Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 735 (Tidbits)




(Haven't we been down the rabbit hole with Blake4d a time or two already?) Oh - no matter... we're going down the rabbit hole again, according to Blake! (was it fun before?)

Isn't THIS FUN?????

Heh! Heh!

Take a good, long look at the video presented over on THE 800 DAYS BLOG... about the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND experience television viewers underwent on the evening of November 26th 1977! Captain's Log for Day 735 and you'll notice, in part, a little story.

Here's how it went down...(but don't forget to get ALL the details from Blake's blog)

At 5:10pm, as South-England viewers watched television, primarily the early evening news, something or someone interrupted the news broadcast. Someone calling himself Vrilion - who didn't sound human but spoke in clearly understandable English - began a broadcast, the likes of which haven't been repeated!

Vrilion warned that human beings were causing dilemma and catastrophe in the world and that human beings would cause their own demise. Vrilion also mentioned some ways that mankind could STOP the coming catastrophe but that this would require immediate and drastic measures...

Vrilion's broadcast lasted about 6 minutes - during which time, no media or media transmission authorities could figure out where or how (we're sure we know WHY tho', don't we? Listen to the message of Vrilion!) the message was being broadcast OR how 5 major English transmitter units were blocked from transmitting THEIR original scheduled and live news programs.

There's no way for me to reiterate Vrilion's message here, so do be sure to go listen via The 800 Days blog. The message of Vrilion is lengthy, intense and to understand the transmission quality, you have to listen yourself, not just read about a review of the incident...

But before you head over... just a warning:


There are MORE vids on Blake's Day 745 post...a strange blimp caught on video, some strange pics of objects in the sky. It would be a good idea for you to be prepared to sit for just a little while as you head over to The 800 Days blog...I say "sit for just a little while" because you're likely to feel dizzy, need to shake your head several times after viewing the details and media gadgets on the Day 745 post.

Ah, but that's part of the nature of the rabbit hole... it requires a shake of the head... recovery from dizziness, disorientation and altered perspective, no?

Also, the Rendlesham Forest Event (a military encounter with UFOs in the 1980's - something I've looked into before and posted about via my Conspiracies and Weird Stuff blog, the link to which can be found in the right sidebar here) and some tidbits about WikiLeaks...

Stare At This 4 - 30 Seconds, Just To FEEL IT, you know - the effect?

Feeling dizzy yet?

No...? Oh! Well, just head on over to the Rabbit Hole now

Good luck!

Day 735 is brought to you by The Rabbit, Vrilion and the Rendlesham Forest Sky-Bound Dancers (UFOs - okay, so it's not very funny...I tried) and is associated with dissociation, dizziness and rabbit hole disorientation, however it was posted on Thursday December 16 2010.

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