)

Okay, I honestly don't know where Blake find the stuff he finds to put on The 800 Days Blog but the Day 732 post is definitely as interesting as all the rest. AND as unexpected...

It's a letter, signed by a "Sir Abel Hammer" (I didn't hear of this incident, it's all new to me), and issued forth to thousands of independent media organizations in the Spring of 1991 (April 1 1991?)... Blake got this off the Vax Mainfraime where he was going to college in the Spring of '91.

It started, something like this:

Thru : Jeshua Ben Joseph
The Vatican
Vatican City, Italy

Now, Blake posts the content of the letter (saved, perhaps, as text since it came off the Vax Mainframe?) but describes the seal/image which interrupts part of the text. Blake describes it as: "Then there was the symbol of an eagle attacking a rattlesnake in battle embossed in gold leaf overlay [...]"

I couldn't find this, but I looked up some keywords and am taking the liberty to post a pic below and see if Blake responds to tell me if it looks anything (or nothing) like the image he saw within the Sir Abel Hammer text...

Here's what I found:

Anyway, from what Blake described, the symbol/in the letter might have had a shape something like above.

There was more text that continued on after the eagle/snake symbol. The remainder of the letter was about God, the Son deity, saying "God alone is God," describing the Son as a Hammer and Christ The King... messages that Jesus is the Anti-Christ, False Prophet, Beast, Whore of Babylon, is represented in many great artists' and authors' works (Dante, Milton, Blake), etc... Wow, heavy, heady stuff - but the letter's not concluded yet... There is at least another full and detailed paragraph about Jesus The Anti-Christ, then the letter concludes with:

So there ya have it. I've never heard about this before but it seems quite an incident. Certainly the statements made by SIR ABEL HAMMER and the method by which the aforementioned circulated this message is some sort of BIG NEWS, isn't it?

Very interesting. I'm sure this will spark some discussion with anyone who remembers this incident.

The Day 732 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with Sunday December 19, 2010.

Day 733 (Tidbits)

Mood Music time again, Courtesy of Blake Hall IV! Not only that, but also more of Blake's poetry.

The Test (Vid) - Chemical Brothers with Robin Ashcroft
Elle Erotica Gallante (Poetry) - Poet, Blake Hall IV
As Love Evolved (Poetry) - Poet, Blake Hall IV

I would recommend that you push "play" on the youtube vid, settle into your chair comfortably, then begin to read Blake's two poems. Take your time, breathe at the end of each line - stop to ponder the words and meanings on a line-by-line basis...

Then...scroll to the top and read again...the same way - without the music...

Any difference?

Day 733 is associated with Saturday December 18 2010.

Day 734 (Tidbits)

How was your trip down the Rabbit Hole (via the last day's post)? If you're still in a state of dizzy disorientation from what you read and viewed about Rendlesham, Vrilion, The Blimp Ufo, etc., then take a deep breath and give yourself a couple of moments to re-orient to something less bizarre, okay?

You'll need a fair amount of calm and critical thinking for the Day 734 article on Blake4d's THE 800 DAYS BLOG.

The article is about mysticism and pseudoscience - and how these aspects of belief work or are sometimes a major part in 2012 Theories. Blake presents some videos featuring a Galactic teacher, Jose Arguelles.

Although this post isn't going to be like the previous "rabbit hole" experience, you'll still have to keep an open mind and be willing to shift perspectives here. You'll need to imagine a sort of falling away of the timekeepers you've become used to (that most people have become used to - maybe you haven't - but most of us have). Things like clocks, watches, digital time pieces, timers, man-made mechanical devices which command a certain view of "time."  The reason for this is that some say (Galactic teachers definitely say...) that we've traded natural rhythms for manmade time... some concepts that are hard for many to realize and accept due to the early teaching of clock time in most developed regions of the world (ie: when did you start learning to "read a watch"? Age 4, 6, 7 10? Likely no later than age 10 - so you've had THIS timepiece, mechanical perception of time on a daily basis since you were 10!).

Oh - and BTW, Arguelles isn't just some flaky spiritually excitable do-good-ing New Age guru. He's done some serious study inside AND outside of New Age concepts - all on the aspects of time that most of use don't ever consider. He's a legitimate scholar and art historian...and he also studies CALENDARS...

Also - Arguelles orchestrated a massive Harmonic Convergence event in our recent and still relevant past. In 1987 there was a global mediation and planetary peace event that Arguelles was largely responsible for planning and implementing. Hundreds of thousands of people participated. Blake goes on to list Arguelles' long string of (mainly humanitarian) accomplishments, but I'll let you view that on THE 800 DAYS blog as material to view while you listen to the vid/audios that Blake has put up on the Day 734 post. As you listen, you'll be able to learn more about Arguelles' qualifications in discussing "time" and "calendars" - and you'll also be treated to some more in-depth information Blake put together on the Gregorian Calendar.

Enjoy! (Glad to see that you made it back from the Rabbit Hole!)

Day 734 is associated with Friday December 17 2010.

Day 735 (Tidbits)




(Haven't we been down the rabbit hole with Blake4d a time or two already?) Oh - no matter... we're going down the rabbit hole again, according to Blake! (was it fun before?)

Isn't THIS FUN?????

Heh! Heh!

Take a good, long look at the video presented over on THE 800 DAYS BLOG... about the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND experience television viewers underwent on the evening of November 26th 1977! Captain's Log for Day 735 and you'll notice, in part, a little story.

Here's how it went down...(but don't forget to get ALL the details from Blake's blog)

At 5:10pm, as South-England viewers watched television, primarily the early evening news, something or someone interrupted the news broadcast. Someone calling himself Vrilion - who didn't sound human but spoke in clearly understandable English - began a broadcast, the likes of which haven't been repeated!

Vrilion warned that human beings were causing dilemma and catastrophe in the world and that human beings would cause their own demise. Vrilion also mentioned some ways that mankind could STOP the coming catastrophe but that this would require immediate and drastic measures...

Vrilion's broadcast lasted about 6 minutes - during which time, no media or media transmission authorities could figure out where or how (we're sure we know WHY tho', don't we? Listen to the message of Vrilion!) the message was being broadcast OR how 5 major English transmitter units were blocked from transmitting THEIR original scheduled and live news programs.

There's no way for me to reiterate Vrilion's message here, so do be sure to go listen via The 800 Days blog. The message of Vrilion is lengthy, intense and to understand the transmission quality, you have to listen yourself, not just read about a review of the incident...

