Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 731 (Tidbits)


Blake Is Playing Match-Maker Now!

How awesome is this????

Okay, joking aside... (actually, not so much of a joke) Blake's DAY 731 entry on his THE 800 DAYS BLOG seems to be made with empathy in mind for those who might be alone or lonely as Christmas Day approaches.

Much of the world population will be celebrating with loved ones, family, friends, and in large social groups, but there are definitely those who are not, for whatever reasons, participating in large social functions concerning the Christmas celebrations. (Myth is one of those people, btw, so anyone else... you're not alone in your "lone-hood").

Just in case -- Blake has set up some links to social sites, even some dating sites. You won't have to worry about preferences, gender, race - he's got sites for any type of person to socialize on both through this holiday season and afterward. KUDOS!

Day 731 on The 800 Days blog is associated with Monday December 20 2010.

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