Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 683 (Tidbits)

A poem dedicated to Blondepoet/Debbie Murray is what is in store for you once you visit Blake's Day 683 post over on THE 800 DAYS blog.

To my knowledge, Blondepoet is someone Blake has never met as she lives in Australia. I'm familiar with Blondepoet from a writing site we all frequent and so I have a special interest in this poem - about a person Blake and I both know of but have never met. I've read Blondpoet's writings online, too.

My fave lines of the poem:

  • To write our poems and sing songs for people we shall never meet, and singing words to people who we shall know only inn our dreams,
  • but never do remember when we wake from the walking sleep upon a morning glorious sweeter once it is weened
I'm not positive I kept with the line structure Blake intended for these two lines but I hope he will forgive the line manipulation in favour of my presenting the lines on my blog to indicate the powerful message about acquaintanceship/friendship over distances...

In my interpretation of the poetry, the narrator (possibly Blake, maybe an anonymous narrator within the poem) is basically saying - "Distance is NOTHING... personal connection with people is everything and is what is important."

I also like the end of the third line, the message, "[...] and our two worlds collide" - very graphic, apt, metaphorical but powerful...

I also really love the balance brought about by the last few words of the last line, "[,,,] like so many a fairytale completes." What an awesome way to wrap up a poem with balance in both temporal concept (distances bridged) but literal suggestion (end of poem, completion of fairy tale).

The Day 683 post is associated with Sunday February 6 2011.

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