But before you head over... just a warning:


There are MORE vids on Blake's Day 745 post...a strange blimp caught on video, some strange pics of objects in the sky. It would be a good idea for you to be prepared to sit for just a little while as you head over to The 800 Days blog...I say "sit for just a little while" because you're likely to feel dizzy, need to shake your head several times after viewing the details and media gadgets on the Day 745 post.

Ah, but that's part of the nature of the rabbit hole... it requires a shake of the head... recovery from dizziness, disorientation and altered perspective, no?

Also, the Rendlesham Forest Event (a military encounter with UFOs in the 1980's - something I've looked into before and posted about via my Conspiracies and Weird Stuff blog, the link to which can be found in the right sidebar here) and some tidbits about WikiLeaks...

Stare At This 4 - 30 Seconds, Just To FEEL IT, you know - the effect?

Feeling dizzy yet?

No...? Oh! Well, just head on over to the Rabbit Hole now

Good luck!

Day 735 is brought to you by The Rabbit, Vrilion and the Rendlesham Forest Sky-Bound Dancers (UFOs - okay, so it's not very funny...I tried) and is associated with dissociation, dizziness and rabbit hole disorientation, however it was posted on Thursday December 16 2010.

Day 736 (Tidbits)

Ah, more music appreciation is going on over at THE 800 DAYS BLOG on the Day 736 entry. I have been enjoying the various music videos and audios as well as the vid/audio interviews of different types, so I just added a new tab on the blog... you'll be able to find it at the top of the blog, over at the right hand side.

The group Blake focuses on for the Day 736 post is called Current 93, the album, Thunder Perfect Mind and there are two songs included in the post. Blake suggests that the artists have made these tracks in an effort to create a Rock Opera and Blake gives comparisons between Current 93 and bands like The Who, Pink Floyd and The Beatles - who also made very successful Rock Opera albums.

Apparently Current 93/Thunder Perfect Mind, name and all were inspired by spiritual writings (Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls) outside of the long-established Christian canon. Gnosticism...That alone makes the music and opera-storyline within the music interesting to me.

Now, just so I don't ruin the focus here, I'm going to end the post so you can head over to The 800 Days blog and have a listen to the music...links above, remember?

Day 736 is associated with Wednesday December 15 2010.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 737 (Tidbits)

Although this month (December) is primarily enhanced by mainly Christian-themes (Birth of Jesus, Christmas celebrations), Blake hasn't forgotten our Pagan friends (and enemies). The Day 737 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS BLOG is sort of a treat for Pagans with some music, a message regarding the Winter Solstice from Eden Sky, and some information on Pagan Yultide/Christmas Ritual.

Eden's Message found here: Solstice Synch Details from Eden Sky

Mr. Hall offers some information and tips on creating celebration rituals to observe important concepts and events - and if his guidance isn't quite enough for you, he has graciously also offered links to some respectable major Pagan websites which also provide information on rituals, Pagan principles and benevolent guidance for those interested in Pagan things.

Within the Day 737 post are a number of ideas by Blake - it reads like a list - for incorporating Pagan ritual into your life and home during the festive season (and beyond). You don't have to do EVERYTHING on the list but there certainly are enough suggestions to satisfy virtually anyone interested in Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice time of year.

My favourite of the suggestions is the last one on the list: Plant a living tree. I don't have room for this tree that is suggested but am planning a ritual and variation on this idea. I'm going to plant SOMETHING indoors - something that is useful for smudging and teas. The smoke (Cree/Blackfoot culture) is an offering of prayer, energy and spirit unto the world once the plant is mature enough to use for smudge material. The leaves/stems can be given back to the earth after tea is made...and the plant will offer beneficial oxygen and positive energy within my indoor environment and to friends and family who visit my home.

But enough of my intentions... back to the Day 737 post!

I'm posting this review of the entry/blog well after Christmas celebrations are over, so the rest of the information on the post is going to be useful to me NEXT YEAR around this time of year. The information offered is about making GIFTS, making homemade mainly natural items for gift-giving. I will be sure to take better care with my health next season so I don't become ill like I did this year. This will spare me some time for creating some homemade gifts.

One thing I won't need to wait nearly a year for is suggestion number FIVE (5): keeping a Book Of Shadows. I got out of this practice and discipline a couple of years ago and greatly miss it. Luckily for me, I have been thinking of creating a BOS for a little while and have been gathering materials in order to fully create my own book/journal that is handmade and specifically my own. I learned a bit about book binding in a University class, and have experimented a time or two with my own handmade journals. I had one book project marked as an A+ which had 3 sections and a tie-down for the most private notes I made (I had problems as a kid with a trusted adult reading and damaging my personal journal and violating my trust in him, so I LIKE privacy with my journal). I'm sure I can repeat the process and item WITH IMPROVEMENTS.

The Day 737 post has prompted my memory to GET ON THIS sooner than later, so - HEY THANKS BLAKE!

Blessed Be - I must go and assess my book-making materials (while also dashing between posts to catch up with Blake's blog entries)...

The Day 737 post is associated with Pagan Spirituality and Rituals, The Number (insert your favourite number), the Letter "P" and the date of Tuesday December 14 2010.

Day 738 (Tidbits)

Dang - I love it when Blake finds a way to cuss artistically through a graphic image... Makes me feel like a prude 'cos I just cuss under my breath a lot or my cussing has to be in context...and used when I'm mad or... well anyway...

Basically, the Day 738 entry on Blake Hall's 800 DAYS Blog says, in a graphic way... "Screw The Government!"

And then it puts those hacktivist personas in a slightly better light than the average authorities have put them. All in context, of course, in light of the recent cyberattacks and DDoS attacks by "Anonymous."

I updated the Glossary to include the differences and definitions on "cyberpunk" and "cypherpunk" because they are, indeed, very different - even if the words look similar and sound very similar.

Now what Blake has gone and done is display Son of Gomez's "[...] THE ENTIRE FIRST ONLINE MANIFESTO [...]" of the CYPHERpunks which is outlined as follows:

The True Story of the Internet (parts I, II, and III)
  • Book 1: The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre
  • Book 2: WebWorld or The Mythical Circle of Eunichs
  • Book 3: InfoWar or The Final Frontier

Book 3 is unfinished because the author was arrested (1997) before he could finish it...

