Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 738 (Tidbits)

Dang - I love it when Blake finds a way to cuss artistically through a graphic image... Makes me feel like a prude 'cos I just cuss under my breath a lot or my cussing has to be in context...and used when I'm mad or... well anyway...

Basically, the Day 738 entry on Blake Hall's 800 DAYS Blog says, in a graphic way... "Screw The Government!"

And then it puts those hacktivist personas in a slightly better light than the average authorities have put them. All in context, of course, in light of the recent cyberattacks and DDoS attacks by "Anonymous."

I updated the Glossary to include the differences and definitions on "cyberpunk" and "cypherpunk" because they are, indeed, very different - even if the words look similar and sound very similar.

Now what Blake has gone and done is display Son of Gomez's "[...] THE ENTIRE FIRST ONLINE MANIFESTO [...]" of the CYPHERpunks which is outlined as follows:

The True Story of the Internet (parts I, II, and III)
  • Book 1: The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre
  • Book 2: WebWorld or The Mythical Circle of Eunichs
  • Book 3: InfoWar or The Final Frontier

Book 3 is unfinished because the author was arrested (1997) before he could finish it...

Okay, so I have to go finish reading the Son of Gomez works, to tell you the honest truth. I'm still playing catch-up but thought I'd better review Blake's post...I'll be back to post later on a review of the Son of Gomez material but I have to say... "YES!" I'm glad Blake posted in exactly this way 'cos I was fixing to track these documents down based on the past couple of 800 DAYS posts! *whew* Now I don't have to search very far...

The Day 738 post is associated with Monday December 13 2010.


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