Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 691 (Tidbits)

Another batch of activities from the Hackvist group, ANONYMOUS, was under way in late January 2011, but this activity was no hub-bub (loud, confused noise from many sources) stuff. The entity of Anonymous appears to use concerted efforts to gain attention, make statements, and draw attention to itself, along with perceived wrongs in the world.

Blake has been dutifully bringing the news of Anonymous' activities and statements to THE 800 DAYS blog - and his Day 691 post is another update on the doings and statements of Anonymous.

I like the image Blake placed at the top of the post... the pic shows a rather cheeky-looking moustached pharoah or idol... Nice!

Oh! That's the "V for Vendetta" face artistically imposed over the golden pharoah figure, isn't it?

Fitting! Again - nice.

Once more, Blake also provides more links to Anonymous' activities and additional information about this group/entity, so if you're at all interested in Anonymous, please be sure to check out and follow the links provided in the Day 691 post on The 800 Days blog. There actually now exists, an "AnonNews," and if Blake finds there's anything new circulating about Anonymous, he's promised to get it posted to the blog, so keep tuning in!

Enjoy the Anonymous information and the links. I'm cutting this post short so I can follow some links, myself, as I'm quite far behind on how to keep abreast of what Anonymous is up to!

The Day 691 vendetta post - oops I mean - the entry on the 800Days blog is associated with hacktivism as well as the date, Saturday January 29 2011.

Think in V-minor?

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