Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 667 (Tidbits)

Messages about nurturing those who have been victims of abuse appear on Blake4d's blog for the Day 667 entry, but what is a little different on this The 800 Days blog post is the idea that abusers also need nurturing.

What? Nurture those who are doing the abusing?

Yes, this is one of the messages I received, loud and clear, from Blake's post.

It's about more than the short term, "happening right now" abuse between abuser and victim... and more about the fact that abuse is a cycle. We aren't going to effectively deal with the abuse problem unless we make long-term plans to do so. Long term focus means looking at the past of abusers, finding out why they are abusive (learning that almost all of those who disrespect and abuse others are acting out or re-enacting some of the abuses that happened to them in the past), how the long-term cycle of abuse works in families and individuals.

Ultimately, abusers have problems - and they need to heal from being victims, themselves, heal from their past, come to terms with the abuses against them from their past - usually their childhood when they were helpless and victim of an abuser who went before them.

"Everyone who victimizes is trying to undo their own cycle." (Blake4d, 4th paragraph)

"We have to nurture some bad and really difficult people. After all, no matter what they did, they are part of the human family [...]" (Blake4d, 5th paragraph)

These statements occur early on in Blake's article and are followed with some bolder statements about why SOME people commit atrocious acts against other human beings... while I don't agree with all the later statements - rather, I think Blake has generalized on some concepts - the statements are blunt and will make a reader think about some heavy realities that are in our midst concerning abuse, murder, even evil.

Don't worry - though the article is packed with punch, it's not overly long. Perhaps Blake just wanted to stir up some concepts for us to think about so that we can start to imagine each our own part in doing something to end various cycles of abuse... Certainly, though Blake has given a broad solution (ie: "we need to nurture everyone, including the abusers") that is very sound, this solution is going to manifest in different ways for different people and the variety of actions people decide to engage in to nurture others will be diverse and complex.

For a lot of people, the "nurture the abusers" is an entirely new (and probably distasteful) concept, so it will take a long while for some people to engage in some kind of positive action involving nurturing. Some people are never going to come to terms with people who abuse others and will always think in the short term, never allowing themselves to humanize the abuser as someone who most likely had been a victim of another abuser in the past. I think that even THOSE WHO CANNOT SEE THE ABUSER AS A HUMAN BEING also need a great deal of nurturing.

In my opinion, even before the first slap, yell, punch or shove occurs between any two human beings, FIRST - the abuser dehumanizes the human being he/she is going to harm. The connection between "dehumanization of a human being" and the act(s) of abuse, to me, show that those who will not come to terms with those who abuse - are also committing abuse of a certain type...I am quite wary of those who refuse to see all human beings as human beings. Any sort of dehumanization is dangerous, in my opinion. Our jails in North America and around the world are full of people who live in a dehumanizing environment... there are numbers comparable to the size of entire cities inside secure walls with bars on windows - incarcerated - who have all been abused before they turned around and continued their cycle of abuse. And for all that, they receive no nurturing, no way to heal or come to terms with whatever happened in their earliest past that helped them turn into abusers themselves.

Please, someone, tell me that we, as human beings, can find a way to see the humanity in other human beings and stop viewing some of our human members as objects.

It's quite obvious that I agree very much with most of Blake's Day 667 post, isn't it? I wholeheartedly agree with the call to action about nurturing our brothers and sisters, both victims of abuse and abusers. I believe that until we can see others as human beings, we are, ourselves, capable of abusing others, all of us. If we can't see others as human beings and have dehumanized them in our minds, we have the potential to treat those people as objects and cause harm. For this reason alone, it is important for us to nurture others and view them as human beings - and we can each do some healing, ourselves, along the way.

The Day 667 post is associated with Tuesday February 22 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 668 (Tidbits)


That's what I am calling the content - including MEDIA - on the Day 668 post found on Blake's The 800 Days blog.

No review needed for the top portion of the Day 668 post - just TWO THUMBS UP from me and readers can go ahead and hit the PLAY button on the AC/DC vids Blake has embedded in the blog.

While you enjoy the vids, make your way further down the page and see who Blake is giving some space-love (exposure on the blog) to...

It's Blake's friend, Rothlyn Giles! Rothlyn is a computer guy who has offered some very detailed walkthrough instructions designed to help Windows users clean up then keep their Windows operating system environment healthy and secure. The article from Rothlyn Giles, over on Blake's blog - explains such things as:

Organizing files
Data safeguarding
Boosting the performance of your computer
a bunch of stuff I can't explain
but is explained by Rothlyn over on the Day 668 post!

I'm not quite confident yet with following all of Rothlyn's walkthrough but am going to go right away and start a defrag as Step 1 of making my computer perform better.

WHOOP! Imagine how much better those AC/DC videos are going to play after I have my computer defragged, eh?

The Day 668 post is associated with Monday February 21 2011

Day 669 (Tidbits)

A seeming "Call To Arms" awaits on the Day 669 post on Blake Ford Hall's The 800 Days blog. This isn't Blake's call, however - it's a call sent out by ANONYMOUS. As well, it's not an average Call To Arms (a call to pick up weapons)...

You'll have to think in metaphors beyond what you usually do (we think in metaphors ALL THE TIME - but often, not very complex ones, for daily living) and really open your mind to receive the message that ANONYMOUS has provided.

Here's an article ABSTRACT (only) that I found when searching for a way to explain how we think in metaphors all the time. The Abstract provides enough information to explain this - without going into the whole article (it's better than a definition I found on a popular online dictionary):

Metaphors We Think With: The Role of Metaphor in Reasoning.

I'm finding the messages of ANONYMOUS increasingly more interesting as time goes on. I feel that whoever is behind ANONYMOUS is very intelligent, versed in psychology and possibly even sociological studies... however I am TRULY beginning to question the purpose and ethics of ANONYMOUS...

  • Anonymous speaks of freedom - using the terminology of oppression (is this ethical?)
  • Anonymous uses emotional phrases to target the underdog (knows which particular words work on the psychological make-up of an oppressed target population)
  • Anonymous seems to understand large-group dynamics (sociological knowledge - ie: "when and where should I, Anonymous, place my messages for universal effect and viewing?")

I'll let you decide if my statements above are anything you want to think more about.

Anonymous is calling out to a number of target groups:

  • Youth
  • To The Intellectuals (those with critical thinking?)
  • The Strong
  • Journalists
  • The Weak
  • The Clever
  • Free Thinkers
  • Poets 
  • The Wise
The only thing that settles my mind a bit over ethical issues here is that ANONYMOUS clearly sends out a call to various target groups - essentially, trying to name most groups, save for "authority" groups. At first, I was worried that - with ANONYMOUS' mix of oppression language with freedom concepts, Anonymous was targeting just "the oppressed" populations (which could turn out a MOB), but Anonymous is - in my opinion - calling out to people FOR the purpose of critical thinking, reasoning, etc. Time will show whether I am wrong or right here... (Yes, I've ended up QUESTIONING the motive of ANONYMOUS even though Anonymous makes very blatant, clear statements most of the time... it has been the "language of oppression" inserted in much of Anonymous' messaging that sends up red flags for me).

Let me know what you get out of Anonymous' message, posted by Blake for the Day 669 entry over on The 800 Days blog on Sunday February 20 2011.

Day 670 (Tidbits)

There are some fantastic photos on Blake4d's Day 670 post on the ever expanding The 800 Days blog. Get ready for some OUT OF THIS WORLD information as you prepare to read the Day 670 post.

The opening paragraph:

"In January 2004 the American space agency NASA successfully landed two rovers onto the Martian surface this page is a picturial tribute to their historical and somewhat secret journeys across the Gusev Crater region. Please feel free to download all photographs on this site and re-distribute them across the net." from Mars Uncensored/Paul Goodwin.    

There are many statements/concepts you'll have to fit your head around in Blake's 800Days article for Day 670, such as:
  • NASA was established as a civilian space programme by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958
  • NASA was formed to replace the (predecessor) National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
  • NASA distorts the findings from Earth's sister planet, Mars, by sending SOME news, allowing some news out while holding back other pertinent findings. 
  • (ie: findings of certain gasses, elements on Mars is brought forth as big news - while other known features/findings on Mars are suppressed and not voiced)
  • NASA uses the tool of "image tampering" to distort facts/data even beyond information suppression - providing some sources who report to the general public - with faulty information (which in turn makes it seem like other sources are faulty, tampering with the images, untrustworthy)
  • much much more naughty NASA stuff
There are many technical tidbits in Blake's article that you'll need to mull over. Although I understand the messages and concepts provided by Blake and Paul Goodwin, I may not be a good teacher or deliverer of this kind of technical information. Therefore, I'm not going to even try to put some of this stuff into my own layman's terms or re-state much of what's on the Day 670 post in my own terms. You'll definitely have to go read the article!