Okay, so I have to go finish reading the Son of Gomez works, to tell you the honest truth. I'm still playing catch-up but thought I'd better review Blake's post...I'll be back to post later on a review of the Son of Gomez material but I have to say... "YES!" I'm glad Blake posted in exactly this way 'cos I was fixing to track these documents down based on the past couple of 800 DAYS posts! *whew* Now I don't have to search very far...

The Day 738 post is associated with Monday December 13 2010.


Day 739 (Tidbits)

And we return to a recent and pertinent topic - Cyberwars... Well, some are calling what's going on "Info Wars" and others are using the new-fangled term "Cyberwars," but regardless, SOMETHING is going on out in cyberspace with information and transmitting electronic data!

Apparently an arrest was made concerning the December 9th (2010) incident...a 16 year old (from The Hague) was taken into custody and seized his computer equipment for investigations after electronic attempts to mess with the Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Swedish government websites. The teen confessed to being involved with an organized, large scale DDoS attack aimed at said websites...The Swedish government issued a warrant (International!) against alleged sex offenses against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange...

Do you think this sounds like Science Fiction or movie plot fare?

Well, it's not...

Apparently, the hacker group who initiated the cyber attacks against major institutions is known as Anonymous and is campaigning in a serious, electronic, noticeable way - on the side of "Freedom of Speech." Anonymous is impressive, TO ME, because they have EFFECTIVELY campaigned and acted in what can be considered a non-aggressive way. This group has not planned or caused any bodily harm to anyone, and this group of hacktivist individuals has used no traditional weapons to cause harm to anyone, HOWEVER, people need to take ANONYMOUS seriously...because Anonymous has already shown the ability and motivation to do things on the behalf of a general public that we used to only see in movies, read in books, view in the arts...

Go read Blake's more in-depth and detailed assessment of the situation on THE 800 DAYS blog...

The Day 739 post is associated with Saturday, December 12 2010.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 740 (Tidbits)

Apparently, the author of THE 800 DAYS BLOG feels it is time for some humour on the 740th day of keeping onto this blog project! Yes, I know I just spelled humour using a "u" in it... I'm a Canuk, we spell it that way where I am from.

Anyway, perhaps we've had too many serious posts. Perhaps we've asked too many serial errr serious questions or something... in any case, Blake decided that "funny" - or at least "less serious" - is the overall tone for Day 740 on The 800 Days blog.


Now, even though I review most of the content and such, according to whatever Blake is writing and presenting/displaying from post to post, I cannot do justice in the least to the photo images posted on Day 740, so you'll have to use the links (you know where they are...above) and check out some perspective in black and white...

As for the text content immediately following the images, I have to say I really have enjoyed the "Creation Story" albeit tongue-in-cheek... it's not your average or ordinary Creation Myth... Entitled, "GOD AND THE CREATION."

Go find out how God created this world!

*thumbsup* Good one, Blake!

Day 740 is associated with Saturday December 11 2010.

Day 741 (Tidbits)

Something that most people never thought could happen, HAPPENED ON THIS DAY - Friday December 10, 2010. CYBERWARS... I mean, there were some people who worried about it - in a science-fiction, movie script sort of way or as a theory - but here on this particular Friday of the month of December in the year 2010, CYBERWARS ACTUALLY HAPPENED...

The Day 741 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog is an article about the current CYBERWAR(z).

What happened: computer/net hackers brought down a Swedish government site.

In response to: The Swedish government issuing an international warrant to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange over alleged sex offenses.

The attackers: Hackers/Activist groups - issued warnings that they will attack again.

The Hackers/Activist group: call themselves "Anonymous" - Mission: Operation Payback, with a spokesperson only identifiable by an online handle on social networks (Twitter, mainly), "Coldblood."

Coldblood's statement: "The campaign is not over, it's still going strong. More and more people are joining. I see this as becoming a war - but not a traditional war; this is a war of data. We are trying to keep the Internet free for everyone."

Cyberwar... a fight for keeping the Internet FREE for everyone...

You can't dislike this idea, in my humble opinion.

Blake's article explains the method of attack and series of events (DDos/electronic attack on major websites/major authorities - SUCCESSFUL attack, brought a major secure website DOWN as non-functional).

Go check this stuff out!

The Day 741 post on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with CYBERWAR and the date of Friday December 10 2010.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 742 (Tidbits)

I feel there's a call to action on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for DAY 742. It's visible within the first few lines of the entry:

"Be an agent of calm in your own life."

Then, immediately following: "Do This or Die."

A short commentary by a Doyle Dane Benbach Inc goes with the do or die message but the text is uncharacteristically small here, compared to most 800 DAYS blog text. * Suggestion: Read over this smaller than normal text, ANYWAY - because it contains more than one important observation and "call to action" for society in general... particularly about what is before our eyes, and what COULD be before our eyes that is better than what we're currently seeing before our eyes today!

I want to significantly highlight a quote from the 800 DAYS post, written by a new friend, Kat Vale, who is also a certain blogger's (Blake's) MOM!

"You teach your kids to grow up and think for themselves.
The problem is - then they do it."
--Kat Vale.

There is an explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs on the Day 742 post. Now many who read this will say "That's ridiculous - okay, so it's a joke, right?"


But...think carefully on what explanations you've been given about dinosaurs in the past and to date... many of the "currently accepted notions" about the extinct beings/dinosaurs are a little hard to chew on. You might want to spit those notions back out, go do some research on your own, employ some critical thinking...

Oh! Here's a novel idea... why not do research - not so much on explanations about dinosaurs... but instead - look up the bio information on the people who are considered experts on dinosaurs...see what their affiliations are, who their colleagues are, where their projects, funding, facilities are...

In my experience, you'll find that much that is accepted as scientific explanation and "fact" on major topics and issues - is theory and may not be rational. However - if many people say it and begin to believe it, the explanation will become "the answer to the question" no matter if the answer makes sense or not.

Just some psycho-babble ideas to go along with Blakes post.

The Day 742 post is associated with Thursday December 9 2010.

Day 743 (Tidbits)

The TIDBITS being discussed on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for the DAY 743 entry center around cereals and particularly, around a most unusual figure...


Okay - just kidding... Blake just mentions that "Anyone can say they know the general truth...And who can say that their cheerios are better than my count chocula[...?]"

Blake gets on the concept of perspective - and truth - and touches upon the difficulty we (general humankind) have in determining what truth really is, amongst a host of diverse peoples and perspectives. Personally, I think I "GET" what Blake is putting forth here: [who are WE to determine someone else's truth?]

