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Myth2009's Status: Online

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Will be logged in intermittently throughout the eve of February 26 2011.
Last Time Online: Afternoon, Sun Jan 2 2011.

Mythbuster2009 has the "alert" set to "on" most of the time, so TYPE SOMETHING and submit as soon as you get here. This will let someone know that a chatter has arrived...

1. You may chat as a guest but it is better to register and have a unique username, especially for discussions that extend beyond a few minutes.
2. Watch your language! If excessive cussing, badmouthing, gender/racial slurs happen, the chat will have to be removed.
3. Just be respectful.
4. Have fun - so long as it is not at the expense of someone else.

Here's a cool little "Bubble Game" you can try if you're hanging out for a few extra minutes to wait for a chatter to show up: