Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 781 (Tidbits)

Wow... part of the post on the you-know-which blog leads right back to HERE! The "Follower" blog I've created here has been recognized in a big way on The 800 Days blog as the beginning of the Day 781 content.

A BIG THANK YOU TO Blake! *thumbsup*

However, the main content of the Day 781 post isn't about THIS blog or about my stuff - it's about the OBVIOUS special day and DATE for the Day 781 post...

HALLOWE'EN! October 31 2010 is Day 781 in the countdown!

There are some brief introductory bits about Hallowe'en as "Samhain" (pronounced, "sow-un" - some say "sow-en" or "sow-een" but generally the phonetic "sow-un" is quite universally accepted around the globe and particularly by Celtics and scholars of Celtic peoples) and as being a day/eve of celebration as marking the Pagan New Year or Halloween Eve.

Call it what ye will... for most people in the western world, it means "CANDY NIGHT" or "Trick-or-Treat" time. Rather, all the costumes, dressing up, candy-giving and candy taking is the western world's capitalist, opportunist exploitation of a very sacred Pagan date and celebration... I'll back up to the Trick Or Treat stuff sometime soon in another post 'cos Hallowe'en has many legends just too FUN to overlook...but for now, in keeping with the way the topics are lined up on the 800 Days blog, I'll stick to the review and commenting for the Day 781 post.

You won't be able to miss the "account" of a "happening" on a past Halloween night that should make readers think about what is important in life... you won't miss this account 'cos it's in big, BOLD lettering, right after the awesome mention of this blog... This "event" happened during the Witching Hour on Samhain... but the year is not given. No matter - read and be grateful... for life spared - for strange things unexplained by science... for some things ARE explained by other means and in the end... are just TRUE and Possible... you'll get what I mean once you've finished reading the BOLD TEXT.

Another article found at this location: 20 Paths To Freedom And Possibly Being a Better Human Being

Don't fret about the link too much - the content is made plain and clear right on the blog. The author at The 800 Days blog is offering some ideas on how to be a better person... pretty simple stuff here (simple concepts but not particularly EASY to put into practice if you're not truly inclined and dedicated toward doing so).

Read carefully... there's a serious CHALLENGE here in the Day 781 post. A personal favourite of mine on this list is number nine (#9)... "STOP IDENTIFYING YOURSELF WITH A NATION OR COUNTRY." This one, I am up for concerning the challenge posed.

I'll explain... I'm against Nationalism. I understand why this point is in the challenge and message. I have written an article prior to my work on this blog that explains my views on Nationalism: Dangers of Nationalism.

Naturally, the rest of the points on the list - 19 more and a total of 20 - are things I have to work on...

Which points will you work on? To bring about a better human being in the world - YOU? Basically, Day 781 contains an awesome checklist to consider for becoming a better person. Isn't it time?

The Day 781 post was on Hallowe'en Day/Eve, Sunday October 31, 2010.

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