As Blake gets into some descriptions of "Relative Truth" versus "Absolute Truth," I actually wanted to get a pencil and paper out and sort through a few things... but like the conclusion to his post, when I did get a pencil and paper out and wrote a few things down, things cleared up about like pouring milk into water and tryin' to see the truthful pan at the bottom... things got obscure - and I had to conclude, myself, that I have no right to absolutely determine another person's perspective or truth. I can, however, ask from persons close to me - that they choose something as their truth only that which harms no one else...but that's about it. I can't ask that others believe in the intricately detailed concepts, word for word or step per step and concept connection for connection that I believe in...



Mud:    T R U T H...

I understand Count Chocula a whole lot better than I understand all the societal norms, dominant ideologies, etc., ideas that people collectively believe in - big ideas about systems, religions, governments, etc...and I think this is the mud that Blake is getting at, too...

I think we may have to agree to be different instead of agreeing to hold all the same truths. Maybe that is what Blake is also getting at...

You decide - go have a read over at Blake's blog.

The Day 743 post is associated with Wednesday December 8 2010 - on top of Count Chocula cereal, topped off at the edges with cheerios and cherry on top.

Day 744 (Tidbits)

WOW...the post for Day 744 on the frickin' THE 800 DAYS blog is just far too top secret and important for me to comment about on my blog this time.

I know most of Blake's posts are met with my commentary, but honestly... I can't top what's on THE 800 DAYS blog for the Day 744 post.

GO SEE: DAY 744 of 800 DAYS
Day 744 is associated with a couple of wacky pics and Tuesday December 7 2010.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 745 (Tidbits)

Yay! Another quick "Crash Course" on a dominant religion is on the Day 745 entry of THE 800 DAYS blog. This crash course is on Hanukkah, an 8 day Jewish holiday and celebration, sometimes called Festival of Lights or Festival of Dedication.

Blake goes on to give some historical and traditional information on this Jewish festival (which started, by the way, on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 this year. By the time of the 800DAYS blogpost, Hanukkah was under way for 6 days already.

I admit that I know very little about Jewish traditions and holidays, so I will be learning more by reading up on Blake's posts and having discussions with Blake and others about Hanukkah - as well as making sure to read much, much more about Hanukkah before next season. I will be better prepared next year to discuss and comment on such a topic.

The post on the 800 DAYS BLOG is quite lengthy with a lot of information, so I won't be able to supplement the content from here, based on my limited knowledge on Hanukkah. I'll just let readers head over to THE 800 DAYS blog and read.

The Day 745 post is associated with Monday December 6 2010 and the sixth day of Hanukkah in 2010.

Day 746 (Tidbits)

Man, I almost hate it when Blake writes on/brings out topics involving harm to animals. I have a soft spot for animals and actually you might call it more of a "reverence" and awe-filled respect for most of them (Remember my rescue cat? Best pet ever!).

Blake's Day 746 entry on THE 800 DAYS BLOG is about life harmed by man-made catastrophes. I want to quit using the word "CATASTROPHE," too because I have a reverence for NATURE and catastrophes happen in nature. Man Made DISASTERS happen when mankind destroys or makes objects and situations which destroy life. Human life, animal and plant life, spiritual feelings/life... Man (okay, and WOman) is the WORST destroyer of all and, frankly, reading about



*Yikes* I am overheating!

...particularly after looking at the pictures of beautiful animals on The 800 Days blog, reading the stats on how much LIFE has been affected by oil spills - sometimes by "singular" events.

The content is about the possibility of EXTINCTION OF MULTIPLE SPECIES as a result of man made GARBAGE and INDUSTRY... also, human error leading to preventable accidents.

One concept most of the world probably adheres to THAT I WILL NOT is the concept of land ownership and regional boundaries - ie: nationalism and related concepts.

I don't understand how people can believe in the concept of the earth/world as having places where people OWN sections of land, air, sea...

MAPS are TEMPORAL GUIDELINES and navigational tools but authorities use these items to prove OWNERSHIP and authority over spaces that we're supposed to all have reverence and respect for, that we will all benefit much more from by NURTURING AND SHARING TOGETHER...

Consequently OWNERSHIP and POSSESSION of significant spaces and locations on this globe is a TEMPORAL CONCEPT, not a norm, law, fact.

Strangely enough - even when, BY MUTUAL AND MANUFACTURED CONSENT, the world's citizens allow for sections of the globe to be utilized by certain businesses and individuals, when a DISASTER HAPPENS, we find out that, really - NOBODY CAN OWN ANYTHING... we get lack of accountability, and vast areas of polluted, disrespected land, sea and air, that nobody CAN REALLY BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR...because nobody can truly own a place or space to the exclusion of all others, anyway.

I am ranting...

Abrupt cut off on this post - so I can go do some anger management.


Day 746 on The 800 Days blog is associated with pictures of beautiful animals that are in danger of extinction and the article is also associated with Sunday December 5 2010 in the 800 Day Countdown.

Day 747 (Tidbits)

Okay people... it's finally out of the bag.

The truth about Christ!

Proof, on THE 800 DAYS blog within the Day 747 post, authored by ours truly - BLAKE HALL IV...

Do you want to know why Christ died?

You'll have your answer once you go to the post from the link above and examine the first photo posted there...examine it very carefully...

Yes, you see it right - Christ Died For Our Dunkin' Donuts!

Alright, so I'm being cheeky here...but I believe the picture can do something very important for every reader...

That pic can make the reader examine PERSPECTIVE!

Nobody's lying or doing anything wrong here - or there - in that photo. No touch-ups, lies, hoaxes going on - just an honest photo shot from a particular stand point. The "scene" shows the message, "Christ Died For Our Dunkin' Donuts." Nothing is messed up, altered, etc. It's all about PERSPECTIVE. The standpoint by which a person is standing, the physical/(mental, too) viewpoint from which someone is at a particular moment and time...can make one view things a certain way. Honestly.

What is more difficult in this world is THINKING CRITICALLY - and you'll need to do so right NOW while you read the rest of Blake's article on the 800 DAYS blog...

It's about CULTS...

And still - it's about PERSPECTIVE... Lenses...views. What lens do YOU view Christ and religion under? What standpoint do you step into when you think about belief systems? Are you looking at a whole picture or pieces of a picture which make a whole? From your standpoint, are there "extras" in the way?

