Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 696 (Tidbits)

Wow, there's a GIANT horoscope chart on Day 696 of Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog! And it's one I've never seen before, apparently found and forwarded by Blake's friend named "TOMCAT."

To be able to get a better look at an enlarged image, I right-clicked to open the larger image in a new window. You can go straight to the larger image with the link below:

Large Image, "Horoscoped - Most common words in star sign predictions."

As Blake also suggests in his Day 696 post, go to the site where this came from 'cos the image is complicated - the procedure for gaining most common words in star sign predictions and also the reason for doing so is located at:

The Day 696 post is associated with a New Horoscope chart and Monday January 24 2011.

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