Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 676

Blake is featuring works by bibi16 on his The 800 Days blog for Day 676! Blake announces bibi16 as his "comrade in arts," which is fitting when you see one of bibi16's poem titles:

"Hitler's Mother"

The last two lines strike me hard,

"No one offers consolation
To Poor Hitler's Mother"

The second featured piece, "Blowing Him Again," by bibi16 caught my attention immediately - not by its title but - by its alliteration and repetitive rhyming at the beginning... weaning, tiny, teeny djinni (genie/jeannie), breaking, bottles, barefeet, burning [...] Butterflies bleed."

POWERFUL attention-getters, along with impact of concept once you read how these words are all used together!

It ain't over til its over.

bibi16's works arrive on Blake's Day 676 post on Sunday February 13 2011.

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