Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 775 (Tidbits)

There is a wealth of information being made available at the 800 Days blog in the Day 775 post. There is the suggestion, of course and as always, for readers to become more informed about "things." More specifically, readers are invited to become more informed about a certain uncommon text that is available but possibly not widely enough read or discussed.

Now, Blake Hall has described this book as being related to esoteric Christian works, New Age philosophies as well as an Occult item, so for those three associations, I'll buy in to the idea that it's an important piece of literature.

The book: OAHSPE - Seven Books of Spiritual Wisdom by John Ballou Newbrough and David A. Cardone. Blake gives a bit of history behind this literature, so I won't go too far in explaining but would just like to mention alternate titles this book has been published under - just in case an alternate title jogs someone's memory.

OAHSPE - A True Channeled Book, OAHSPE: A New Bible (wikipedia article), OAHSPE; A New Bible, in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Ambassadors, and also OAHSPE; A Kosmon Bible, in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Ambassadors.

The most recent title is the first given in this post, OAHSPE - Seven Books of Spiritual Wisdom.

Admittedly, this is not a book I have read in full. I have seen large portions of excerpts to date, but this book is one that I am suddenly compelled to read. I have found the book in Google Books and am currently reading it, starting from page 583, where G-Books allows me to see the text. This Chapter has the heading, "Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy.

Once you choose to start reading this book, the format will likely remind you of the Christian Bible/Scriptures ie: chapters and verses. Let me just offer a few interesting quotes:

Verse 19: If an iron wire extend from city to city, and vortexya be charged at one end, it will manifest at the other pole, and at times even escape in a flame of fire (electric flash). Verse 21: When vortexya is manifested in flames of fire it is called electricity. But when it lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called magnetism.

Here are numerous verses pertaining to the topic of "energy" or as close as I can describe what is meant by "vortexya" at the moment. If you're bored by scientific terminology, this section ought to interest you just for the difference in terminology from what you are accustomed to hearing/reading in current science journals and articles. You'll have to spend a few seconds, here and there, figuring out an "equivalent term" for just a few words but the stretching of vocabulary will prove useful for texts you'll read in the future and, obviously, for further chapters in the OAHSPE book.

And that's about as wrapped up as I should get as far as blogging about the OAHSPE text because Blake provides another esoteric-related piece of wisdom literature...

Another/the Other Title: The Secret Teachings of Manly Palmer Hall  and this is definitely off the esoteric shelves and has content related to Masons, Hermetic literature, arcane sources and information.

Definitely, some extra reading is in order here!

I'll be getting back to the OAHSPE Literature now.

Day 775 in the 800 Day countdown was Saturday November 6 2010.

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