Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 711 (Tidbits)

Blake and Rothlyn are tryin' to kill my brain cells with computer jargon now... The Day 712 post was about computer "stuff" (notice, I don't have the computer tech lingo "down"?) and now, Day 711 content on Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog is a followup of sorts - on computer STUFF.

The question is asked: IS WINDOWS A VIRUS?

Okay, so the content is partly a joke - but read it through carefully over on THE 800 DAYS blog because Windows Operating System DOES perform in some ways that are similar to a computer virus. "Stuff" I am not too happy to learn (didn't I mention in an earlier post that I am going to attempt to learn Linux in the year 2011. If not... now I'm saying it - and, btw, sort of terrified about it).

There's a "Quick Method To Reset Parental Control" featured in the Day 711 content and it's offered in step by step fashion in less than 10 steps!

As well, Rothlyn Giles explains "Console Emulation" and I obviously have to read this information more than the once to get it because I LIKE POETRY versus computer jargon. I'm having some trouble seeing any metaphors in the content and, for me, this is a bummer but I realize that I should know more about computers than I do and that I don't play any cool games because I am afraid of console emulators and run away everytime I see words even faintly resembling the same.

I'm going now - to recover from reading computer jargon but I do realize the value of console emulators now. Actually, I'm going to an online dictionary site to find synonyms for the words used in the Day 711 article on Blake's blog - just so I can find some words that rhyme with console emulator and thus, I may find a couple of metaphors yet!


The Day 711 post is associated with Sunday January 9 2011.

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