Hey! GO READ THE ARTICLE: Day 670, on 800 Days blog!

If you get lost in the content over there (at 800Days blog), don't worry - tons of images that you won't be displeased with. While checking out images, don't forget to read over the text provided of Bob Dean's words at the Project Camelot LA "Awake and Aware" conference, held on September 19th 2009. The quote Blake provides starts with, "They [authorities, NASA] don't know how to lift the lid on this subject..." 

The information doesn't stop after Goodwin's and Dean's assertions. I'll just name-drop and word-drop here to provide a few names and phrases that are in the Day 670 article:

  • NASA 
  • Paul Goodwin 
  • Bob Dean 
  • Margaret Mead 
  • Brookings Report/Brookings Institute 
  • "guys from other dimensions" 
  • portals 
  • multidimensional 
  • more advanced societies

The Day 670 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with MARS theories and the date, Saturday February 19 2011.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 671 (Tidbits)

If you leave with a fuzzy head, wondering what the heck just went down after you read the Day 671 entry over on Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog, then you are exactly where you should be!

Ending up in a stretched head-space - that is - perceiving of the world in a different way after encountering the thoughts of Troy Palmer - is NORMAL (if we can call anything "normal"). At least after I encounter text/music/art attributed to Mr. Palmer, I have to think about the world in a different way!

Blake gives this post over to one of Blake's and Troy Palmer's fave musical groups, "Killing Joke," as well as leaving the space for Troy to speak on dream interpretations and childhood dreams versus adult interpretations... oh and much more that I can't possibly explain since this post is all about Troy's view of dreams and the world...

Blake simply says in the introductory part of the article - to TRUST HIM... so I did.

You should too...

The Day 671 post contains wyld and interesting schtuff from Troy Palmer's mind, mouth and fingertips. We who are working on the 800 Days project cannot be held responsible for the well-being of readers who delve into Troy Palmer's thoughts, dreams, interpretations, HOWEVER, we assure you that you will think differently for at least a little while if you read on over at the 800 Days blog... this post is associated with Friday February 18 2011.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 672 (Tidbits)

The content over on THE 800 DAYS blog for Day 762 is from another good friend of Blake's but this time, it is a mutual friend, KIMBERLYSLYRICS.

Many of the artists/authors Blake decides to give a feature spot to are people he knows and/or corresponds with over a long-term but this time, the feature artist/author is also someone that I also know, correspond with and have a long-distance relationship with - a peer-Canadian!

An interesting article by kimberlyslyrics which doesn't exactly make Canada look so good but no matter, these blogs are about truths, right? The article is about Canadian serial killers (ouch), entitled, "Canada's  10 Worst In Serial Killers."

Strangely enough, I just watched the movie "Karla," online about two weeks ago, so the details on Paul Bernardo with Karla Homolka (a killer duo), are pretty fresh in my mind. I know the movie portrayed a certain viewpoint so I ended up delving into quite a lot of text about Bernardo and Homolka online after viewing the movie... needless to say, I am not rushing to look up details now, after reading Kimberly's article over at The 800 Days blog!

(usually I am in a frenzy of open browser windows while reading each respective post on Blake's blog, fact-checking or supplementing my understanding of Blake's articles as I go)

Luckily, for readers, Kimberly has done an awesome job of arranging and presenting certain pertinent details of each serial killer and their deeds without going into enough detail to traumatize the reader (which is what I usually do to myself when I start to dig for information lol). Blake has done an awesome presentation of Kimberly's article onto his blogspot, adding some fitting graphics so that this Day 762 blog post has just enough information and graphics to please a reader without scaring him/her off!

I'll get out of the way now so people can go check out The 800 Days blog...

The Day 762 post over on The 800 Days blog is on the topic of 10 worst serial killers from the country of Canada (Oh Canada, Oh Dear!)... and is associated with Thursday February 17 2011.



Feb 17th is also my (adult) son's birthday! 'cept my son doesn't read my blogs :)
(would frighten him lol)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 673 (Tidbits)

My suggestion for navigating through the material for Day 673 on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog is for readers to grab and pen/pencil and paper and jot down some notes as they move down the page.

The article presented, explaining a way of thinking about the origins of humans is by a dear friend of Blake's named, Cricket Rockastellar! "The Story of the Earth...In Reverse" by Cricket with Blake4d... 

I am going to mention, right now, there are *SPOILERS* in a huge way on the Day 673 post - concerning the movie, Avatar...  Basically, Blake gives a summary of the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, you will know what it is all about by the time you get through the Day 673 post.

Blake summarizes what happens in the movie, Avatar, and relates these to concepts in Christian scriptures, New Age concepts, etc... and launches into some apt social commentary along the way.

"Look around, it's the world we live in" Blake asserts... well do just that - Look around at the world you live in and TRY TO SAY that the human species in real life isn't as awful as in the Avatar movie... materialistic, disconnected from nature and other human beings...

A warning: The Day 673 post over on Blake's blog is LENGTHY. It contains a human history, summarized, along with the Avatar movie summary... which - (not coincidentally?) resemble each other a whole lot. Use your pen and paper, your notes to refer back to as you watch the movie, Avatar sometime. Yes, even if you have seen the movie already - try watching once more - and see if the things Blake discusses do or don't show up as pretty damn BIG concepts in the Avatar film...

Avatar (Movie-2009) at the Internet Movie Data Base site.

Avatar Movie site Avatar Movie official site - links and movie clips.

Read the blog. Take some notes. Check your notes. Watch the movie. Check your notes. Think, think, think. What do you think?


The Day 673 post is associated with Wednesday February 16 2011

Day 674 (Tidbits)

A post worthy of TWO THUMBS UP is on THE 800 DAYS blog. Blake's Day 674 entry is about achievements in art by those who suffer mental illness - in particular - the illness of schizophrenia.

To begin with, Blake makes mention of a personal friend, Troy Palmer, before going into details about Swiss artist Adolf Wolfli. In the Day 674 article, Blake mentions that Troy suggested an article about Adolf Wolfli, so by whatever means the words were brought to the blogosphere, enjoy both the videos that are posted (which features some art pieces of Wolfli, along with suitable music) - and the article Blake created to honour Art Brut/Outsider Art!

Art Brut is also known as Outsider Art and is basically material/expression brought forth by those not traditionally schooled in the arts at a formal academic/artistic institution. I OBJECT to the widespread use of the explanations/descriptors, "raw art" and "rough art," sometimes - even though "Art Brut" quite literally means "raw/rough art" and the phrase comes to us via French language. It depends entirely, for me, on who is using these terms as to whether or not I accept the use of said words. The term "Art Brut" was coined by Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)

For me, raw/rough art can be used in a way that implies "not really art," but if the artist himself/herself uses the words and phrases to mean, "naturally occurring," "natural," or "unfettered by the frameworks of traditional schooling in the arts," as well as a humanistic, raw-authentic approach to the arts, I am quite fine with these terms.

Thanks to Troy for guiding Blake into focusing on a great topic and article. I won't elaborate on the artist as Blake has some nice information going on at The 800 Days blog. Do make sure to read comments at bottom of this article as Troy has posted some titles and such for reference or if you would like to look up/find some extras related to this topic.

The Day 674 article on The 800 Days blog is associated with the topic Art Brut and the date of Tuesday February 15 2011.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 675

More content featured by Blake's "Comrade in Arts," the talented bibi16 for the Day 675 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog!