Okay, the person responsible for that picture did do something special. The person took NOTE of a difference in perspective in something that was in blatant, obvious physical view...and somehow KNEW that pointing a camera toward the scene in question, snapping off a picture, would produce a certain alternative perspective outside of the norm... In a small way, the photographer performed a manipulation...saw an opportunity to blur and twist the commonly shared perspective (about why Christ was sacrificed) - by showing a different existing message that was out in the open and visible - at least from a certain standpoint.

I'm sure this all relates to a similar process that occurs with cults, cult leaders and cult followers...

Blake discusses a particular cult on THE 800 Days blog...

Please spend some time thinking about viewpoints here as you read...

Day 747 on THE 800 DAYS blog gels with Saturday December 4 2010.

Day 748 (Tidbits)

Blake asks - as do I - that you keep an open frame of mind for what follows on THE 800 DAYS blog for the Day 748 entry.

I'm keeping my post here SHORT in order to allow readers to really focus on Blake's post and think about the very first request very carefully and seriously.


ie: read with the concept of human dignity in mind. The topic of the post is about sex and a certain old profession - however - the article is about a person - a human being.

Enough said...

Day 748 is associated with Friday December 3 2010 on The 800 Days blog.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 749 (Tidbits)

Here is the question again...

Is December 21 2012 going to be our last day?

The Day 749 post on THE 800 DAYS blog asks the question in a slightly different way:

Is This the Last Maya Prophecy, of the Last Day of the Earth, Dec. 21, 2012 ?

For this article and blog post, Blake mentions the topic of Y2K, the Mayan Long Count Calendar as well as the Roman Calendar, the sundial, waterclock and dung beetle. Also mentioned are Kino, Cortez and Ponce de Leon and "The Codex" which was handled by the aforemetioned historical people.

What you'll be reading on The 800 Days blog is an opinionated post - this much is true - but it is opinion backed by the author's strong arguments and knowledge of various documents and study of religious texts, ancient cultures, certain historical personalities and more.

In my humble opinion, the call to action here is to PAY ATTENTION to the prophecies - learn about them, but also take note of where these prophecies come from, who may have touched and altered ancient source documents, etc.

Most seems Blake has a prophet of sorts in his family lineage (A Navajo tribal elder). Blake was offered some wisdown in a conversation with the elder quite some time ago. I leave it to you to go to THE 800 DAYS blog and see the message Blake relates from his elder...

The Day 749 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with Thursday December 2 2010.

Day 750 (Tidbits)

As the Day 750 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog begins, a reminder is placed: for 2010, Hanukkah begins on Wednesday December 1 2010.

The Day 750 post, however, doesn't go into details about Hanukkah. Instead, you'd better get your tissue box near to your computer before you play the video embedded in the post...

The topics of Day 750 are "Familiars" and domestic pet care tips.

Cats and Dogs As Familiar Spirits

Just prior to the content on cats and dogs, the video shows the response of a cat to the death of his likewise feline friend. Personally, I had to sniffle into a Kleenex while watching. In fact, this post is short because in returning to the 800 DAYS blog to review the post, I watched the vid again and feel the emotional effects of it once more.

Do dab your eyes and check out Blake's awesome pet care tips for looking after your familiars errrr your cats and dogs!

The Day 750 post is associated with Wednesday December 1 2010.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 751 (Tidbits)

Are you ready for "cinematic thought bombs" and stretching your mind around the concept of audio tracks laid down onto, into and within the "imaginary canvas of sound"???  If so then you're ready for Blake Hall's Day 751 music review and commentary post on THE 800 DAYS blog!

As Blake describes the nature of the artists, Ciscandra Nostalghia and Roy Gnan, the duo presented here as "Nostalghia," and whose song/audio, "I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch" is featured on the Day 751 post, be assured that if you hit the "play" button and thoroughly enjoy the audio creation, the song will LOOP so that you can listen to it more than once! (I'm on play #3, very much enjoying the track).

AND THEN...while you're letting Nostalghia's music fill the room, continue on to consider some things not of this planet, as Blake guides the content to Mars Rover photos and other things Blake has been looking at from the NASA website...

* Note... as I look at the photos with I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch in the periphery, the music sets a nearly bittersweet tone for me... it's mellow and pleasant enough but carries with it a definite air of sadness, so that when I also view the photos, this causes me to see the images as eerie, surreal. I'm sure there is pareidolia occurring - the phenomena whereby the brain guesses and concludes that some images we see that are unfamiliar do have a familiar cast or shape to them.

The brain doesn't like "the unfamiliar" so it attempts to send us "valid explanations" when we view something like the Mars rover photos... we know the pics aren't of things on Earth but our only frame of reference is about how things look here on Earth. Therefore, when we see something that might vaguely match or appear visually like something we'd see on Earth, our brain just says "make the same connection, accept this same explanation and move on..."

The only thing is... those pics are of another planet where there haven't been any confirmed sightings or any other data to prove that anything living exists way over there...

Okay, so as I view more of the photos and scroll down... now wait a minute - the pics really look like they're showing something with a humanoid shape. It could be pareidolia or it could be that--

I've gotta go concentrate on these photos...

The Day 751 post on The 800 Days blog is for the date of Tuesday November 30 2010.

Day 752 (Tidbits)

Ah, now Blake is really delving into some arcane details here. People who have already been looking outside of standard and traditional Christian religions will likely have heard of the topic Blake is talking about in the Day 752 post on THE 800 DAYS blog.

The Topic: The Emerald Tablet

Also known as the philosophy/principled works and beliefs of Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the Thrice Greatest).

The works and associated teachings of Trismegistus have also been called "Secret of Secrets" and by a number of other titles. It seems this material was considered dangerous (probably still is) at an earlier time in ancient history. The works have been wrongly dated up until quite recently, so a while back many people believed these volumes of text to belong further into the past than they actually were. Most scholars today agree that The Emerald Tablet was mistakenly dated as having been written long, long before Christianity arose in the Western Civilizations and Western regions. Now, most authorities believe that these works are rightly dated as coming into existence just prior to Christianity and as a possible, probably precursor for the principles of the earliest Christianity.

Naturally, there are ongoing debates about the age of these texts that are probably a healthy way to question ANYTHING from our distant past, but generally, there are a LOT of tidbits that scholars from the fields of history, religion, sociology and more actually agree quite soundly on.

