Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 785 (Tidbits)

If you've ever been a bit or a lot confused about certain principles involved with Magick and/or Satanism, then the Day 785 article/post on The 800 Days blog will be excellent reading for you. In particular, a focused view on "The Left Hand Path" is presented.

Three Main Principles:

  • The First Law: The Law of Self-Preservation
  • The Second Law: The Law of Procreation
  • The Third Law: The Law of An' it Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt

As I am still learning more about The Left hand Path, myself, I'll let you read the article for yourself instead of my summarizing here.

The Article: A Definition of The Left Hand Path For Dummies

Day 785 of the 800 day countdown is Wednesday October 27 2010.

Day 786 (Tidbits)

Be prepared to be at least a little uncomfortable for the Day 786 on the 800 Days blog. A new and unsolved mystery has been unfolding since summer 2010 that is not pleasant to think about but - regardless - requires some attention...

In Florida, USA, there have been numerous animal decapitations reported but no culprits to these crimes have been found. Naturally, some people are blaming "Satanists" and people involved in occult practices but this kind of finger-pointing might be all too simple, in my humble opinion. To my knowledge, even occult practitioners respect life - even the lives of animals - and the blame for these crimes shouldn't be pushed onto an occult community or any other community just as a matter of creating a group to blame... obviously this kind of finger-pointing will never turn out any proper results when the main issue left is, "Who/What is causing all these animal decapitations?"

Violence against ordinary domestic pets is on the rise - as well as decapitated black panthers and other exotic or non-domestic animal deaths, all of a violent nature. A mid-September 2010 incident is recent and the latest reported unexplained violence against an animal...a law enforcement official was called to an incident in Hernando Country, Florida... what he found was the head of a decapitated cat. The head (from a black cat) was on Salome Street near Brooksville Florida.

The Article: Decapitated Animals a Florida Mystery

An animal lover, myself, this news is very disturbing to me. Out of respect for what has unfairly happened to a number of animal kind creatures, I made sure to read everything presented. Perhaps someone else will read about these incidents and be able to piece some details together and figure out what's going on in Florida with these gruesome animal mutilations/deaths. Now I know I've heard some news reports that a teen was apprehended and is known to be responsible for some of the deaths and mutilations of domestic cats but even if this explains most of the incidents, how can we explain the seemingly rising violence present in our society? How can we explain that now teens are committing atrocious crimes like mutilating animals?

In the countdown of 800 days, Day 786 is Tuesday October 26 2010.

Day 787 (Tidbits)

Themes for Day 787 on Blake's The 800 Days blog are "Paganism" and "Patriotism" - primarily American patriotism.

The topic of discussion for this particular post is the Pagans to Rally for Religious Rights ceremonies that were held at The White House on July 4, 2007. This was a "first time" deal whereby many Pagan leaders of varied denominations gathered at Lafayette Square Park.


  •  Pagan military chaplains to be recognized (besides Christian and other spiritual leaders of recognized faiths)
  • More Pagan symbols recognized and approved as significant within the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Universal Freedom of Religious Expression
The post/article mentions several Reverends acting as spokespersons for varied denominations. I am unfamiliar with most of these personalities but am sure that many American readers will be familiar with the names and personas  mentioned  here.

Article: "Patriotic and Pagan in America"

Day 787 in the countdown is Monday October 25 2010.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 788 (Tidbits)

If you've been following "The 800 Days" blog by Blake Hall as I have been, you/we've seen articles and information about Wicca, the number 23, about Witches, Vampires, UFOs and Hopi Indian legends...

We were bound to end up on the topic of Satanism at some point without being too shocked - but if you ARE shocked and worried about the term, concept or religion of "Satanism"... just hang on a minute.

Trust me - the Day 788 material from the 800 Days blog is NOT going to freak you out, "convert" you or even frighten you. It's some pretty straight-forward historical, temporal and logical information about Satanism.

My favourite phrases/concepts from the Day 788 blog post:

"Modern Satanism as a whole is not Anti-Christian. Satanism is Anti-Stupidity."

How about this: we just drop all the propaganda B.S. and just go read about a certain viewpoint on Satanism and THEN see how this information sits with us?