Selections by bibi16:

  • "Artificial Intelligence or Ten Ways Not to Communicate with Other Human Beings" [doesn't just the TITLE say a whole bunch here, already?]
  • "When Taking Pictures In Public Places"
 I think the 10 points in the first article should be posted ANYWHERE that language is used... which means "posted pretty much everywhere"! In libraries, schools, coffee shops, stores, community hall bulletin boards, etc... In my opinion, if people adhered to the suggestions bibi16 offers, communications between people would be less confusing, more open and straightforward - and people would be able to understand each other as well as respect each other much more than we do at present. As well, since some of the points in bibi16's article are about considering the written word/languages we speak, I think if people acted upon the information in the article, many would decide to learn written language better, too.

bibi16's second article featured in the post gives some information on what is permissible and not permitted when people are taking photos with cameras, cell phones, etc. I didn't know some of the things in this article before - like that if you're on private property you can be asked/told to stop taking photos but that your cell phone/camera is not supposed to be taken away from you. Luckily, I don't use my cell phone camera that much or do not use it often in any location without asking people if they mind...but for those who love using their phone-cam, bibi16's article is a good read providing important information.

The Day 675 post on The 800 Days blog features bibi16 again and is associated with Monday February 14 2011.

Oh and for those who celebrate - it's Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day.

(belated as I am writing post date)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 676

Blake is featuring works by bibi16 on his The 800 Days blog for Day 676! Blake announces bibi16 as his "comrade in arts," which is fitting when you see one of bibi16's poem titles:

"Hitler's Mother"

The last two lines strike me hard,

"No one offers consolation
To Poor Hitler's Mother"

The second featured piece, "Blowing Him Again," by bibi16 caught my attention immediately - not by its title but - by its alliteration and repetitive rhyming at the beginning... weaning, tiny, teeny djinni (genie/jeannie), breaking, bottles, barefeet, burning [...] Butterflies bleed."

POWERFUL attention-getters, along with impact of concept once you read how these words are all used together!

It ain't over til its over.

bibi16's works arrive on Blake's Day 676 post on Sunday February 13 2011.

Day 677

Over on Blake's The 800 Days blog there is some comic relief (vid-clip of Robin Williams' "Golf" comedy bits) for the Day 677 post - along with a Force Majeure statement...

Force Majeure statements generally free involved or associated parties from liabilities when unseen circumstances or extraordinary events and circumstances cause said parties unable to fulfilling obligations. This is the short and basic explanation, anyway.

Where a "obligations" are concerned - with respect to The 800 Days blog, there is no heavy-handed signed legal contract, anyway, for Blake (or myself) to provide unlimited absolutely steady content online (or content strictly of a certain type). There is, however, a sort of unspoken agreement (along with some expectations) that all parties (Blake, myself, readers) enter into concerning blog posting... whereby content goes out (and is read) in steady fashion.

My thoughts are that this Force Majeure piece can be used to remind readers that, basically, "stuff happens" sometimes... to prevent a steady flow of content to the 800 DAYS project.

The Force Majeure created by Blake is definitely worth reading closely as it contains a mix of comedy, reality, satire, seriousness, social commentary and is its own little bit of art.

The Day 677 post is associated with Saturday February 12 2011.

Day 678

For the Day 678 entry on Blake Hall's The 800 DAYS blog, we are treated to some poetry. As always, the content contains items that will make you think, "Hmm." The title of this piece, "In This Spiritual Conspiracy."

Although in a number of places, the text appears to argue upon itself, don't let the messages stand as such - but instead, take time to consider opposites. What struck me most is how opposites in this piece exist as they are. A bit of a new concept outside of our Western either-or mentality... things existing as opposites without being detrimental to each other...

ie:  "I have no words: I make silence out of silence" and "I have no words: I make silence out of words" opposites words (sound) and silence exist here without detrimental opposition... they just ARE - but also, the narrator has transformed sound to make it silence...where silence was in the first place (I have no words/sound?).

I like the concept that "Love is the religion we come to share." Repetition of this line is like a reminder that we "come to this," are required to provide action toward this. It's more like a reminder than a statement of "what is." I also like the call to action line late in the piece, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

"Be the change you want to see in the world" will be my mantra for a little while and this is one of the lines that sticks with me most potently of all the text in this piece...

What thoughts do you have about this Spiritual Conspiracy?

The Day 678 post on The 800 Days blog is thought provoking art, associated with Friday February 11 2011

The Day The World Did Not End

On May 22 2011, I woke up surprised and thought... "The world did not end yesterday." I am thankful for this as May 22 is my birthday!


On the day the world did not end, I didn't feel the ground shake, didn't hear of anyone claiming to see Jesus up in the sky or walking the Earth - didn't hear of World War Three starting when I listened to my radio. Actually, I heard sirens yesterday evening but that was when I walked to the store to get some cat food for my trusty rescue cat companion. The sirens ended up being fire trucks responding to a fire alert that likely turned out okay as I heard no report of an out of control fire in my region on the radio throughout the evening when I got home from the store. Fire response teams are on particularly heightened alert state and round-the-clocks schedules in my area as there is a province-wide fire ban in my region.

What were YOU doing The Day The World Did Not End?

Harold E. Camping from the USA was the driving force behind some of the "End Of Times" hysteria and phenomena we recently witnessed in/from North America. Although Biblical text is available which says we cannot know the end times or the time of Christ's return, Mr. Camping felt he had calculated a time of Christ's return - AGAIN in 2011. He has done this before in 1988 and 1994...

“But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left. Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into. Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. -- Matthew 24: 36-44.

Unfortunately, for some believers in Camping's calculations and message, there were some heavy losses as some people sold their belongings - expecting not to need material wealth and items after May 21 2011...

What is more disturbing than all of this is a general public's brand of ridicule-inducing criticism of all this End Times stuff... Perhaps it's just me - and the fact that I just observed turning one more year older (I'm in my forties) so I may need more calm and less confusion (including energy-sapping DRAMA) in my life - but what on earth DOES criticism do, anyway, if it is not thought out well first?

I have criticisms of Camping's theories - but I do not share a general public's viewpoint that Camping is a madman, an idiot, or any of the negative descriptors used for Camping's character that I have heard as of late. I would love to sit and discuss the topic of End Times with Camping (though I have heard he has taken ill). I would criticize theory, not the man.

Camping was born in 1921 and is an elderly individual... c'mon General Public - speak TO or ABOUT the man WITH your critical thinking skills engaged rather than your reaction mode on full power...

"Camping is wrong because he is an idiot" and "Camping is wrong because he is a whacko" are not reasonable statements that anyone can follow up on... try something like "Camping's literalist interpretation of Scriptures and understanding of Numerology combined led him to believe the world would end/Jesus would return May 21, 2011 - which was an event that did not come to pass." From the latter, we can discuss what went wrong for Camping, where theory, calculations, etc., veer to the side and do not serve us, Camping, followers, a general public, etc.

On the day after Camping (and others) believed the world would end, I was listening to talk radio, various stations, about this End Times phenomena... and heard some distraught followers of Camping say they did not know what to do as of May 22 2011...

For these people, part of their world DID END...

This is tragic.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 679

Blake4d's offering for Day 679 on his The 800 Days blog reminds me very much of the work of satire by Jonathan Swift called, "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland From Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick" more commonly known as "A Modest Proposal." Certainly a certain part of the topic (taboo in our society) is brought to the reader - that of cannibalism...

EXPECT to feel some discomfort and dissonance when you read the morsel Blake has prepared... and if, as you ingest the material, "How To Serve Man or Cooking for Cannibals and Dummies," you feel you'd like to become a vegetarian, nobody at all will blame you.


The Day 679 offering on The 800 Days blog is SATIRE (and social commentary) and is associated with Thursday February 10 2011.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 680 (Tidbits)

2012 Theories, Planet X and Nibiru information await you over at Day 680 on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog. It will help to be open minded as you read this article as there are a lot of "far out" ideas conveyed in it, however, the ideas aren't wholly dreamed up by Blake4d...

The ideas are largely from the late Zechariah Sitchin (1920-2010) who was best known for his Ancient Astronaut theory for human origins. Sitchin was a scholar of ancient Sumerian culture and myth, as well as being known for using Biblical Scriptures to support his theories - sort of a synthesis of historical interpretation of data from ancient Sumerian myth combined with interpretation of Scriptures.

A lot of other scholars have questioned and continue to question Sitchin's interpretations and even the accuracy of his scholarship (his methodology) concerning Biblical and mythological interpretations. In particular and most prominently, Sitchin's knowledge of, interpretation of and statements surrounding ancient language and translation are still contested by scholars in several academic and spiritual/religious fields.

