Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 681 (Tidbits)

Lore of the Illuminati is the topic for Blake's Day 681 post on THE 800 DAYS weblog.  I agree with some of Blake's opening words for the post, that, "[...] there is too much information out there on this subject to be ignored [,,,]" however I'd have warned more about CONFIRMATION BIAS in the opening words if it were my blog post...

The topic of The Illuminati is an absolutely HUGE one - as multi-faceted as the topic of The Bilderberg Group, but Blake promises to re-visit this topic in future days of posting to The 800 Days blog. I'm glad for these plans because there's no way the topic of The Illuminati can be decently covered in just one or two blog postings.

I love the quote Blake placed only about a third of the way into the post and I am posting it here, too:

Stop throwing the Constitution in my face!
It's just a goddamned piece of paper!
- George W. Bush


I don't feel I should be adding or taking away from Blake's original post here so I'll turn my post into a short little critique and warning about Illuminati in pop-culture... while Blake goes on, within his blog post, to explain details about the Illuminati for those who might not know much about this group.

My critique is against pop-culture renditions of or perceptions of The Illuminati based on popular fiction such as the enormously successful Da Vinci Code by writer, Dan Brown.

Now Da Vinci Code is an outstanding piece of fiction - but it has MANY misleading details, the most dangerous of which happens to be its opening words which immediately make the claim that what follows in the book is largely fact - the historical locations, pieces of art, etc.

What the fictitious novel really is - is a whole bunch of historical accuracies mixed in with fiction to make confirmation biases and make a story flow... PERIOD.

One extremely AWESOME thing about Dan Brown's book, however, is that IT RAISES QUESTIONS on a number of topics - historical accuracy, Mary Magdelene, Jesus, Illuminati, Ancient Scholarship, etc. This is awesome - but the draw backs here are that a person pretty much has to take a fine-toothed comb through the entire book in order to sort the facts from fiction.

This is a process I am currently and actively plodding through with painstaking deliberateness.

Suffice it to say that if Da Vinci Code is your only reference source connected with what you know about The Illuminati, you will have a lot of learning to do. I'm sure you'll find Blake's post on the topic of Illuminati more along the side of fact than you will the pop-culture thriller novel Da Vinci Code by Mr. Brown.

I must say - I have enjoyed the Dan Brown book immensely and am about to attempt my third read-through of the novel at the end of March. Before I start re-reading, however, I am poring through some Apocrypha works just so I will be well acquainted with some Scriptures outside the Christian Canon which are referred to in the Da Vinci Code book.

I urge you to go read what Blake has written on the topic of The Illuminati - and take some time to have a really good look at all the images he has posted - they're very impressive, indeed! I am particularly taken with the last image on the blog post... the hand-pyramid and the eye within, including radiating lines that extend beyond the hands.

The Day 681 post is associated with Tuesday February 8 2011

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