Article: In Defense of Modern Satanism

Day 788 in the countdown is the date Sunday, October 24, 2010.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 789 (Tidbits)

Get ready for some interesting reading from The 800 Days blog just 789 days before Dec 21 2012. If you like numbers and puzzles, you're going to love the article "23 Enigma," and you'll probably think up some "23-related" things to add to the 23 Enigma list of things associated with the number twenty-three.

To tell you the truth, 23 Enigma has me quite perplexed... I keep flip-flopping in my perception that 23 Enigma has some valid theories that say the number 23 connects everything around us in at least some small way... versus a cautionary bit of thinking that 23 Enigma might simply be a bunch of explanations linked together with even more confirmation bias data.


All the associations and links between things containing the number 23 are at least - INTERESTING and well worth thinking about...

Day 789 in the countdown is Saturday, October 23, 2010.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 790 (Tidbits)

Isn't it sort of funny how military bases and UFOs seem to go together quite often? Funny in a "sense of weirdness" way, not funny as in "haha - funny."

On The 800 Days blog for what we'll forever call Day 790 , we are given tidbits about UFO cases considered some of the most high profile cases EVER:

  • The Rendlesham Forest Case
  • The Malmstrom Air Force Base Encounters
  • The Roswell UFO Sightings

I've taken some time to look into at least two of the above - The Rendlesham and Roswell cases - and I can tell you, without a doubt, there have been a LOT of questionable investigative procedures involved with these cases, a lot of unanswered questions from both decades ago and still today - and a general public is still waiting for satisfactory explanations concerning these strange events.

Since a LOT of hype has happened around all three high-profile cases, a lot of "confirmation bias" has occurred surrounding conspiracy theories related to these cases. If we strip away the confirmation bias, we might (or might not) get closer to asking the right questions regarding these events.

CONFIRMATION BIAS is basically a tendency that people have for focusing on information which seems to confirm their "best guesses" and preconceptions about an event, idea, theory - even if the conclusions they are drawing might not be true, valid or able to be proven as "true/truth." Confirmation Bias is also called "Myside Bias" and "Confirmatory Bias," and is subject to interpretation - or, very often - MIS-interpretations. Confirmation bias also usually includes a psychological glitch known as "Fundamental Attribution Error," (attribution effect or correspondence bias) but one that is extremely common to people from all walks of life, in all regions of the globe. Fundamental Attribution Errors are connected with stereotypes and the way that the human brain tries to classify things into neat compartments of understanding...

For example, with Fundamental Attribution Error, people feel a need to "attribute" reasons or motives and attach these, as well as judgments on character of people - to the behaviors and appearance they see in and of other people... obviously "best guesses" about why someone really did/does a certain act or activity can be WRONG if people "jump to conclusions." (ie: the frowning man, walking erratically becomes a "drunken bad man" when he might really be in pain, walking erratically from an illness, infirmity or injury, and frowning because of the pain - just for one example).

Confirmation Bias extends beyond human behavior... and happens when people pick out numerous tidbits of information, heavily focused already on their "best guess" of a situation or reason for a situation - then the people use like-information bits to create a "whole picture," an explanation and conclusion about an event or situation. (ie: government officials disclose that they kept information about an event away from the public for a while - plus - the event had something to do with health related information - plus - general public mistrusting the heavy authority of government - equals - the conclusion that government officials are conspiring to cause harm and illness upon a general public. The TRUTH might be that - because a general public tends to act like a "mob" without critical thinking, government officials waited until they had all the details about the health related information - before going public with the information - so that people in large groups would feel no reason to panic).

Now, I'm not writing these details to "throw you off" or dissuade you from enjoying or examining the stories - and I'm also not telling you to believe or not believe that the Roswell, Rendlesham and Malstrom events took place... I'm just WARNING you about how our minds tend to work - so that as you fetch and think about the details of these cases, you can attempt to THINK CRITICALLY about what you're reading and learning about the cases.

The Article: News of UFO Sightings on Military Bases

I hope you will enjoy the above article. It's really just an introductory type of article to lead into the topic of "UFOs," in my opinion. I feel this way because of the two cases I have looked into and continue to study (Roswell and Rendlesham), because these cases are HUGE - with tons of attention afforded to them already. There are books and books upon books written by people in varying scientific, theological, New Age and assorted other fields of study. The article is definitely a "MUST READ" - just for readers to get familiar with a few of the personalities involved in both the sightings AND the investigations... and I'm SO POSITIVE that during the 800 Days countdown, these incidents, topics, investigations and any topics even loosely related to such are all going to be re-visited and discussed at much greater length within the remaining 789 days of the 800 Days countdown.