That said (and because I wanted to be sure to assert that there are, in fact, some questions surrounding the validity of parts of Sitchin's theory), people interested in learning about Planet X, Ancient Astronaut theory and such have the option to approach these and related topics with caution and use of critical thinking. I don't mind saying that, although I also question Sitchin's methodology and translation of a few important ancient terms, myself, I find his Ancient Astronaut theory compelling to a certain extent - even when the words "aliens" and "reptiles" enter the picture within the scope of his theory.

Blake has given a lot of summary information about what the Planet X ideas are over on his blog post, along with a list of instances where serpents, lizards, reptiles are present in other cultures (as explanations for human origin or as gods of early human generations) - making Sitchin's claims that humans are derived from an ancient, reptilian race seem like information we should sit the heck up and be aware of.

The Day 680 entry over on The 800 Days blog is associated with Wednesday February 9 2011.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 681 (Tidbits)

Lore of the Illuminati is the topic for Blake's Day 681 post on THE 800 DAYS weblog.  I agree with some of Blake's opening words for the post, that, "[...] there is too much information out there on this subject to be ignored [,,,]" however I'd have warned more about CONFIRMATION BIAS in the opening words if it were my blog post...

The topic of The Illuminati is an absolutely HUGE one - as multi-faceted as the topic of The Bilderberg Group, but Blake promises to re-visit this topic in future days of posting to The 800 Days blog. I'm glad for these plans because there's no way the topic of The Illuminati can be decently covered in just one or two blog postings.

I love the quote Blake placed only about a third of the way into the post and I am posting it here, too:

Stop throwing the Constitution in my face!
It's just a goddamned piece of paper!
- George W. Bush


I don't feel I should be adding or taking away from Blake's original post here so I'll turn my post into a short little critique and warning about Illuminati in pop-culture... while Blake goes on, within his blog post, to explain details about the Illuminati for those who might not know much about this group.

My critique is against pop-culture renditions of or perceptions of The Illuminati based on popular fiction such as the enormously successful Da Vinci Code by writer, Dan Brown.

Now Da Vinci Code is an outstanding piece of fiction - but it has MANY misleading details, the most dangerous of which happens to be its opening words which immediately make the claim that what follows in the book is largely fact - the historical locations, pieces of art, etc.

What the fictitious novel really is - is a whole bunch of historical accuracies mixed in with fiction to make confirmation biases and make a story flow... PERIOD.

One extremely AWESOME thing about Dan Brown's book, however, is that IT RAISES QUESTIONS on a number of topics - historical accuracy, Mary Magdelene, Jesus, Illuminati, Ancient Scholarship, etc. This is awesome - but the draw backs here are that a person pretty much has to take a fine-toothed comb through the entire book in order to sort the facts from fiction.

This is a process I am currently and actively plodding through with painstaking deliberateness.

Suffice it to say that if Da Vinci Code is your only reference source connected with what you know about The Illuminati, you will have a lot of learning to do. I'm sure you'll find Blake's post on the topic of Illuminati more along the side of fact than you will the pop-culture thriller novel Da Vinci Code by Mr. Brown.

I must say - I have enjoyed the Dan Brown book immensely and am about to attempt my third read-through of the novel at the end of March. Before I start re-reading, however, I am poring through some Apocrypha works just so I will be well acquainted with some Scriptures outside the Christian Canon which are referred to in the Da Vinci Code book.

I urge you to go read what Blake has written on the topic of The Illuminati - and take some time to have a really good look at all the images he has posted - they're very impressive, indeed! I am particularly taken with the last image on the blog post... the hand-pyramid and the eye within, including radiating lines that extend beyond the hands.

The Day 681 post is associated with Tuesday February 8 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 682 (Tidbits)

Can U say B-I-L-D-E-R-B-E-R-G-S?

Blake can - and does... he says a LOT about the Bilderberg Group over on THE 800 DAYS blog for the Day 682 post.

I find the topic of the Bilderbergs fascinating but there's so much to unravel, connected with this group of elite individuals that I often find myself distracted and going off on tangents when I attempt to study about The Bilgerbergs. There are oh, so many elites involved in this group, each with significant histories and biographical details. *Note, the Bilderbergs or Bilderbergers or Bilderberg group isn't a family name or connection - they're called such because at their first major meeting, they assembled at The Hotel de Bilderberg in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was a closed meeting of elites back in 1954 and has become an annual occurrence (by invitation only) ever since - with outsiders being able to garner very little information about what goes on inside the meetings. Hotel de Bilderberg in Amsterdam is not always the location for the meetings anymore but the meetings have been going on annually for almost 60 years now!

Blake has a few interesting images up on the Day 682 post, including a chart of "The Round Table" that many conspiracy theories hold close in mind each time Bilderberg meeting members and the elite are mentioned. The Round Table shows how many elite entities such as The Bilderberg group, United Nations, The Trilateral Commission and more might be connected in a giant, connected larger entity...

Interesting stuff - but watch for confirmation biases, please, whenever dealing with Conspiracy Theories.

It may be that questions arising from meetings that seem strange, conspiratorial, etc., are more important than solid conclusions at this point... we really don't know what the Bilderbergers discuss - it's best not to jump to final conclusions yet, eh?

The Day 682 post is associated with a whole bunch of elites and Monday February 7 2011.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 683 (Tidbits)

A poem dedicated to Blondepoet/Debbie Murray is what is in store for you once you visit Blake's Day 683 post over on THE 800 DAYS blog.

To my knowledge, Blondepoet is someone Blake has never met as she lives in Australia. I'm familiar with Blondepoet from a writing site we all frequent and so I have a special interest in this poem - about a person Blake and I both know of but have never met. I've read Blondpoet's writings online, too.

My fave lines of the poem:

  • To write our poems and sing songs for people we shall never meet, and singing words to people who we shall know only inn our dreams,
  • but never do remember when we wake from the walking sleep upon a morning glorious sweeter once it is weened
I'm not positive I kept with the line structure Blake intended for these two lines but I hope he will forgive the line manipulation in favour of my presenting the lines on my blog to indicate the powerful message about acquaintanceship/friendship over distances...

In my interpretation of the poetry, the narrator (possibly Blake, maybe an anonymous narrator within the poem) is basically saying - "Distance is NOTHING... personal connection with people is everything and is what is important."

I also like the end of the third line, the message, "[...] and our two worlds collide" - very graphic, apt, metaphorical but powerful...

I also really love the balance brought about by the last few words of the last line, "[,,,] like so many a fairytale completes." What an awesome way to wrap up a poem with balance in both temporal concept (distances bridged) but literal suggestion (end of poem, completion of fairy tale).

The Day 683 post is associated with Sunday February 6 2011.

Day 684 (Tidbits)

Freedom of Speech and what Anonymous Hacktivists think of Freedom of Speech are on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS BLOG, for entry Day 684.

And since an important document is outlined regarding human rights and freedom of speech, I'm keeping my post to an absolute minimum here.

I think it is important for people to read and understand their rights and I've found that many people do not even understand their human rights...

Without further delay, go read about rights and I'll knock off early on this post.

The Day 684 post contains important information about Human Rights and is associated with Saturday February 5 2011.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 685

Innovations in Internet Technology are the focus of Blake Hall's Day 685 entry over on THE 800 DAYS blog. In particular, a worry that the internet is running out of email addresses seems to have put Blake into tech-hunt mode.

Tech-hunt mode - a hunt to find out about new technology - namely for the problem of the internet running out of email addresses!

Actually - I never thought I would even hear of such a thing - but then I read some information on the news sites saying that millions of brand new internet users log on and create new accounts every single day and this count has been high like this for almost a decade... I'm not sure if what I've read is completely accurate but if the numbers are even half what is stated - WOW - there are tons and tons of email addresses and webspace being used up.

Luckily, Blake has been digging up some information which says that expert tech people have already been working on this problem for a long time and have a way to introduce a new technology/format for the internet that will allow for 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 unique addresses...

Oh, there are all those numbers again... but I'm not going to let all those numbers bother me at all today.

The important thing is that this new technology is going to be ready to go and large networks can start switching over to this new format, called IPv6 anytime.

There are more details on dates (when IPv6 will have a test run, etc) over in Blake's article on the blog.

The Day 685 article is about new internet technology called IPv6, and is associated with Friday February 4 2011.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 686 (Tidbits)

It was hard for me to wrap my head around the content on Day 686 of the ongoing THE 800 DAYS blog. This is only because Day 686 involves HARD SCIENCE and I'm admittedly a pseudo-science geek, and also a social science fan. Hard Science experimentation, data and numbers are things I can manage but tend to shy away from as I like feelings, people, mystical ideas much more than numbers and hard absolutes.

