Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 682 (Tidbits)

Can U say B-I-L-D-E-R-B-E-R-G-S?

Blake can - and does... he says a LOT about the Bilderberg Group over on THE 800 DAYS blog for the Day 682 post.

I find the topic of the Bilderbergs fascinating but there's so much to unravel, connected with this group of elite individuals that I often find myself distracted and going off on tangents when I attempt to study about The Bilgerbergs. There are oh, so many elites involved in this group, each with significant histories and biographical details. *Note, the Bilderbergs or Bilderbergers or Bilderberg group isn't a family name or connection - they're called such because at their first major meeting, they assembled at The Hotel de Bilderberg in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was a closed meeting of elites back in 1954 and has become an annual occurrence (by invitation only) ever since - with outsiders being able to garner very little information about what goes on inside the meetings. Hotel de Bilderberg in Amsterdam is not always the location for the meetings anymore but the meetings have been going on annually for almost 60 years now!

Blake has a few interesting images up on the Day 682 post, including a chart of "The Round Table" that many conspiracy theories hold close in mind each time Bilderberg meeting members and the elite are mentioned. The Round Table shows how many elite entities such as The Bilderberg group, United Nations, The Trilateral Commission and more might be connected in a giant, connected larger entity...

Interesting stuff - but watch for confirmation biases, please, whenever dealing with Conspiracy Theories.

It may be that questions arising from meetings that seem strange, conspiratorial, etc., are more important than solid conclusions at this point... we really don't know what the Bilderbergers discuss - it's best not to jump to final conclusions yet, eh?

The Day 682 post is associated with a whole bunch of elites and Monday February 7 2011.

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