Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 704 (Tidbits)

After the complex information from the previous (Day 705) post, it should come as a pleasant surprise that Blake has placed something creative and a little lighter for the Day 704 post on his THE 800 DAYS blog.

Oh, don't put away your thinking cap yet...
You're still going to need to think about what you read over on Blake's blog...

Here's a suggestion - make sure you read through the Day 704 post twice in this manner:
  • Right click and open to Blake's blog so you can see his text - WHILE - you play the Charlie Daniels Band vid posted below
  • Keep Blake's text open and read through while hearing an instrumental version of the Charlie Daniels Band tune in the appropriate you tube vid
Watch the following video, Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"

2. Now Keep the lyrics open and watch the next video - instrumental version of the Charlie Daniels Band song... sing along if you're comfortable doing so... and sing BLAKE's "The Devil Loves California" lyrics in place of the C Daniels Band ones!!

Now, if you've watched the vids and read along with Blake's lyrics, you've probably had some fun! Hopefully you kept your thinking cap on while doing all this because there are some very interesting twists in Blake's lyrics.

Lines I like:

Honey milk and silver spoons, with guns and stripper bars
Because hells broke loose in Santa Cruz and evil here is art
If he wins he gonna skin your naked bones for gold
And if you loose California get your soul
I like the bit about "art" here!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the content and media for Day 704 'cos I sure have!

The Day 704 post is associated with Sunday January 16 2011.

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