Mind you - I think we're finding out in this day and age that our trust in Hard Sciences is misplaces, are we not? I mean - even quantum physics fields are starting to show us that our concept of time and space as linear or even "clockwork" things - is all WRONG!

Eh... goin' off on a tangent now - and bringing the topic around to things I like more (trashing hard sciences? lol), which isn't very respectful to our Blake Hall and his 800 Days Project/Blog - so I will get back to the topic Blake wrote about over on his blog...

Wow, Blake discloses that the Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating its 20th Anniversary of operation! I suppose I've taken this item for granted as the telescope has been in existence for most of the period of my life whereby I've understood what the huge machine actually is! I was a young adult when this scientific gadget was unveiled and shown to the world...but now, Blake has put out an info-article telling that NASA is reporting the Hubble Telescope has recently found something quite amazing...

No, it's not a star... not a satelitte, nor is it a new planet...

It's a WHOLE (freakin') GALAXY that Hubble Telescope has just been able to catch in its view - around January 26th, Blake reports that NASA made a statement about this...

Now here's why all this stuff gets EASY for me to shy away from... (think "numbers)

They have called this new Galaxy the following:  UDFy-38135539  (according to NASA). Now how on Earth (or How in the Universe?) am I ever going to remember that galaxy or identify if THAT newly found galaxy is the one people are talking about? To heck with that, I'm going to call it by my OWN name and I deem the new UDFy-38135539 galaxy is now called...

Kat Vale Galaxy 01 (01, just in case they find another one close to it... then Kat Vale Galaxy can have a twin with the suffix "02" tacked on).

I think Blake's details over on THE 800 DAYS blog sound infinitely more scientific than my review, so GO READ THE BLOG!

The Day 686 post is full of hard-science jargon and is associated with Thursday February 3 2011.

Day 687 (Tidbits)

It's Hippy Dippy Weatherman time over at the Day 687 post on THE 800 DAYS blog!

The Hippy Dippy Weatherman is a character/skit created by the late George Carlin (1937-2008). Carlin was noted for his black humour and also for taking risks in his comedic efforts by often creating scathing social commentary comedy bits on political topics, and many, many taboo topics. The topics of Psychology, Religion, Gender, Drugs/dope were topics most comics would shy away from but some of Carlin's greatest comedy routines were full of these topics.

George Carlin is definitely one of my favourite comedy presenters EVER and a most impressive thinker, too. I'm glad Blake put the Hippy Dippy Weatherman vid on the Day 687 post 'cos I had forgotten about that one and wouldn't have searched for it without prompts! Blake mentions Carlin as one of his mom's (Kat Vale's) fave performers, too!

The Hippy Dippy Weatherman skit is a lead in Blake uses to approach the topic of severe weather and current weather events...

Oh, and by the way, February 2, the date of Blake's post to The 800 Days blog is known as GROUNDHOG DAY to most North Americans. The idea of this involves a groundhog as predictor of the weather for the next few months after the groundhog rises out of its winter hibernation state. If the groundhog awakens and comes out of its burrow to see clouds, winter will soon end. If the groundhog meets with the sun, the winter weather will supposedly continue for 6 more weeks.

Another way to put it: If the groundhog sees his shadow (he pops out of his burrow when the sun is shining), more winter and Mr. Groundhog will go directly back into his burrow to wait out the weather. If the groundhog doesn't see his shadow - winter is almost over- and Mr. Groundhog will leave his burrow and start exploring.

In Canada, one of the most well known Groundhogs is Sutton Sammy from Ontario. This year, Sutton Sammy predicted and early spring by coming out of his burrow to explore. HOWEVER - Balzac Billy in Alberta, Canada went back into his burrow - thus, Alberta's going to have at least 6 more weeks of winter (Balzac Billy has been correct so far as there have been mostly minus 15 celsius or colder temperatures ever since Billy woke up from his hibernation). Truthfully, I think Sutton Sammy may have made an error as I have heard via National News sources that Ontario's had awful, snowy weather throughout February.

(*Note: I am using HINDSIGHT HERE as I am writing my reviews, at this point, several weeks AFTER Blake's original posts).

The Day 687 post is associated with funnyman George Carlin, with severe weather predictions, with Mr. Groundhog and the posting date of Wednesday February 2 2011.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 688 (Tidbits)

We're treated to more information and details on/from The Red Skywalker, EDEN SKY, as the main topic for Blake's Day 688 entry on is THE 800 DAYS blog.

Eden Sky, on her Facebook profile, identifies herself with the following words
  • Buddhist
  • Galactic
  • Bird Tribe
  • Vedic
  • Sufi
  • Christic
  • SynchroMystic
  • Warrior of the Battalion of Light

If THAT doesn't interest you... I don't know what will.

SynchroMystic definitely got my attention regarding Eden Sky's self-definition.

Synchronicity+Mysticism. Interesting combination, right? Synchronicity is an interesting concept. It is the experience of two or more events or happenings which are seemingly unrelated and are unlikely to occur together by pure chance...but the events DO happen together or turn out to have a meaningful correlation together, as far as they can be observed...

A SynchroMystic world view says that everything in existence is connected ie: symbols, events, everything contains layers of meaning and information, histories and multiple interpretations.

I just thought I would provide some information on SynchroMysticism - particularly Synchronicity - before readers head on over to THE 800 DAYS blog. Blake has a ton of biographical details on Eden Sky, so I don't want to confound readers by posting repeat data about Eden Sky, her work and studies.

One thing that deserves repeating, however, before the end of my post is a belief Eden Sky projects on a regular basis. This is the belief that, since everything/everyone is connected in this vast, amazing universe, we have effects on everything/everyone else, so we can create positive change - without a doubt...

All these naysayers and doomsayers, negative skeptics and such who think all mankind's past blunders and evil deeds cannot be corrected are, according to the way of thinking above - WRONG in this assumption and viewpoint.

According to Eden Sky and others who believe in everything-connections, we all have the ability to create positive change in the world.

Currently, our world is in a state of chaos - wars, environmental abuses, conflict between religious institutions and believers, etc. We can work toward a greater stability by becoming AGENTS OF CALM - and halting the chaos we dream up then enact in the world.

Have a look at the details Blake provides on Eden Sky and her beliefs over on THE 800 DAYS BLOG.

The Day 688 post is associated with Tuesday February 1 2011.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 689 (Tidbits)

Time for a return to our thinking caps for Blake's Day 689 on what is becoming a very content-filled, art-filled, poetry-filled, commentary-filled THE 800 DAYS blog!

What you'll find for the Day 689 post are two complementary pieces of poetry. The title of one - "Quetzecoatl" - will conjure up images and concepts to your mind from an ancient age. The title of the other - "War Party - A Poem To Bring Our Troops Back Home Where They Belong" may allow you to stay firmly grounded to the present, but regardless, the pieces aren't drastically opposing to each other.

Each poem has a meaning and urgency in its own right, however, the "War Party [...]" poem seems to display a whole lot of repetition - and this poem is of greater length, so the feel of it is that it is of a more urgent tone than the Quetzocoatl piece. I think the Quetzocoatl poem may just be more condensed, is all, and both poems require focus and attention.

My favourite lines of Quetzecoatl:

There were strange days upon me and my body and race
I can hear, as I'm fighting, as I take up the bottle
I am drinking it down with my Quetzecoatl...

[lines 6, 7, 8 above, balanced with lines 28-31 below]

Asking a deep sleepwalker in the waiting abyss
To remit, and the Father will not question your fear
As the dreams come out of the little glass bottles
Making my choice just like Quetzecoatl...

My favourite lines of the 2nd poem:

Before we're going through something
That's so much worse than any of it was before as
If you are pledging allegiance to the war
It feels just like it did before once more
Underground and overboard it feels just like before
You are actually giving something that isn't yours
You are actually giving something that isn't yours

[lines 26-32 in one consecutive line block]

I appreciate the attention to balance in the first poem while I found something different to appreciate in the longer poem - repetition. I supposed the first poem is written with limited wording so its lines make each message more clear, while the longer 2nd poem has length for repetition. I found in the latter, the repetition has the effect of reminding one of bullets fired over and over again - repetitive military movement - calisthenics, even repetitive words such as are used with brainwashing...

