Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 671 (Tidbits)

If you leave with a fuzzy head, wondering what the heck just went down after you read the Day 671 entry over on Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog, then you are exactly where you should be!

Ending up in a stretched head-space - that is - perceiving of the world in a different way after encountering the thoughts of Troy Palmer - is NORMAL (if we can call anything "normal"). At least after I encounter text/music/art attributed to Mr. Palmer, I have to think about the world in a different way!

Blake gives this post over to one of Blake's and Troy Palmer's fave musical groups, "Killing Joke," as well as leaving the space for Troy to speak on dream interpretations and childhood dreams versus adult interpretations... oh and much more that I can't possibly explain since this post is all about Troy's view of dreams and the world...

Blake simply says in the introductory part of the article - to TRUST HIM... so I did.

You should too...

The Day 671 post contains wyld and interesting schtuff from Troy Palmer's mind, mouth and fingertips. We who are working on the 800 Days project cannot be held responsible for the well-being of readers who delve into Troy Palmer's thoughts, dreams, interpretations, HOWEVER, we assure you that you will think differently for at least a little while if you read on over at the 800 Days blog... this post is associated with Friday February 18 2011.


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