The original post date for Day 790 was Friday, October 22, 2010.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 791 (Tidbits)

What freakin' month is it?

Ohyeah - it's OCTOBER... the month which ends with All Saint's Day and Eve... Hallowe'en, Samhain, Trick or Treat night, basically spooky-gimme-candy-night in most places in the Western world.

So maybe THIS is why Day 791 over on The 800 Days blog is about an interview with a real witch...while the previous Day 792 post was about an interview with a vampire, Montague...

Ah... it all makes a great bunch of sense now... a witch and a vampire - just in time for Hallowe'en...except that Montague and the interviewed witch for Day 791, Mary Chapman, are really not going to help you to "buy into" the whole candy-coated Hallowe'en myth set... read the interview, you'll see!

For those who think witches are Satanists and without morality, be prepared to have your thought processes turned around - by Mary's more than moral explanations about her worldview and standards. If even half the world employed the same standards in their daily lives as Mary speaks about, there would be a whole lot of peace, tolerance and human understanding in the world...

PUT THAT in your cauldron and stir on it a while...


Among the things Blake asks Mary to comment on:
  • What is a Witch?
  • What is Magic?
  • Mary's viewpoints on sensuality, eroticism and spirituality (yes, they are all allowed to be in the same sentence together)
  • What is the difference between love and sexuality? 
  • ...and much, much more.

Personally, I don't know how anyone can walk away from reading this information with an opinion of Witches as generally bad, immoral or dangerous people... of course, some who identify as Witches can obviously be of bad temperament and with bad designs in life... but it would be a mistake to say "Witches are generally (insert negative)," because it's simply not true. I found that, according to the interview, Mary C. seems an extremely interesting benevolent person.

The Article:   Safe Hex - an Interview with a Modern American Witch About Being a Woman, Wife, Wiccan, and the Practice of Witchcraft  

There's not much more I can or should say "in review" of this article. Some of the explanations Chapman gets into are detailed and lengthy but very clearly voiced - best left in her own words rather than mentioned by my interpretation. I'll just finish off with the comment that I am very impressed with the clarity and honesty with which Chapman speaks on even the more controversial aspects of Blake's questions (sexuality, blood, rituals) and how she dispells some of the myths about WiccanCraft and Witches... if readers come away from the "Safe Hex" article STILL thinking of evil witch personas, I will have to argue that the readers are just being stubborn and beligerent and never intended to read the article with open-mindedness in the first place...

That's my viewpoint and I'm sticking to it!

The Day 791 post was made on Thursday, October 21, 2010.

Day 792 (Tidbits)

Get ready to stretch the boundaries of your beliefs when you approach the Day 792   material on  The 800 Days blog !

One of my favourite articles EVER by Blake4d is within this post... it's an interview with a Vampire - a self-proclaimed Vampire named "Montague." Now it probably won't come as a surprise that Montague is also a practitioner of the Dark Arts (Occult practices, Magik), but before you turn away (if you're so inclined), please think about something...

Do you wish to forever or mostly stay comfortable within your own belief system, rejecting all else but that which you've become accustomed to? (This might be the way you think if you're one who is inclined to turn away when you read the words "occult" or "vampire-as a lifestyle").

Or - do you understand that the world in which we live is full of inconsistent explanations and properties but you hope to learn more about life, living, death, morality, humankind - via open-minded exploration into topics that most people will not even open their EYES, must less their minds to...?

If you identify with the latter statements, you'll certainly learn from Blake's interview with Montague! If you put aside your reservations about the word "vampire," you'll notice that Montague has some important concepts to share about LIVING, morality, perception. I would hate to think people might miss these points just from being turned off on the words "occult," "vampire," or similarly-related words.

For me, reading about Montague, his ideas and perceptions, reminds me that life is filtered through our perceptions, our boundaries of belief but that no matter what you believe, others can and DO perceive the world in some unique ways. At the same time, there are UNIVERSAL qualities in life, perception, in living (possibly in death) - so really, our world is so very complex and, at times, seems contradictory or paradoxical... I can't imagine why anyone would shy away from the chance to read what a vampire has to say about a mix of topics... the same sorts of topics that concern everyday, living people...

