Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 736 (Tidbits)

Ah, more music appreciation is going on over at THE 800 DAYS BLOG on the Day 736 entry. I have been enjoying the various music videos and audios as well as the vid/audio interviews of different types, so I just added a new tab on the blog... you'll be able to find it at the top of the blog, over at the right hand side.

The group Blake focuses on for the Day 736 post is called Current 93, the album, Thunder Perfect Mind and there are two songs included in the post. Blake suggests that the artists have made these tracks in an effort to create a Rock Opera and Blake gives comparisons between Current 93 and bands like The Who, Pink Floyd and The Beatles - who also made very successful Rock Opera albums.

Apparently Current 93/Thunder Perfect Mind, name and all were inspired by spiritual writings (Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls) outside of the long-established Christian canon. Gnosticism...That alone makes the music and opera-storyline within the music interesting to me.

Now, just so I don't ruin the focus here, I'm going to end the post so you can head over to The 800 Days blog and have a listen to the music...links above, remember?

Day 736 is associated with Wednesday December 15 2010.


  1. Hey MB, just so the audio phreaks dont have a field day on ya...the group is called Current 93. The album is called Thunder Perfect probably did not realize, but in the circles it is known for, it is as big as Sgt. Pepper. So I am giving you the heads up. Thanks for the audio / vid archive idea...I am working on some solutions myself. IAOTIO

  2. Whoops again... I'll make a correction... I'm on it.

  3. Strange... I got it right on the vid/audio tab but wrong in the post lol one of those typos ya can't see 'cos ya know what you were thinking?

    Anyway - post is corrected.

    I'll take a break soon and review my typos this evening.