Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 668 (Tidbits)


That's what I am calling the content - including MEDIA - on the Day 668 post found on Blake's The 800 Days blog.

No review needed for the top portion of the Day 668 post - just TWO THUMBS UP from me and readers can go ahead and hit the PLAY button on the AC/DC vids Blake has embedded in the blog.

While you enjoy the vids, make your way further down the page and see who Blake is giving some space-love (exposure on the blog) to...

It's Blake's friend, Rothlyn Giles! Rothlyn is a computer guy who has offered some very detailed walkthrough instructions designed to help Windows users clean up then keep their Windows operating system environment healthy and secure. The article from Rothlyn Giles, over on Blake's blog - explains such things as:

Organizing files
Data safeguarding
Boosting the performance of your computer
a bunch of stuff I can't explain
but is explained by Rothlyn over on the Day 668 post!

I'm not quite confident yet with following all of Rothlyn's walkthrough but am going to go right away and start a defrag as Step 1 of making my computer perform better.

WHOOP! Imagine how much better those AC/DC videos are going to play after I have my computer defragged, eh?

The Day 668 post is associated with Monday February 21 2011

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