Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 763 (Tidbits)

Welcome to the world of "ZEN," brought to you by Blake Hall.



Although there are some quotes and very short stories on Day 763 of The 800 Days blog, do not take them all too lightly, please.

There are some definite light-hearted details on the Day 763 post, however, there are also bits of wisdom embedded in the quotes. If you read each quote then pause, you'll likely find that larger messages reside in the funny details...even messages that are pertinent pieces of wisdom for your life today.

It's a look at Zen worldview without having ZEN placed too harshly in your face.

Day 763 in the 800 Days Countdown is Thursday November 18, 2010.

(this post is short because the quotes on the 800 DAYS blog are important to ponder over rather than focusing on my ramble)

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