Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 694 (Tidbits)

People who are wanting to know where Blake4d frequently and virtually travels, as far as online sites go, and where Blake pulls information from, etc., will love the Day 694 entry on his THE 800 DAYS weblog.

It's a LINK-fest galore!

Naturally, it must be said that Blake may not be in 100% in agreement with all content or statements on pages at the links provided, but certainly, I think his point in posting such a diverse list of web locations is that there are certain sites people should visit to inform themselves of what's out there on the net (ie: The Heaven's Gate website/pages). Also, from what I know of Blake Hall - all reasonable discussion on controversial topics (or even strange-sounding topics) is a MUST - and I am in agreement with this, as well.

When I used the word, "diverse," above - it was an entirely inadequate word to use for the differing topic matter and links found at the Day 694 post. What you'll find once you go to Blake's blog are links to Aleister Crowley works and bio, google keywords pages, link to website of the now defunct cult called Heaven's Gate, links to Children of the Matrix material - theories from David Icke, a virtual library of metaphysical writings, theories from Zechariah Sitchin, "WeMoon" women's writers and arts site, links to the NASA site... and a whole lot more.

Personally, I'm caught up in the Heaven's Gate website. There are a lot of links and pages to that site that I feel are important to read - in order to understand what might have been in the minds of Heaven's Gate members, at least 39 of whom all committed mass suicide on March 26, 1997, in order to escape this world and follow along with what their belief system about the universe detailed. I'm very interested in the Heaven's Gate cult because I have no doubts that a present day cult with similar beliefs CAN occur and the mass suicide events can repeat in our day and age. I'm very troubled about this - even moreso when I double-check the links Blake provides in posts overall, not just in this Day 694 post. I'm working on educating myself about all sorts of phenomena, belief systems, knowledge, and doctrines. Now, I don't have to hold each doctrine I learn about as my own - but knowing of many doctrines helps me understand what informs other people to make certain decisions, act in certain ways, think in certain ways, etc., so that I know others better.

That aside behind, back to the links... May I make a suggestion?
Here it is for those who are interested: take 1 week of your time and dedicate just 1 hour each day to reading from just 7 of the links Blake has displayed on his Day 694 post. That will make 7 hours out of a whole week made up of 168 hours. Read enough on each of 7 sites to become very familiar with the material on the site. Take note at the end of 1 week on how much you've learned and about ways in which your worldview might have been changed, made better informed, etc., by your 7 hours of time dedicated to learning something - EVEN if the link you selected represents doctrines, people (many people really hate Crowley but have never read any of his works).

I'll bet that your 7 ours of self-decided and self-asserted education will turn out someone who is more capable of asking meaningful questions as well as providing meaningful answers to random questions.

Just TRY IT!

There are any of a number of links you can choose.

For my self-study, self-asserted study, I am going to stick with just one site, but by the end of 7 days, I am going to know a WHOLE LOT MORE about Heaven's Gate than I do right now. I'll post on this blog, in 7 days - next Wednesday - about what I learn from the one link Blake has provided amongst so many other valuable links. As well, next Wednesday, I'm going to post an argument to Blake's first wording on the Day 694 post as I am in disagreement with the message to a certain extent. If you need a reminder of the text, see below:

(from blake4d's Day 694 post)

At this moment, the only thing I can agree with about these statements are that they mean SOMETHING and I sure hope they are "artistic," and not meant to be taken entirely literally! *Hint - I'm going to take the viewpoint that the words are an attempt to play Devil's Advocate...

So tune in next wednesday (March 2 2011)! lol Well, keep reading Blake4d in the meantime - and DO check out a 7 day course of reading from the links provided by Blake in the Day 694 article!

The Day 694 post is associated with links galore, a bunch of cool palindrome words at the beginning of the post and, before I forget - the date of Wednesday January 26 2011.