Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 702 (Tidbits)

If the last post and topics about demons and exorcism were a bit too much for you, the next post should be an entertaining surprise!  The Day 702 blog entry on THE 800 DAYS blog is quirky but FUN - with a little viral "get to know me" game or two on it!

Now, the word "discordianism" does come up on the Day 702 post, and brief explanations of some aims of Discordianism, Chaos Magick and Anarchists are provided, but only to provide clarity as to why a list-game is being posted, keeping these belief systems in mind.

Okay, basically what these games are is an attempt to make something possibly meaningful out of chaos, and the tools for righting chaos are the lists and music/song titles...

In the first example, you're asked to go completely random, answering the list questions from the way your music plays on your player (mp3 player, iPod, whatever you listen to tunes on). In the second example, answer the list questions from song titles of your favourite or one of your favourite bands.

Blake used The Chemical Brothers for the second list - with some funny but also some thought-provoking results! In the first instance, the list is even more random but Blake's particular results from the first viral list are, again, thought - provoking.

Head over to the Day 702 post and have a go at the viral lists. If you end up with some really interesting results you'd like to share, email them and I can post some of the results on the blog!

The Day 702 post is chaotic but magickal at the same time and is associated with Tuesday January 18 2011.

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