Frankly, I found Montague's perceptions about life and certain other narrower topics to be more human and humane than I experience when listening to people chit-chat in a public arena like the mall, the bus, the line-up of people waiting to get in to a movie theatre, etc. Perhaps Montague is trying to maintain his humanity within his immortality - I'm not sure exactly but whatever Montague is - he is interesting and has words of wisdom...

The Article:
 Dark Art - an Interview with a Modern American Vampire on Being Human, Immortal, and the Practice of the Dark Arts

The date of Day 792  of the 800 day countdown and the post on the 800 Days blog was on Wednesday, October 20, 2010.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 793 (Tidbits)

Don't let the short poetry bits fool you on The 800 Days blog for Day 793. You're going to see some rather pretty words at the top of the page but get ready to put your thinking cap on because not everything is "artsy" about the Day 793 material!

We were recently introduced to the topic of Magick on the 800 days blog, and Blake wastes no time at all with getting into some theories about exactly WHO might be using Magick in our day and age - also, some theories about WHY Magick is used by some powerful entities in our world, both past and present.

Please DO enjoy the poetry first before you go clicking around into the Magick related articles. One awesome thing about POETRY is that... there's a pleasant structure to poetry that can sometimes get the right and left sides of the brain working together. Basically, reading some poetry before launching into an intense article should help you to think, using both sides of your brain (connecting emotional right brain stuff to logical left brain stuff, at least marginally) instead of just launching into a text based article mainly using only your left hemisphere for thinking.

Poems offered in the Day 793 post: Blake4d.

Get ready for some really interesting concepts in the non-poetry bits on Day 793. There is more talk about Magick in this post and more than a few points are made about governments around the globe understanding that Magick exists in the world. There are definite claims that the government actually uses Magick on the idea I don't find very hard to believe at all - however - you'll have to read and decide for yourself!

Either head to The Day 793 Post right away

Or check out the article Your Government Knows Magick - Do You?

Let me know which parts you find interesting...

The date of posting for Day 793 was Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 794 (Tidbits)

The 800 Day countdown has definitely warmed (or wound) right up within a relatively short number of posts on The 800 Days blog. I was wondering how long it would take for Blake to get into the topic of WitchCraft. Apparently the answer to my question has been answered in about 1 week of the countdown commencing!


If you identify as "Wiccan" or another "Craft" participant, you'll be able to refresh your memory on a few basic points of Wiccan/WitchCraft belief in the Day 794 post . This post includes a Doreen Valiente version of "The Charge Of The Goddess" as adapted by "Starhawk."

Links to several articles exist in this Day 794 post, including:

 My favourite lines of The Charge of The Goddess are:
"[...] Let there be beauty and strength,
power and compassion, honor and humility,
mirth and reverence within you [...]"

If you do not identify as Wiccan, as a Witch, or as Pagan, you are likely to still find the chants and articles very interesting. Just prepare yourself a little ahead of time - for open-mindedness - because thousands upon thousands of people worldwide adhere to Wiccan/Pagan beliefs and practices.

Some say that the various sects and denominations of Christendom and the practices of the same are simply practices and explanations structured atop "pagan" rituals, theories and philosophy. This will, no doubt, disturb many adamant and devout persons who identify as "Christian," but to my understanding, The 800 Days blog (and certainly THIS blog) is dedicated to voicing opinions and theories of all sorts, no matter what belief system is being displayed. I think it would be very short sighted and closed-minded to only read about and consider things already familiar to me and truly hope that readers will follow along regardless of what belief system they currently subscribe to.

The date of the Day 794 post is: Monday, October 18, 2010. 

Day 795 (Tidbits)

Ohyeah - the 800 Days blog is getting really interesting now... aliens, Scriptures (Genesis) nice... but WAIT...

A little tidbit on the "APACHE Myth of Creation" too!

Very nice... aliens/ufos, religion, Native myth of creation... we can't get better than this... well, until we start getting into Magic - or Magick/Magik - and Magickal Theories.

For now, check out The 800 Days blog and PAY ATTENTION to the Day 795 post material. I'm 100% sure that there are segue points being made here!

Definition/explanation of segue on Wikipedia: SEGUE (basically a transition from one concept to the next... usually in a build-upon a-to-b-to-c sort of way).

