Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 719 (Tidbits)

YAY... I'm so happy that Blake is starting off the first post of the year with content about Native Americans!

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A couple of posts back, I'm sure I mentioned I am part Cree. For me, this means a lot of confusion and struggling to find people who know about the Cree elders, about Cree culture.

Sadly, Cree individuals - right now, right as I type - are being absorbed into primarily Blackfoot culture in my region and across many areas of North America. This means a blending of some cultural things between Cree and Blackfoot but also means that Cree will adopt more Blackfoot ways than Cree ways they can salvage.

I have only listened to "Rowena's Theme" - the vid posted at the beginning of the blog post. I've viewed the titles of the videos (messages from Native elders) which follow and on this day of new beginnings, and because the cultural topic is close to my heart, I'm going to post my blog entry without reviewing all videos before I end my post. Then I will smuge before continuing on to hear the Elders' messages...I have been listening to Rowena's Theme to settle my heart and mind into what I intend for the next half hour or so.

I will smudge and speak to All My Relations and ask the (1) ancient ones (the first peoples who passed away long ago), (2) the old ones (who passed away very long ago), (3) the relatives just departed (recently deceased), (4) spirits of current natives/elders (living, not necessarily family relatives but related by culture and beliefs and humanity), (5) my children (my son, and the current children of humanity alive today), (6) my children's children (children this generation has yet to bring forth in the world), (7) and my grandchildren's children (my children's children, yet to be born, as well) for wisdom, understanding, spiritual guidance - Seven (yes, 7) generations of permissions and guidance as I begin interacting with and reflecting on humanity in this brand new year.

If you would like to do the same, I invite you to smudge or pray to the deity of your culture or choice and participate in a ritual to acknowledge the beginning of the Year 2011 and the wisdom and humanity of those who came before you, are with us presently and those who will follow after us.

I may not return here to comment later on the content of the vids (I may feel the words therein are sacred or have meaning I wish to interpret on my own and leave readers to interpret as they see fit, since it is the elders speaking in the vids), but will soon post the vids at the vid/audio tab location with the other media clips on this blog.

Welcome to this New Year in 2011!

Hie hie !

Day 719 is associated with New Years Day and Saturday January 1 2011.

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