Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 707 (Tidbits)

Hey, the content in Blake's Day 707 entry on his THE 800 DAYS weblog is a reminder of sorts designed to keep our minds returning to recent and current events. Blake has some things to say on "ANONYMOUS" and the 2010 December 9th and 10th CyberWar attacks... events we should be paying close attention to as THEY ARE OUT OF COMPLEX MOTIVATIONS, and are INITIATED by those who choose to hide from authorities and a general public while at the same time, managing to project ideas, messages on a grand scale. As well, ANONYMOUS is more temporal and abstract than all this... Anonymous is IDEAS...

Now this way of thinking about an entity of sorts who manages to actually perform widespread actions with technology - is different from anything we have ever had to think about before. Hello... life is advancing, we need to catch up - we need to wrap our heads around this stuff. It's far from traditional - ANONYMOUS is ideas of a people (could be anywhere, could be everywhere) who want liberation from corruption and unwarranted control over people and technology... Anonymous=good idea!

Blake also displays info in one of the easiest way for viewers/readers to understand... by Video. Many of us lead hurried lives with many tasks per day in them. Videos that are reasonably made cut out a lot of time for us sometimes, so I like that Blake constantly browses vid sites for pertinent informational videos as well as for artistic/musical creations and recordings.

The vids on Blake's Day 707 post are of short length - none longer than 9 minutes - and anyone at all should be able to fit these in during even a fairly hectic day.

Vid 1 - message from "Anonymous", Vid 2 - message for those who want to understand the Anonymous message and Cyber Attack events, Vid 3 - message for the media, Vid 4 - Anonymous to The Governments of the World.

In my opinion, the group and individuals involved as ANONYMOUS are serious individuals who need be respected... So far, the events initiated by ANONYMOUS have been of the "no harm to the bodies of persons" type. I feel it is best that things stay this way. Personally, I don't think the actions of ANONYMOUS are solely for the media and governments... the actions are just as much for the general public...

K, heads up here... Paying attention?


ANONYMOUS has shown a non-violent way to SET BOUNDARIES between the public and the oppressive, corrupt powers that be.

That's it.

That's all I wanted to say and as brief an idea as I can project about how I interpret the Cyber Attacks of December 2010 and the group ANONYMOUS who intitiated and executed the attacks (wow, I used a "word of violence" in explaining this bodily non-violent stuff - "executed." Might want to come back to this later).

WATCH THE VIDS!!! (while you read along with the article underneath the vids). Watch the vids TWICE - read the article below the vids THRICE - how better to learn how to set boundaries, ourselves, than to take in one of the most powerful boundary "ACTS" and explanations of the actions of ANONYMOUS that there has ever been to date in the world?

The Day 707 post on The 800 Days blog is about ANONYMOUS and is associated with Thursday January 13 2011.

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