In the first piece, there is something about the bottle mentioned, then returned to (balance) that adds to the sublime quality of the piece. In the second poem, sublimity is enhanced by the repetition of forceful words - words clearly understood the first time they were read but repeated nonetheless 'til we're almost dizzy with the repetition (perhaps Blake is trying to brainwash us! lol). For the first poem, we're taken into sublimity with the hint of what's in that bottle...for the second piece, we're brought to sublimity by having our senses assaulted - apt title on that 2nd piece with the word "War" in it...


I'll let others interpret from here...

The Day 689 post is associated with Monday January 21 2011.

Day 690 (Tidbits)

You might need a tissue by the time you've finished reading Blak4d's Day 690 entry over on The 800 Days blog. I did. Although the video at the top of the post might make you grin (it has censored nekkid gals on it), and the poetry just below the video might make you think, the explanation which follows at the very bottom of the post will likely cause you to need:

R.I.P. Deserae!

The Day 690 post is dedicated to Deserae and is associated with the posting date of Sunday January 30 2011.

Day 691 (Tidbits)

Another batch of activities from the Hackvist group, ANONYMOUS, was under way in late January 2011, but this activity was no hub-bub (loud, confused noise from many sources) stuff. The entity of Anonymous appears to use concerted efforts to gain attention, make statements, and draw attention to itself, along with perceived wrongs in the world.

Blake has been dutifully bringing the news of Anonymous' activities and statements to THE 800 DAYS blog - and his Day 691 post is another update on the doings and statements of Anonymous.

I like the image Blake placed at the top of the post... the pic shows a rather cheeky-looking moustached pharoah or idol... Nice!

Oh! That's the "V for Vendetta" face artistically imposed over the golden pharoah figure, isn't it?

Fitting! Again - nice.

Once more, Blake also provides more links to Anonymous' activities and additional information about this group/entity, so if you're at all interested in Anonymous, please be sure to check out and follow the links provided in the Day 691 post on The 800 Days blog. There actually now exists, an "AnonNews," and if Blake finds there's anything new circulating about Anonymous, he's promised to get it posted to the blog, so keep tuning in!

Enjoy the Anonymous information and the links. I'm cutting this post short so I can follow some links, myself, as I'm quite far behind on how to keep abreast of what Anonymous is up to!

The Day 691 vendetta post - oops I mean - the entry on the 800Days blog is associated with hacktivism as well as the date, Saturday January 29 2011.

Think in V-minor?

Day 692 (Tidbits)

Okay, at this point in following and reviewing Blake's THE 800 DAYS, I am tempted to ask Blake to go seek help and go to an A.C.A. Meeting - only that meeting would end up having 13 Steps, no doubt! A.C.A. would be "Aleister Crowley Anonymous" meetings! Ha! Just funnin' withya (and readers), Blake!

Blake seems to have a measure of respect (as do I) for Crowley, despite the fact that Crowley was and still is a much hated personality in recent history. If you've been reading from Blake's blog for any length of time, you'll be able to note that this is NOT the first (nor, I suspect, will it be the last) time Blake has written posts featuring Crowley quotes, biographical details on A. Crowley.

In the Day 692 weblog post, Blake takes some Crowley quotes out of context in a way I would never think to do but the result is something nearly morbidly and definitely spookily BANG ON regarding social commentary of our supposedly civilized societies. Blake the mighty blogger has taken Crowley's statements on viewpoints of gays/sexuality, and made them applicable for describing our real society's reaction or involvment in the topic of gays/sexuality...

Crowley quote: Part of the public horror of sexual irregularity so-called is due to the fact that everyone knows himself essentially guilty

Reality: sexual identity is a social construction whereby opposite sex relationships are rewarded in society while same-sex relationships are primarily shunned, if not banned altogether in many areas of the civilized world. Additionally, it is highly LIKELY that we all experience attractions, sometimes, to same-gender individuals but have been conditioned since early childhood to repress these feelings of attraction, deeming them "unhealthy," but mostly unwanted.

I won't go through all of the assertions and wording on Blake's blog as the above is just my interpretation, anyway - one I thought I would share to show the manner in which I am appreciating Blake's material located at the Day 692 post.

Some of the assertions/quote placings are wry, some are blatantly pointing fingers, but all are APT and enjoyable to read and will create "food for thought," not only about Crowley but also about the societies in which we live.

Enjoy Blake's treatment of Crowley quotes, along with the Crowley photos on the Day 692 post!

The Day 692 post is indicative of a need for Blake to start attending A.C.A. meetings (lol) as well as Day 692 being associated with Friday January 28 2011.

Day 693 (Tidbits)

Mysterious INDEED! The theme for the Day 693 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog appears to be "Mystery."

At the top of the post is a video that, itself, is somewhat of a mystery to me - but I'll check with Blake about the artist, song, etc. The music is enjoyable nonetheless, so have a listen while you read about some mysterious items Blake felt needed some attention!

There are items detailed, ranging from coins to skeletons in the Day 693 post - and with every item, follows the questions:

  • "How did these get here?"
  • "Who left these items?"
  • "Why are people just finding these items NOW in mainly (but not all or always) populated places?"
  • most importantly
  • "Why are these objects (and so many of them) dated as OLDER than human civilization?"

The objects are often "out of place" or do not adhere to what science and history texts currently tell us about the regions we live in... ie: the items are dated to be OLDER than what is currently accepted as how long human beings have existed on the earth... The widely popular and current belief is that people have only been walking on the planet for about 1.6 million years... but some of these objects are being dated as 2 to 2.5 million years old (a carving of a human face into a shell, found in England)...

Strange, huh?

Go read about this stuff on Blake's blog!

The Day 693 entry on The 800 Days blog is about OLD STUFF and wondering about the mystery of how old this stuff might really be... and also, Day 693 is associated with Thursday January 27 2011.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 694 (Tidbits)

People who are wanting to know where Blake4d frequently and virtually travels, as far as online sites go, and where Blake pulls information from, etc., will love the Day 694 entry on his THE 800 DAYS weblog.

It's a LINK-fest galore!

Naturally, it must be said that Blake may not be in 100% in agreement with all content or statements on pages at the links provided, but certainly, I think his point in posting such a diverse list of web locations is that there are certain sites people should visit to inform themselves of what's out there on the net (ie: The Heaven's Gate website/pages). Also, from what I know of Blake Hall - all reasonable discussion on controversial topics (or even strange-sounding topics) is a MUST - and I am in agreement with this, as well.

When I used the word, "diverse," above - it was an entirely inadequate word to use for the differing topic matter and links found at the Day 694 post. What you'll find once you go to Blake's blog are links to Aleister Crowley works and bio, google keywords pages, link to website of the now defunct cult called Heaven's Gate, links to Children of the Matrix material - theories from David Icke, a virtual library of metaphysical writings, theories from Zechariah Sitchin, "WeMoon" women's writers and arts site, links to the NASA site... and a whole lot more.

Personally, I'm caught up in the Heaven's Gate website. There are a lot of links and pages to that site that I feel are important to read - in order to understand what might have been in the minds of Heaven's Gate members, at least 39 of whom all committed mass suicide on March 26, 1997, in order to escape this world and follow along with what their belief system about the universe detailed. I'm very interested in the Heaven's Gate cult because I have no doubts that a present day cult with similar beliefs CAN occur and the mass suicide events can repeat in our day and age. I'm very troubled about this - even moreso when I double-check the links Blake provides in posts overall, not just in this Day 694 post. I'm working on educating myself about all sorts of phenomena, belief systems, knowledge, and doctrines. Now, I don't have to hold each doctrine I learn about as my own - but knowing of many doctrines helps me understand what informs other people to make certain decisions, act in certain ways, think in certain ways, etc., so that I know others better.

That aside behind, back to the links... May I make a suggestion?
Here it is for those who are interested: take 1 week of your time and dedicate just 1 hour each day to reading from just 7 of the links Blake has displayed on his Day 694 post. That will make 7 hours out of a whole week made up of 168 hours. Read enough on each of 7 sites to become very familiar with the material on the site. Take note at the end of 1 week on how much you've learned and about ways in which your worldview might have been changed, made better informed, etc., by your 7 hours of time dedicated to learning something - EVEN if the link you selected represents doctrines, people (many people really hate Crowley but have never read any of his works).