  • These texts are at the core of Hermetic Tradition
  • The Emerald Tablets complement or go together with a larger core set of documents called The Corpus Hermeticum (18 tracts or chapters/sections)
  • There are different sorts of denominations/groups with slightly differing viewpoints who followed and still do follow today, the Hermetic Tradition, each having variations of principles. In other words, Hermeticism is not dead... people still live by and practice these religious, ethical, practical and living principles.
  • Followers of Hermeticism study in the fields (whether we think this is outdated or not) of Alchemy, Astrology and Theurgy.
  • Alchemy: study of things related to or powered by the Sun
  • Astrology: study of things related to or powered by the Moon
  • Theurgy: study of things related to or powered by the Stars
  • In some respects and for some purposes, the details of astrology and theurgy are not separate from alchemy and in these situations, the study is simply known as alchemy or alchemical. ie: knowledge of the operation of the moon and stars might be used in certain alchemical routines or practices to gain a particular result or effect. In such cases, we wouldn't say, "that was an alchemy and astrology and theugy reaction," we'd just say "that process was one of alchemy" or something similar.
To me the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus is pretty much like a condensed short guiding piece to sum up general principles of Hermetic Tradition, the combination of The Corpus Hermeticum and related works.

Go read the Emerald Tablet on Blake's Blog: Day 752 - The Emerald Tablet

If you're interested in learning more about the principles involved in the Hermetic Traditions, you can find The Corpus Hermeticum online:

About The Corpus Hermetica

Now if you get to busy to look at the longer works, don't worry... I'm just POSITIVE that The Corpus Hermeticum, along with The Emerald Tablet are topics and works that are going to show up repeatedly over the remainder of the 800 Days countdown. The Hermetic works really are some of the most interesting (AND USEFUL) collections of esoterica that are available to us. For now, The Emerald Tablet is a nice, concise piece of reading to pick up and apply accordingly.

The Emerald Tablet information post from Day 752 is associated with Monday November 29 2010.

Day 753 (Tidbits)

For the November 28 2010 post, Blake's Day 753 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog is about books... used books, selling used books, everything about used books. Blake reviews a really great book - about selling books online. The book is called "Selling Used Books" by Stephen Windwalker. It appears that Blake really liked this book, however, he makes sure to outline both the pros and cons in the material.

Who doesn't love what this all sounds like? For someone like me... anything about BOOKS is a good post, good information...and, by the way, I'm trying to see how many times I can use the word "books" in a single post.

Okay, so I'm a bit of a book geek... here's proof:

Old 2nd Hand Book, Progress and Poverty by Henry George (still borrowing this from a friend - may have to purchase another copy and give the newer copy to my friend). Oh! and look behind me... ONE of the bookshelves in my bedroom... the little shelf. FULL of books...


Just a little light reading (The Paranormal: Research and the Quest for Meaning) that I am NOT going to turn around and sell off on eBay, Amazon, etc., because this is one of my best reference doesn't EVER get lent out...

Nice glasses eh? Eh....well, they're NEW - and they help complete my geek persona.

One more:

One of my favourite books in the past 5 years - great piece of reference material (socio-history, socio-psychology and tidbits on oppression of the masses via TIME control), Jeremy Rifkin's Time Wars: The Primary Conflict in Human History.  Again, you won't see me parting with certain books and this is another book that stays in my collection.

So what do my four-eyes photos (it's okay - I am EMBRACING geek-hood and geekness, so "four eyes" isn't the nasty name to me that it once was for many when eye glasses weren't quite so common as today), my snapping pics of books that I will NOT part with - what do these things have to do with Blake's article about how to make oodles of money selling used books?

NOT MUCH... other than to show you a prime example of WHAT NOT TO DO and how NOT TO advertise for yourself if you actually want to make money selling used books.

LOL - Instead, you should read the article then go get the book Blake has so kindly and thoroughly reviewed for us! (I am going to get it and stop fooling around - so I can learn to make more money online from the things I love - BOOKS).

And with this short pic-filled post, I am going to leave off so that you can go and I CAN GO read Blake's article in more depth again, myself... I am going to learn much more about selling real hardcopy books online (thank GOODNESS it's dealing with real bona fide paper/cardboard, bound, hard copy, you-can-touch-them BOOKS and not "eBooks") by reading the said article ever so carefully and then asking Blake H some questions...SHOULD I decide to sell a few books (but not the ones shown above).

The Day 753 blog post over on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with the date, Sunday November 28, 2010.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 754 (Tidbits)

Okay, getting back on track here after some absenteeism from the blog over the past 3 wks. The content is interesting for me regarding the Day 754 post on Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog because it's about UFO Theories.

MORESO, it's about our seeming discomfort (doh! we've been oppressed/suppressed over these matters, haven't we?) over talking about UFO Theories and similar things that I saw a common theme for...

Common Theme: topics whereby certain authorities have no sound explanations for what we observe or experience. Additionally, reasonable explanations not forthcoming, the same authorities generally INSIST that we believe that we observed or experienced NOTHING or that we experienced/observed some phenomena whose origin lies in our own faulty physical body mechanism(s). ie: "you must have heard or saw wrong - there must be something wrong with you and your body."

Well, a whole lot of us must have the same sorts of things wrong with our bodies because UFO sightings, shadow people sightings, people reporting that they see angels - or demons, etc., are all on the rise. Enough people are starting to whisper, then talk louder, then talk out in the open, then talk in large groups - then even talk to/with authorities in numbers... that the whole world is soon going to have to STOP minimizing the strange sightings and current strange events that people are experiencing.

I like the phrase Blake uses in the Day 754 post, "Closed Mind Syndrome," and I think Blake is right... we're going to all have to recover from this Closed Mind Syndrome very soon so we can take a good, hard look at what's around us, what's happening in the world.

I am a fan of the late John Keel (d. 2009) and have been reading Keel articles and books for a little while now. His material is never a once-over for me...I refer back to Keel often when looking into anything paranormal, anything to do with legend, hoaxes, unexplained phenomena.

Here's a favourite Keel quote:

"This planet is haunted by us; the other occupants just evade boredom by filling our skies and seas with monsters." (1976, The Mothman Prophecies). Now, I believe that what Keel is getting at here is our human species' propensity for inventing explanations, for associating psychological impositions of meaning on things, and for the propaganda authorities and even just the average joe builds to explain the unexplainable...

My explanation of the Keel statement might seem to be in direct opposition to things said earlier in this post... I know I said something like "It's about time people start talking about things" and then, more recently, I've named the human species as one who propagandizes and makes shyt up...

