Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 783 (Tidbits)

Okay, well it seems that on The 800 Days blog , Blake is determined to set the records straight on a lot of Wiccan/Witchcraft myths or something because the Day 783 post is on the topic (again, or still) of Wicca/Paganism...

Actually, it's more specifically about Wiccan/Pagan Goddesses.

My opinion of all this focus on paganism is that IT IS GOOD for people to read about this kind of "stuff." A hint here: with further reading, people are going to find out how much "Christian" religious stuff is actually very HEAVILY laden with pagan "stuff."

Religions are belief systems... all of them hold similar purposes if you get down to the nitty-gritty of them. A main purpose is to give EXPLANATIONS for things in the world, about people, etc... Wiccan and various Pagan religions DO OFFER explanations about the world, living, about people, the environment... So, too, to Christian religions. So, too, do other belief systems that people don't describe as "religions," such as Athiesm... Atheism is still built upon beliefs... We will never get beyond belief systems because beliefs hold the psychological frames in our minds so that we can view all the data/things, scenarios, etc., in the world that we observe - and not go freakin' CRAZY wondering what every sound, word, sight, feeling, touch, etc., all is for... we have to develop shortcuts and explanation for why things, in general, are the way they are...

Keep reading the 800 Days blog... the focus of the content being on many Pagan topics so far isn't as narrow-minded and narrow-focused as it seems. I believe this because I have looked into Pagan topics and studied narratives, legends, fairy tales, etc., for a long time and have delved into Pre-Christian tales, philosophy, history, etc - and when put together with principles and stories within Modern Pagan beliefs, the pagan beliefs allow one to EXPAND understanding of the world, not turn to some dark side or focus narrowly down to omit all other belief systems... Pagan symbols, principles, messages, etc., are interspersed into almost all the allegedly "Christian" works and sources... I think partly this is what Blake is trying to get across by offering so many articles about Witchcraft, Vampires, Witches, Pagan Goddesses, etc.

Now, look carefully at the list offered on Wiccan/Pagan Goddesses... you'll notice names that are common and known by people all over the world. You'll also probably notice that you can recognize "cultural" or "regional" names ie: Freya (Norse), Mary (the alleged mother of Jesus), Aphrodite (Greek), Parvati (Hindu), Nut (Egyptian), Rhiannon (Celtic), White Buffalot Calf Woman (From the Lakota peoples), Pele (Hawiian)... now after this list of mostly benevolent personas, I think the whole idea is to realize that deities OTHER than from a "one-god" religion have been in belief systems all over the world, in all ages... Also, in case you missed it, the alleged mother of the Christian cults - MARY - is listed in the midst of these goddesses.

Just some food for thought...

The day which was 783 Days before the date the Mayan Calendar ends was Friday, October 29 2010.

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