I'll bet that your 7 ours of self-decided and self-asserted education will turn out someone who is more capable of asking meaningful questions as well as providing meaningful answers to random questions.

Just TRY IT!

There are any of a number of links you can choose.

For my self-study, self-asserted study, I am going to stick with just one site, but by the end of 7 days, I am going to know a WHOLE LOT MORE about Heaven's Gate than I do right now. I'll post on this blog, in 7 days - next Wednesday - about what I learn from the one link Blake has provided amongst so many other valuable links. As well, next Wednesday, I'm going to post an argument to Blake's first wording on the Day 694 post as I am in disagreement with the message to a certain extent. If you need a reminder of the text, see below:

(from blake4d's Day 694 post)

At this moment, the only thing I can agree with about these statements are that they mean SOMETHING and I sure hope they are "artistic," and not meant to be taken entirely literally! *Hint - I'm going to take the viewpoint that the words are an attempt to play Devil's Advocate...

So tune in next wednesday (March 2 2011)! lol Well, keep reading Blake4d in the meantime - and DO check out a 7 day course of reading from the links provided by Blake in the Day 694 article!

The Day 694 post is associated with links galore, a bunch of cool palindrome words at the beginning of the post and, before I forget - the date of Wednesday January 26 2011.

Day 695 (Tidbits)

If you've been wondering about what is at the core of the blogger personality and person of Blake Hall IV, then the Day 695 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog will give you a fair bit of insight. Of course, spirituality (what Blake chooses to write about in the entry) is just on facet of a human being - but if you've wondered, here's your chance to hear about some of Blake's personal experiences with spirituality.

In the Day 695 post, you may examine Blake's thoughts on Buddhism and - as always - interpret for yourself what Buddhism might mean to you.

Beyond the commentary about spirituality and Buddhism, further down in the post, Blake offers some artistic words in the piece called "What Could Be - And What Has Been."

What I like about this piece is that the narrator asks a number of questions at the beginning:

How can you save a person who doesn't want saving [my paraphrase, so as to refrain from taking away from Blake's own artistry and word structure]? Also - how do you save a person who is empty inside and nothing but a shell [my paraphrase]? How do you stop a train [my paraphrase] - how do you attempt to stop the inevitable [interpretation, mine]?

Now, from these questions, there are vastly different answers, each per person, according to worldview and personal belief system - however - Blake's version of how to process questions of this nature is clearly and artfully provided - just read through the "What Could Be And What Has Been" poetic piece.

Something I've noticed in almost all of Blake's writing is a definite balance that I like very much. This balance is in the concepts of "good/bad," "good/evil," and I find that Blake almost always has a Devil wherever he has a higher concept of "Good," "Holy," or higher cosmic forces. Here, the Devil arrives late in the poetry, within the last third of the content:
Throwing all away, that's real pure & true

Devils jeers laughing, as you arrive right on cue

Sure he'll give you enough reach, to go get another fix

Delusional comforts of HIS home, where you'll remain but just Exist...

The three words above that provide an unmistakable mental image are "Devils jeers laughing[...]" and such a powerful mental image makes the Devil almost viewable, touchable.

Now, you can interpret the poetry any way you like - I just wanted to show a portion of the poem that struck a definite mental image and cue for me (above - it's actually a pic of a match stick holder/striker - creepy, lighting fire on the face of the Devil? Yikes!)... And I'll leave off now, so you can go interpret and enjoy Blake's brand of poetics!

The Day 695 post is about the core beliefs of Blake Hall IV and is associated with Tuesday January 25 2011.

Day 696 (Tidbits)

Wow, there's a GIANT horoscope chart on Day 696 of Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog! And it's one I've never seen before, apparently found and forwarded by Blake's friend named "TOMCAT."

To be able to get a better look at an enlarged image, I right-clicked to open the larger image in a new window. You can go straight to the larger image with the link below:

Large Image, "Horoscoped - Most common words in star sign predictions."

As Blake also suggests in his Day 696 post, go to the site where this came from 'cos the image is complicated - the procedure for gaining most common words in star sign predictions and also the reason for doing so is located at:

The Day 696 post is associated with a New Horoscope chart and Monday January 24 2011.

Day 697 (Tidbits)

It seems Blake is pressed for time around this point in blogging for THE 800 DAYS blog, so his Day 697 post features some interesting photos from a friend, Joe Lee.

In my opinion, the fourth photo down shows an INSANE pyrotechnics trick... is that FIRE blown from a guy's mouth...?? That's what I see!

Plugging my ears so I won't hear when the guy starts screaming, "AAAACK I'm On FIRE!"

Blake sure knows a lot of interesting people who also possess interesting skills. Myself, I can't say, "I have a friend who blows fire out of his mouth," but I can still ask, "Do you?"


The absolute truth is: I need to catch up to Blake on FB or some other long-distance way to find out more about Joe Lee and some of the other people he has featured in pics, words, music, etc., on the 800 Days blog since I've been low-profile online...

The day 697 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with FIRE!!! and Sunday January 23 2011.

Day 698 (Tidbits)

More news and words from Anonymous have been featured on the Day 698 entry of The 800 Days blog. These words are a scathing social commentary that, in my humble opinion (and obviously by Blake's point of view, as well), should be considered with a great deal of critical thinking.

Blake has also provided some links to other locations online where you'll find "Anonymous" bits - radio, news and such.

In the spirit of catching on Blake's content, I am keeping this post extremely short - partly because I have in excess of 20 posts to catch up on after a little break I took from blogging in February, and in part because I cannot reiterate the words of Anonymous without breaking with the intensity of the Anonymous messages!

The Day 698 post is associated with Saturday January 22 2011.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 699 (Tidbits)

There are some interesting videos on the Day 669 entry over on Blake Hall's The 800 Days blog, starting with "Hey Boy Hey" by the Chemical Brothers. After that bit of video and music artistry, the video content abruptly changes...

The topic: "MARS."

For the first vid, just a little background in case some readers are unfamiliar with the topic being discussed ('face on Mars') in the video:

A certain area of the planet, Mars, is called, "Cydonia," which is made up of a bunch of sub-parts. The sub-areas are Cydonia Mensae (flat, Mesa areas), Cydonia Colles (area of small hills), Cydonia Labyrithus (a rather complex bunch of valleys which intersect). Cydonia is named after an area - (a historical city-state) - on the North West coast of the island of Crete that was called Kydonia. Presently, Kydonia is now the city of Chania, and this is as far as the little history lesson goes...

Back on topic... There was a photo taken of the surface of Mars in 1976. The image was collected from a tool in the NASA VIKING PROGRAM and the tool was the Viking I Orbiter. Viking I took a photo of an area of Cydonia somewhere between the Arandas Crater on Mars and another crater known as "Bamberg," and when this image was viewed, people thought it looked like a face or, in the least, a "made" structure that could not have naturally occurred in nature. Another orbiter, Viking II, also picked up images of the "face," from different angles.

By 1977 speculations were printed and spoken, saying the face might be the work of extraterrestrial intelligence and activity, so on and so forth...

NASA refused to comment much about the images but about 20 years later, superior equipment was launched to subsequent missions to Mars and new images were gathered of the same location of Mars. Comparisons to the old images have been offered, the respective collections of images from more recent expeditions out in space, along with Viking I and II images... and still we have no clear answers about what the images are showing...

Many experts say the images simply show some naturally occurring items that our minds and eyes then, by the effects of PARAEDOLIA, turn into "the face on the surface of Mars," and nothing more...

Please Note: * These images in the Cydonia area that seem to show a "face" are NOT the only images or places on Mars that show areas that appear to be faces or known shapes... the Cydonia images, for some reason, just seem to be the most high-profile and oft-analyzed images.

Head on over to Blake's 800Days blog and watch the video, along with two more vids about Mars. BTW, the second vid on Mars (third vid down on the blog) requires that you read. It has a fair bit of scrolling text, so if you need to pause from time to time to get the reading down, feel free to do so.

The Day 699 post is associated with Mars, The Chemical Brothers and the date, Friday January 21 2011.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Break In February

Myth has been on a bit of a break this February 2011 in order to work on some public speaking gigs - in particular, a comedy routine to be delivered at a promiment comedy club chain on Valentine's Day evening.

As Valentine's Day rapidly approaches, Myth is fighting back just a minor case of "the nerves," however, the show must go on whether Myth trips on the mic or not (gadget challenged) - and once the Valentine's Day show is over, there will be a fantastic flurry of writing to the 800 Days Follower blog!

