Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 708 (Tidbits)

Blake gets into some arcane literature and biographical details on Manly P. Hall - and since Blake does a nice job of the biographical details, I will refrain from adding to these.

I would, however, like to comment that the videos Blake selected for the Day 708 on his THE 800 DAYS blog are some of the most interesting to date within the content of The 800 Days Countdown Project. These are some of the clearest messages and powerful concepts yet expressed via video, and I hope that readers do listen to all the videos from the Day 708 post. I know sometimes people skim through the content to get the ghist of topics, intending to return to other media forms (audios/vids), but for this Day 708 post, I have to openly suggest that these videos not be skipped.

In the first video, there is a discussion on love, happiness, virtue, love as an experience of consciousness, placing something bigger than yourself into the foreground, and more. Also discussed, "what love is NOT."

"Democracy is a Fallacy" is a statement made in the 2nd video from the top...with such clear wording and explanation that anyone who chooses to believe otherwise is just nursing a need to "stay the same" and resist a better common sense.

Perhaps Manly P Hall and topics/works by Manly P Hall don't seem too closely related to Mayan Calendar countdown details but part of the point here is to engage people in CRITICAL THINKING about topics related to knowledge, philosophy, beliefs. Manly P Hall, during his lifetime, engaged consistently in difficult debates, topics, and studies - all related to learning, knowledge, society, "the self," philosophy, beliefs, science, mind, body, etc.

The third vid deals with "the mind" to a great degree and the speaker (Manly P. Hall) talks in very clear language to explain how we think what we think, mostly based on who offers to let us have information... ie: governments may be limiting our critical thinking (my conclusion based on Hall's given information) and selecting the information we receive in society so we can't use our minds to their full extent and purposes. If this isn't a wake up call TO THINK FOR OURSELVES, I don't know what is...

Blake's first words on the Day 708 post are "If you haven't heard of Manly P. Hall...then you really should have." I agree - how true, how true! Now to assist Blake in projecting info and the works of Manly P. Hall, I went and found the item (Secret Teachings) mentioned in the Day 708 post - to make it available to readers via my Scribd account.

Read for free: The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

Inside are topics such as:
  • Pythagorean Mathematics
  • The Human Body in Symbolism
  • The Initiation of the Pyramid
  • Mystic Christianity
  • Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Rosicrucians
  • Freemasonic Symbolism
  • American Indian Symbolism
  • Flowers, Plants, Fruits, and Trees
  • The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
  • many, many more topics - these are less than half those in the book
If you've already read this book by Manly P. Hall, feel absolutely free to leave some comments about it here.

The Day 708 post is associated with WAKING UP YOUR CRITICAL THINKING, as well as the date Wednesday January 12 2011.

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