Well... these things aren't the opposite of one another... it's COMPLICATED... so I return to my original statements - IT'S ABOUT TIME PEOPLE STARTED TALKING and could feel "okay" talking about strange and unexplained (possibly unexplainable) things.

Keel, in his lifetime, saw a lot of things, talked to a lot of people and even had some strange experiences first-hand in paranormal fields but all in all, in his whole lifetime, he didn't manage to come up with a solid explanation or air-tight theory about what the world was about or what objects, beings, entities were being sighted but he did seem to believe that first off, we need to feel that we can have DISCUSSIONS about things without worrying about being "should-ed and don't-ed" by any authorities.

We also need to have reasonable discussions - AND - hear and speak on theories about unexplained things even if some of those ideas sound "funny" or what-not...

On THE 800 DAYS blog Blake has brought forth 10 theories/hypothesis statements:
  1. UFOs Do Not Exist
  2. Religious/Supernatural Explanations
  3. The Wartime Secret Weapon
  4. The Hollow Earth
  5. The Underwater Civilization
  6. The Space Animal
  7. The Extraterrestrials
  8. Time Travel
  9. The Ultraterrestrials
  10. Psychic Projections
To my understanding, all of these hypotheses/theories have both plausible and WEIRD components. Let's discuss these details openly - even if some of the statements are "out there."

By now, if you've been following Blake's blog posts and mine, you'll know we can both easily be emailed or found on Facebook for discussion.

Blake on Facebook

Mythbuster2009 on Facebook

Let's talk...

The Day 754 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with Saturday November 27 2010.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th Update: Mythbuster Falling Behind

Okay, so over the past three weeks or so, I'm sure people have noticed I've fallen well more than a week behind Blake's posting dates...

I can explain!

In a short and sweet way, too...

2 things...

#1... I've been seeing the dentist (and have 2 more major appointments to go)

SOURCE (google images)

And # 2 difficulty: I live in a region of Canada where Chinook winds play havoc on people who get migraines...

I sometimes FEEL LIKE THIS:


So, when everyone else is really happy about the snow melting... the nice, warm, blowing winds - literally WARM in the midst of wintertime snow and ice...

Don't get me wrong... nice weather is well - NICE - but when Chinooks and barometer pressures are trying to force my neurons out of my head and into deep space WITHOUT MY CONSENT and without conveniently making a non-lethal hole in my head (okay, I just opened myself up for all manner of "hole in your head" jokes... I know, I know)... well, something's just not right.

Anyhow, I just thought I would update around the "tidbits" posts to explain my near-absenteeism and sporadic, falling-behind posts here! I suppose the migraine spells and treks to the hospital and dentithT have been carrying on since just before December, so most of the major stuff is all fixthed up!

On a better note, dealing with improving my health issues before 2011 hits also made me take care with my trustworthy cat, so HE ALSO got to go to the pet doctor for a check up...

MY CAT CAN GROWL THE LOUDEST in the whole vet clinic, I am proud to say - AND - He got a clean bill of health *chest puffed up* Yep, that's my rescue cat, River Brat!

Here he is... true pic, taken today - December 15 2010 - The River Brat:
And his TEETH, the vet said, are beautiful!  :)

Anyway, I'm struggling to catch up but DO NOT FEAR... over Christmas Holidays, my healing up will necessitate that I stay indoors, keep my jaws still and work on the blog!

Day 755 (Tidbits)

Were you born in or after the late 1960's? Do you have an extreme aversion to violence and war - even the concepts of fighting and warfare, much less movies and books about these, cause you extreme emotional and mental discomfort? Do you feel as if something is constantly drawing you out from urban centres and to rural, natural environments? Are you attracted to ancient symbols? Do you have an aversion to sex jokes, racial slurs and joke, as well as foul language? Do you think of people and living generally as a collective effort rather than with individualistic self-serving agendas? Are you "blasted" and brought totally off-kilter by chaos, disharmony, etc while things in harmony with fair order replenish your energy? (* hint: not all people are energized by harmony...some people thrive on bits (not too much, mind you) of discord, energy from minor fact, many things in this world would not be prompted to happen without SOME disharmony and those who actually thrive on it, react to it, challenge it).

It might be nothing if you answered YES to all of the above - and these are just a few questions among many you might answer in the affirmative - if you think you might be a Starseed...

The Day 755 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog begins with an amazing graphic depicting two Starseeds peering out from the reaches of the universe in a peaceful and inviting way...

Now, I'm not going to detract or distract away from Blake's article over on the 800 Days blog because my knowledge of Starseeds is just beginning and I'm just coming out of treating the Starseed "accounts/stories/testimonies" as something more than "witnessing" and legend-sharing. I am getting the chance to learn more about the Starseeds because of this 800 Day Countdown Project right here, right now. For that I am grateful and have to say that although I never had the chance to take an in-depth look at Starseeds 'til now, I did brush up against the topic in the past and have always had an interest in these beings. I have studied myth-building, mythology, narratives, religions, beginning paleography and bibliography studies, etc at the University level and always felt that I would return to the Starseed topic once I learned better study/examination skills... so here I am, out of classes and with time now to focus on the Starseed - and other 800 Days-related topics.

How cool is this?

I must be workin' with one of the most interesting guys out there doing Chaotic-Independent-Authoring (CIA? lol) today. I say "chaotic" because Blake segues between topics, selecting unusual connectors between things (from UFOs to the Philosophy of Discordianism, from Conspiracy Theories to love-child PEACE, man, Blake makes interesting observations and connections). I say "independent" because it's obvious that Blake isn't cowed by authorities...heck, you can even disagree with Blake - just DO NOT attempt to over-censor this man... I say "authoring" because Blake uses electronic media and the internet to do what many people would love to do... have their voice be heard. Luckily, Blake's voice is backed up with reasonable, plausible argument and data - occassionally with compelling self-testimony JUST to show that he walks the talk...

Okay, so this post was supposed to introduce the topic of Starseed and does wasn't supposed to turn into a B.Hall fan/groupie post, however, I have to remind myself that many topics would hardly be up for discussion at all if it weren't for the sheer STICK-TO-IT-NESS that Blake has shown in creating and proceeding with this 800 Days Project. The in-depth attention to each topic and the diversity of the range of topics thus far in about two months' worth of posting is, in itself, an accomplishment - AND - a huge responsibility. I'm glad I am in a position to learn here, to review and comment...rather than to guide this project!

