Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 780 (Tidbits)

The date of November 1, 2010 is Day 780 or seven hundred and eighty days before the Mayan Calendar day count ends. This is a significant day for us because it is ALL SAINTS DAY. Also called "Day of the Dead," and this is primarily a pagan recognized day. This is the 21st day in the 800 Day countdown.

The 800 Days blog post contains a selected piece of music that Blake offers to friends and enemies alike - a song/performance considered a "traditional" song appropriate for sharing on the Day of the Dead.

The video is early in the post so that readers can listen to the song while reading the Day 780 text - and the content starts with some background information on the topics of "All Saints Day" and "Day of the Dead."

Now if you've been following Blake's writings for quite a while outside of the 800 Days blog, you may have come across some tidbits and details before that are in this blog post but - trust me - the post is worth reading IN FULL whether you've seen similar writings from Blake before or not... because if read with critical thinking and open-mindedness, the content here is going to be priceless, promoting a sense of tolerance, understanding of "the other," and general community mindedness that is so lacking in our world today.

Don't let certain terms catch you off guard or turn you aside from this information. Allow prejudices to melt away while you glean some knowledge here. YES there are CULTS mentioned here - along with religious groups... however, if you turn away from the information, aren't you just ensuring a certain level of personal and individual ignorance on a topic or theme that you dislike? Personally, I feel that within the writings so far on the 800 Days blog, an environment is being created which allows for tolerance, and which limits prejudice and ignorance as far as is possible.

In the article, you will find 30 paths of truth/cults of darkness.

The article: 30 Ways of Light, 30 Paths of Truth, 30 Cults of Darkness

Would you rather be intolerant - or INFORMED?

Day 780 in the 800 Days countdown is Monday November 1 2010.

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