Again, I'm pretty sure people need to read this Day 795 post carefully - also, with open-mindedness - because I think more is coming in future posts that will build off a few simple, clear statements from Day 795. I mean, The Scriptures have puzzled mankind for ages. So have ufo sightings and theories (sorry, ppl, but I have to state - LOUDLY: "UFOs are NOT (in my opinion) brand new "Tech" phenomena we're just starting to see NOW, since the 20th century and to present."). The myths and lore of Native/Aboriginal peoples is always full of analogy, hints at various phenomena science has trouble understanding, so getting into Native lore - NOW - this early into the 800 day countdown must MEAN SOMETHING and is ever so likely to be important in the days to come as the countdown proceeds.

The date of posting for Day 795 was Sunday, October 17, 2010.

Day 796 (Tidbits)

I am not entirely sure yet if the Day 796 post is to warn people off or not but it is very interesting... in some other words I can think of, the mood and concept here is much like, "Be careful about what you ask for..."

There is a long, involved, philosophical quote here, as well, from the Elders of the Arizona Hopi Nation that I think people should read carefully. I'm not even going to try to explicate it here as I feel people need to interpret the words for themselves - not to mention - there are some complex concepts conveyed in the message that people will likely need some time and critical thinking to uncover.

(In the image above, some Hopi Indian symbols)

The 800 Days blog for Day 796 includes more images of the 13 Moon Calendar. There are "Crystal Moon Pages," "Spectral Moon Pages," and "Planetary Moon Pages" here. These are downloadable/printable to use for your own purpose. Nice little resource here - and instructions for best printing are given here.

We are introduced to the idea that many ancient texts exist that haven't been shared amongst mankind, in general... and readers are introduced to some beautiful images but little text about the Pentagram (wheel of the year). I suppose there are definitely a number of days left with which to explore the Pentagram, associations with the "wheel of the year," etc., before the alleged "Doomsday" is upon us, so I will just be patient as the days - and posts - unfold...

To Visit This Post: Day 796 on The 800 Days blog

The date for Day 796 in the 800 Days countdown is Saturday, October 16, 2010.

Day 797 (Tidbits)

Grab a nice, hot, steaming (BIG) mug of coffee or tea when you sit down to read this addition to the 800 Days blog! Mostly, make sure you're SITTING DOWN and have few errands on your mind or to get to before you start reading this post.

It's all about ANNUNAKI...

And regardless of what you THINK about the possibility that ancient aliens existed or do exist, the Day 797 information is VERY INTERESTING...

Links are supplied to some more in-depth information, in the articles, "Signs That You Are An Annunaki Descendant" AND "Angels, Demons, Spies in the Skies, and Other UFO Theories" (related article, but not targetted on the "Annunaki" topic), and these require that you sit and ponder, not read and run.

There is a beautiful chart at the beginning of the Day 797 post that I wish was a little larger so the details could be admired. It is The Annunaki Mayan Calendar and the Baktun Ages of Humankind on Earth... beautiful, interesting, make sure you go and have a look!

To Get To The Day 797 Information: Day 797 on The 800 Days blog :)

The Day 797 post was made on Friday October 15, 2010.

Day 798 (Tidbits)

What I like about The 800 Days blog is that - early on - the author is willing to examine even theories and ideas he doesn't currently hold to be his own strongly held beliefs. The 800 Days blog isn't solely about the author trying to push his opinion on you...

ie: "[...] while I don't believe in some of these things personally, they are on the list due to the billions of folk that do believe in them." from post 798.9.

What kind of blog would The 800 Days blog be if it was solely just to persuade you into one rigid, set way of thinking? (hint: another rant-filled, narrow-focused blog like we see splashed all over the internet and are becoming agitated by in our "advanced" age of info-mation and technology). Bore, bore, bore...

On a better note (caught myself getting into rant-mode, myself lol)

Day 798 posts will take the reader into more in-depth explanations of the 13-Moon Calendar (the "DECODER" that has already been mentioned - if you need the link again: 13 Moon Calendar - DECODER) and astrological details, using Blake's birthdate. There are step-by-step explanations, pictures/charts, etc., so readers can understand each symbol and term involved with the 13-Moon Calendar, according to how Blake's birthdate functions within the structure of dates, timing, symbols, etc.

I'm working through the Day 798 explanations as well... I'm learning here as I go, just like you might be if you've just started reading The 800 Days blog as well as my "following" blog. I'll post more once I figure out what all my astrological details mean/are, according to the 13 Moon Calendar.