This is what I would look like if I were trying to map out this project, hone and sort the content down to reasoned bytes and connect all these diverse topics:

NOT a pretty sight!

Now let me see... I was born in the late 1960's...I absolutely dislike violence and war, I live in the city but am entirely homesick all the time for just some plain DIRT with nobody around for miles (I don't even ASK for a flower - maybe just a few blades or patches of grass...but no flowers necessary), I am attracted to homemade and handmade jewelry with arcane symbols (books with strange symbols, posters, you name it - if it has strange, ancient symbols on it, it's supposed to be near me), I feel that people living collectively, having cleansed themselves of "ego motivations" will ultimately result in a more beneficial living situation than any individualistic living principles I've seen in practice thus far, I am extremely uncomfortable around people who use racial slurs...but in all of this, I don't think I am a Starseed. I think a few sex jokes are funny - and I cuss sometimes...

Phukk! I'm not a Starseed!

Oh yes - and I also sometimes do use chaos to energize myself... in fact, it seems that I live in the midst of chaos most of the time. I feel that I get drawn to it much of the time so that I can alter very tiny bits of chaos in the world. ie: I write on social justice topics and do public speaking on poverty and oppression... those bits of wrong and chaos motivate me and so long as I am able to ground and re-ground myself in appropriate intervals, these bits of chaos give me endless energy to speak out against injustice...

Newp... not a Starseed here - but if you read the article, you might find that you identify stronly with the Starseed identity. Were you born since 1967 or so? Go find out if you share attributes of those who believe they are Starseeds...

Article: Starseeds, Who Are You, and Why Are We Here Together Again?

Then again...I've only listed about a pinpoint of attributes that go together with the Starseed identity... I'm close because I am a very empathetic person - but I still don't think I'm a Starseed... I'd be interested, however, if anyone who reads the said article ends up identifying as a Starseed. If so, come back and definitely post in comments here! This might give you a chance to discuss a few things with other Starseeds!

I have rambled far too much now...

The Day 755 post on the 800 Days blog is associated with Friday November 25 2010 in the 800 Days Countdown.

[EDIT: GIANT OOPS - Please note: I failed to properly attribute the article mentioned here in the proper way. In my haste to catch up with a furiously typing Blake, I forgot proper due mention of Cricket Rockastellar as a collaborative partner with Blake on this particular topic and article]. 

... Blake updated in comments to bring this error to my attention. Thanks Blake!! Sorry Cricket Rockastellar! My bad! Is this enough exclamations?!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 756 (Tidbits)

Well, it's going to be obvious by the Day 756 entry onto THE 800 DAYS blog that Mr. B. Hall has a near obsession with Mr. Burroughs! The first thing on the said post on said blog is a 2 minute and 25 second message via you tube video and the message is from a William S. Burroughs... from Thanksgiving Day (In USA) on the date of November 28th, 1986.

And a message of harsh social commentary this is! This must be some You Tube member's tribute to Burroughs, I imagine - but regardless, this is a gem of a tribute that Blake found! If you're looking for feelgood, warm fuzzy feelings from this video, you'll have to go elsewhere (my suggestion is go back to listen to Eden Sky's messages: Day 774/Blake's 800 Days blog). If you're looking for telling-it-like-it-is, have a listen to Burroughs' viewpoints once you get to the Day 756/800Days blog post.

And if that wasn't enough... Blake relates a truly funny AND baffling story about a Thanksgiving event that was both sad and silly and that truly happened... It's called "Talking Turkey." Really, if I mention any of it here, I will start laughing and turn red with embarrassment (on behalf of Blake's unfortunate friend mentioned in the story). Go directly to The 800 days blog via the link above and read for yourself!

Now, my mind is already thinking up some jokes - in bad taste, too - however, because I do feel poorly for the unfortunate friend in the Talking Turkey story, I am going to refrain from writing/saying anything derogatory... and just say "What a freakin' TURKEY that guy was..."

:)    (that's a mild statement compared to the jokes Blake makes in reasonable taste - in the article)

All I can say is that I'm glad that Thanksgiving Day is in the past for Blake and Blake's friends and that things turned out alright in the end because now many handfuls of people have a fantastic story to tell each year on Thanksgiving Day... and all but 1 person can actually laugh and not turn red with embarrassment about the event from the past!  That's not a bad score - dozens to one? Not much loss incurred there!


The funny story as the Day 756 post is associated with Thanksgiving Day 2010 and Thursday November 25 2010.

Day 757 (Tidbits)

One of my favourite topics is being opened up for discussion over on THE 800 DAYS blog for the Day 757 entry. The topic is: DISCORDIANISM

...and for me, Discordianism is closely related to some studies I have done in the recent past regarding DISSENT LITERATURE. For me, anyway, I find the two topics fairly related. Quite naturally, when discussing either topic, the word "anarchism" or "anarchy" will invariably surface.

Burroughs and 23 Enigma are a nice segue into the topic of Discordianism and a major work, Principia Discordia states that "All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5." ie: "THE LAW OF FIVES." 23 is related (considered a corollary to the Law of Fives and the number "5").

Although I am not a Discordian, myself, I find the concepts, correspondences, corollary details within Discordianism fascinating. I have to admit, some of the concepts make one wonder if CHAOS really rules in our world. If I take a look at all the war and mayhem in just the recent past - since the year 1900, I have to start stating that there are very few rational events going on in the world since 1900 'til now. At least it can be said that human beings do not seem to have been behaving with much rational logical grounding for the past several decades... we seem to be causing our own chaos...

Before the 800 Day countdown narrows down to that well-known date in December 2012, I am sure to know a whole lot more about Discordianism than I do right now. I admit, upon first glance, Discordianism and the most basic definitions of it brought an air of pessimism to me but on looking into things, I find that I had just rested into a set way of thinking about the world. Discordianism has made me stretch the comfortable "explanation of the world" that I was at least marginally content with and made me take second and third views of certain situations and explanations that have been handed to me by those who spout off the current societal ideologies in my region of the the world. If pessimistic, Discordianism at least seems to aim to put people in a place where complacency with the status quo is just not acceptable nor applauded. For that, I give a big thumbs-up!!

The article: Discordianism as Religion by Blake Hall

Now I'll let you go read and learn more as I delve into the Principia Discordia (provided in links within the article, so you'll find the Principia Discordia, too, as you read on) so that I can learn more about these principles and The Law of Fives, etc.

The post for Day 757 is associated with Wednesday November 24, 2010.