Truth be known, I joined a comedy workshop setting intent on recreation, socializing, stress relief and polishing up some comedic public speaking skills. Once I got to the group, however, I found I was in the company of trainers I worked with 5 years ago who intended these particular workshops to be extremely short term, in-depth training for a Valentine's Day comedy event!

I mostly stayed with the group because I didn't wish to appear like a chicken-snit, so I committed to doing the Valentine's Day show...while, perhaps, it was more appropriate to just be committed somewhere else, if you know what I mean...

Myth will be back in full force after getting some "Ha-Ha" action on February 14th and recovering from hecklers if that is necessary on the 15th...

Thanks for understanding - wish me YUKs


Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 700 (Tidbits)

Some rather shocking data turned out by Blake Hall for the Day 700 entry on his The 800 Days blog. These details are about how people use their computers...
An amazing 79 percent of people polled (Harris Interactive surveys) asserted that they store embarrassing files on their computer they don't want co-workers, family and friends to see...

*Both Hands Up*

Guilty...errrr I mean, I also would say I have things on my computer I don't want others to see or which might cause embarrassment to me if someone scouted through my computer contents.

Mind you, I have poetry - my own - stored on my PC and this is the most personal stuff I don't want anyone to see *shrug*

The video at the top of the post, I enjoyed very much - then below the vid, I wondered why the word "sex" was repeated over and over and over and over and over... turns out, the Harris poll also asked several questions about SEX and the results show that both men and women wish to hide the online sites they frequent hmmm....

There are actually what I view as two full articles inside the Day 700 post, along with a poem, dedicated to "LL," to close out this blog entry.

The second of the articles is called "Sex Tapes of the Rich and Infamous," which leads into a discussion of how plentiful sex tapes of the rich and famous are in North America and the "civilized" Western World - first under premise that personal tapes had been stolen then made viewable to a general public - secondly, with the fake story of the same ("Hey my tapes were stolen!") but the tapes being choreographed, marketed and distributed with planned precision.

Hey... people are buying these tapes/DVDs like crazy, so more and more sex tapes are coming out... and Blake has compiled a rather abundant list of names of stars who have fallen into this sex-tape craze, marketing and pulling in money from what Americans/North Americans apparently want to see more and more of... I'm surprised at who is on this list, but then, I am still often surprised that so many people want to get their 15 minutes of fame by any means possible - even if it's done by baring all in what most people would find extremely embarrassing fashion.

Although I wasn't unaware of this craze, reading about it via The 800 Days blog and then reviewing this post has made me even more aware that SEX sex sex sex sex sex sex is on peoples' minds a LOT...

The Day 700 post is associated with SEX and the date, Thursday January 20 2011.

P.S. I'll have to return later to review on the poetry as it takes me some time to interpret...
I'll follow up and review in another post soon...

'til then, you'll just have to hang on a sex.......... oops I mean a sec'

Day 701 (Tidbits)

It appears that Blake made his weekend fall in the middle of the week here as the Day 701 post on THE 800 DAYS blog is on a lighter topic than usual again.



Blake's not letting anyone off the hook here at all... it's just the vid at the top of the Day 701 post that made me think Blake was taking his weekend kickin'-up-his-feet-time early in the week instead of starting on Friday evening for this week!

You WILL have to engage your cerebrum, after all! Blake has inserted the topic of GUNS (mythbuster ducking here - myth does NOT like guns) the Day 701 post...

It appears that the content is an interview with a gun owner - who has stated she'd like to remain anonymous. More gravely, the content turns out not to just be random and general, about guns, either. This Day 701 post is going to bring the Tuscson January 8 2011 shootings to mind...

I personally do not like guns. I live in Canada where gun laws are much different than in the U.S.A. Here's a nifty link I just found that some readers might find interesting - an article:

Canada's Gun Laws For Americans

This article was updated recently on Jan 27th 2001.

I have to admit, I dislike guns so much that I rarely discuss the topic of guns... Consequently, I don't closely follow news stories even as big as the Tucson Shooting on January 8th 2011. In defense of this fact, when people try to rile me or change my mind about both the benefits of guns and how they believe I should follow such stories more closely, I answer,

"Is it not enough that I am looking into the deeper picture here...the social problem that causes PEOPLE to be dangerous while weilding weapons?" and a statement, "Even a kitchen butter knife is a dangerous, lethal weapon in the wrong hands."

There are very few details about the January 8th shooting that differ from other tragic shooting events and I choose to focus, not on the details of each event - those details are for forensics people and law enforcement authorities to deal with... The targets, of course, are unique to this incident, the casualties are, as well, but the "warning signs" and "preventable details" are similar to almost every act of violence that has occurred in North America over the past hundred years or so...

This is not to say that from my point of view, "I don't care" - it's just that I don't allow myself to get wrapped up in certain details and in actuality, I DO pay close attention to these current events - albeit from a focus that many people don't talk about... at THE ROOTS of the issues, as far as these can be determined.

In my gun-less home, I don't sit around planning to rally for or against gun laws or related things, I study sociological aspects of our society and I make up appropriate speeches for engaging people in discussions about how to agree to disagree, how to respect people even when they're from another culture or hold to a differing belief system, and I'm also learning how to enter verbal conflict in a way so as to make resolutions possible if both parties are willing to resolve issues. Communication is the focal point of all our relationships whether one to one citizens are conversing or one citizen to a government representative or even a group being heard by a government department...

Besides, I'm from Canada where the likes of an urban legend came true just a few years ago and a man was beheaded along a bus route that used to be my most travelled way from Alberta to Ontario and back again...

See: 2008 Beheading Incident on Canadian Greyhound Bus No Mere Urban Legend

There was no gun in that instance - and the reasons why the incident happened and a man perished in 2008 in Canada are much the same as why a shooter was allowed to shoot people, including bystanders and government officials on January 8 2011 in Tucson Arizona, U.S.A. - because someone slipped through a bunch of systems...and ALSO (I might get cyberHIT for this) because someone slipped through community systems and community failed to effectively communicate a danger in the community when it/a person who was questionable was in their midst...

Again, I hate guns...but what I hate more is all the focus on GUNS when it is the handler of weapons who is dangerous.

I very much appreciate the mind-set of the anonymous interviewee on the Day 701 post and feel that her answers give proof of a responsible gun owner. She purchased a weapon at an appropriate time whereby she had means, resources and teachers to show her how to handle the weapon safely and properly, how to shoot - and she obviously spent a great deal of time and focus on handling the weapon - making regular trips to the shooting range for proper practice.

If I was told by someone in authority that I MUST own and know how to use a gun - if it were a law or something, I would follow the interviewee's example but I would forever be nervous about owning a gun. Even if I am responsible with the weapon - someone who really wants a gun can break into almost any kind of locked compartment if they really have their minds set on such a thing. Additionally, the mind/person that is set on such a prize who would go to a lot of work to get it would be something to reckon with, no doubt.

I like Blake's parting words, "If these issues have not hit your state yet, it is just a matter of time until they do," however, I'm sure I have a different take on what these words are about...rather, where I would place the focus would be different than Blake suggests...

For me, I'd say, "these issues of bystander effect, apathy, public confusion and lack of public responsibility combined with ineffectual government responsibility to its citizens WILL get to your region if they are not already present in abundant watch for them rather than spending ALL your focus on guns..."

On this matter, I'm sure Blake and I will have to agree to disagree tho' I am not fully certain that I'm not judging what Blake's POV is to hastily...really, he's offered a bunch of information and I cannot be absolutely positive that he is "For" the responsible ownership of guns. I'll have to wait and see what comments Blake drops by to make regarding this post.

I will apologize now, not for my POV, but in the event that I assumed to know Blake's POV on this matter. I have offered by POV and put it up for discussion nonetheless...

The Day 701 post is associated with Wednesday January 19 2011.


Once you've finished reading about the "Beheading Incident," take a deep breath and please offer up prayers to BOTH Tim McLean's family (R.I.P. Tim McLean) and the assailant, along with his family (it was an open and close case of mental illness gone out of control and the assailant suffers emotionally to this day over what he did).

Also - after all this seriousness,  please enjoy the complementary vid, "Shout" - by the original artists, "Tears For Fears" ... The cover version mix was at the top of the Day 701 post on The 800 Days blog...