Find The Post: Day 798 on the 800 Days blog

Day 798 was posted on Thursday October 14, 2010.

Day 799 (Tidbits)

Offered on the Day 799 post are commentary bits about the Mayan calendar, and a very interesting introductory statement about the possibility that the Mayans were descendants of an older, alien culture...

An interesting, interactive feature of the day 799 post is a link to a Mayan calendar decoder - type in your birthday and you'll find out what astrological details pertain to you, according to the Mayan calendar! My previous post here was about what my Mayan calendar astrological details turned out to be after using this same decoder. (I am under Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard).

Charts, early moon landing pics and commentary within the day799 post will keep you busy for a little while and, hopefully, get your mind thinking OUTSIDE of what you've been told by "common" sources of information...

Remember, most of what we "know" about the Mayan calendar and have taken for "truth" so far has been brought to us by "traditional" sources... our pastors, our parents, mainstream news. We are not going to get very far in learning what's WHAT if we just keep reiterating what our traditional sources have taught us. Much of what traditional sources "know" is heavily steeped in myth, lore - and during some ages past - possibly even politics.

I urge you to visit the day 799 post and have a look at the charts, commentary and quotes over there.

Visit: The 800 Days blog

day 799 was posted over on The 800 Days blog on Wednesday October 13, 2010 (courtesy of Blake4d)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Mayan Calendar Astrological Details

According to a Mayan Calendar Astrology DECODER on a site link provided on the 800days blog, I was born in the year of
The White Magnetic Wizard...

Spectral Moon Day: 21
Year of The White Magnetic Wizard
Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard

I Polarize in order to Enchant
Stabilizing Receptivity
I seal the Output of Timelessness
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Death

To Try the "Decoder" yourself: GO TO DECODER

IT AINT OVER TIL ITS OVER - Day 800 and Counting Down

Blake offers a nice poem for our perusal to launch the countdown to December 21, 2012...

Poem: "It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over" by Blake4d.

Original Post Featuring The Poem (by Blake4d): (day) 800 and Counting Down on the 800Days Blog.

 (my interpretation/explication of)  It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over:
Blake has offered this poem in two line pairs, 4 concepts overall, whereby the 2nd line (lines 2, 4, 8) of the pair acts as commentary for the 1st lines (lines 1, 3, 7) or concept lines. An interesting thing happens in the 3rd line-set (lines 3 and 4 only), whereby Blake questions the reader... then returns back to the statement and commentary format.


Line 1: (Concept) "Nothing is written in stone" (concept, permanence)
Line 2: (Response statement) "Something that may not happen"

Line 3: (Concept) "Nothing is inverse and inevitable" (concept, helplessness within inevibility)
Line 4: (Response statement) "Something is waiting for us every day"

Line 5: (Question) "So why is everyone waiting on Doomsday" [?] (DOOMsday)
Line 6: (Question) "What reason do we need to make darkness day" [?] (darkness)

Line 7: (Concept) "As time is spent watching over your shoulder" (concept, fear and apprehension)
Line 8: (Response statement) "Remember this it ain't over 'till it's over"

Moreso, the responses are HOPEFUL responses to disturbing concepts...

Line 1 concept (permanence, futility of making changes)
Line 3 concept (inevibility, building upon permanence)
Line 7 concept (fear, "watching over your shoulder" the result of buying into the permanence, powerlessness, features of "the inevitable" that make us powerless)

Overall... I very much appreciate the responses because they are ultimately HOPEFUL...

It's Definitely NOT OVER 'Til it's OVER!

Date of 800Day Blog post: October 12, 2010.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Following Blogger/Author Blake4D's 800 Days to The End of the Mayan Calendar

Blake4D (otherwise known as Blake Hall IV) is an innovative, creative, intelligent, mindful, and generous writer I really admire, so I'm following his 800 Days blog.

The 800 Days blog began on October 12th 2010 and is a countdown blog - timed to when the Mayan (long) Calendar ends on December 21 2012...

Then, apparently, we'll see what happens both after December 21st 2012 - and with the 800 Days blog - on December 22nd 2012...if there IS to be a December 22 2012...

To View The Blog: Blake4D's "800 Days" Blog

What will follow in THIS (my) blog will be critique of some of the 800days blog data, some interpretation efforts in response to poetry that is on or will be posted on Blake's 800days blog, commentary, in general.