Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 771 (Tidbits)

Oh, wow...some of my favourite stuff is being presented for Day 771 on Blake Hall's The 800 Days blog ! What we're talking about here is - commentary on PROPAGANDA.....


Well, propaganda isn't nice - but people recognizing propaganda makes me smile!

Okay that's not exactly a smile but you get the picture.

What's in store when you head on over to the 800 DAYS blog is a pertinent and detailed message not only about reading your way through propaganda but also some information for content providers online (bloggers, article writers, THIS MEANS YOU!)...

You've already been supplied with the blog link above...

It's Blake's "Take" on a certain sort of ethical consideration for writing online that you'll find on the other blog...and it's interesting. I wish more people had the guts to BE REAL as is suggested on the 800 Days blog in the Day 771 post. Blake reminds us to BE ASSOCIATED BUT NEVER CONTENT!

The day 771 post date: Wednesday November 10 2010.

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