Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 668 (Tidbits)


That's what I am calling the content - including MEDIA - on the Day 668 post found on Blake's The 800 Days blog.

No review needed for the top portion of the Day 668 post - just TWO THUMBS UP from me and readers can go ahead and hit the PLAY button on the AC/DC vids Blake has embedded in the blog.

While you enjoy the vids, make your way further down the page and see who Blake is giving some space-love (exposure on the blog) to...

It's Blake's friend, Rothlyn Giles! Rothlyn is a computer guy who has offered some very detailed walkthrough instructions designed to help Windows users clean up then keep their Windows operating system environment healthy and secure. The article from Rothlyn Giles, over on Blake's blog - explains such things as:

Organizing files
Data safeguarding
Boosting the performance of your computer
a bunch of stuff I can't explain
but is explained by Rothlyn over on the Day 668 post!

I'm not quite confident yet with following all of Rothlyn's walkthrough but am going to go right away and start a defrag as Step 1 of making my computer perform better.

WHOOP! Imagine how much better those AC/DC videos are going to play after I have my computer defragged, eh?

The Day 668 post is associated with Monday February 21 2011

Day 669 (Tidbits)

A seeming "Call To Arms" awaits on the Day 669 post on Blake Ford Hall's The 800 Days blog. This isn't Blake's call, however - it's a call sent out by ANONYMOUS. As well, it's not an average Call To Arms (a call to pick up weapons)...

You'll have to think in metaphors beyond what you usually do (we think in metaphors ALL THE TIME - but often, not very complex ones, for daily living) and really open your mind to receive the message that ANONYMOUS has provided.

Here's an article ABSTRACT (only) that I found when searching for a way to explain how we think in metaphors all the time. The Abstract provides enough information to explain this - without going into the whole article (it's better than a definition I found on a popular online dictionary):

Metaphors We Think With: The Role of Metaphor in Reasoning.

I'm finding the messages of ANONYMOUS increasingly more interesting as time goes on. I feel that whoever is behind ANONYMOUS is very intelligent, versed in psychology and possibly even sociological studies... however I am TRULY beginning to question the purpose and ethics of ANONYMOUS...

  • Anonymous speaks of freedom - using the terminology of oppression (is this ethical?)
  • Anonymous uses emotional phrases to target the underdog (knows which particular words work on the psychological make-up of an oppressed target population)
  • Anonymous seems to understand large-group dynamics (sociological knowledge - ie: "when and where should I, Anonymous, place my messages for universal effect and viewing?")

I'll let you decide if my statements above are anything you want to think more about.

Anonymous is calling out to a number of target groups:

  • Youth
  • To The Intellectuals (those with critical thinking?)
  • The Strong
  • Journalists
  • The Weak
  • The Clever
  • Free Thinkers
  • Poets 
  • The Wise
The only thing that settles my mind a bit over ethical issues here is that ANONYMOUS clearly sends out a call to various target groups - essentially, trying to name most groups, save for "authority" groups. At first, I was worried that - with ANONYMOUS' mix of oppression language with freedom concepts, Anonymous was targeting just "the oppressed" populations (which could turn out a MOB), but Anonymous is - in my opinion - calling out to people FOR the purpose of critical thinking, reasoning, etc. Time will show whether I am wrong or right here... (Yes, I've ended up QUESTIONING the motive of ANONYMOUS even though Anonymous makes very blatant, clear statements most of the time... it has been the "language of oppression" inserted in much of Anonymous' messaging that sends up red flags for me).

Let me know what you get out of Anonymous' message, posted by Blake for the Day 669 entry over on The 800 Days blog on Sunday February 20 2011.

Day 670 (Tidbits)

There are some fantastic photos on Blake4d's Day 670 post on the ever expanding The 800 Days blog. Get ready for some OUT OF THIS WORLD information as you prepare to read the Day 670 post.

The opening paragraph:

"In January 2004 the American space agency NASA successfully landed two rovers onto the Martian surface this page is a picturial tribute to their historical and somewhat secret journeys across the Gusev Crater region. Please feel free to download all photographs on this site and re-distribute them across the net." from Mars Uncensored/Paul Goodwin.    

There are many statements/concepts you'll have to fit your head around in Blake's 800Days article for Day 670, such as:
  • NASA was established as a civilian space programme by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958
  • NASA was formed to replace the (predecessor) National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
  • NASA distorts the findings from Earth's sister planet, Mars, by sending SOME news, allowing some news out while holding back other pertinent findings. 
  • (ie: findings of certain gasses, elements on Mars is brought forth as big news - while other known features/findings on Mars are suppressed and not voiced)
  • NASA uses the tool of "image tampering" to distort facts/data even beyond information suppression - providing some sources who report to the general public - with faulty information (which in turn makes it seem like other sources are faulty, tampering with the images, untrustworthy)
  • much much more naughty NASA stuff
There are many technical tidbits in Blake's article that you'll need to mull over. Although I understand the messages and concepts provided by Blake and Paul Goodwin, I may not be a good teacher or deliverer of this kind of technical information. Therefore, I'm not going to even try to put some of this stuff into my own layman's terms or re-state much of what's on the Day 670 post in my own terms. You'll definitely have to go read the article!

Hey! GO READ THE ARTICLE: Day 670, on 800 Days blog!

If you get lost in the content over there (at 800Days blog), don't worry - tons of images that you won't be displeased with. While checking out images, don't forget to read over the text provided of Bob Dean's words at the Project Camelot LA "Awake and Aware" conference, held on September 19th 2009. The quote Blake provides starts with, "They [authorities, NASA] don't know how to lift the lid on this subject..." 

The information doesn't stop after Goodwin's and Dean's assertions. I'll just name-drop and word-drop here to provide a few names and phrases that are in the Day 670 article:

  • NASA 
  • Paul Goodwin 
  • Bob Dean 
  • Margaret Mead 
  • Brookings Report/Brookings Institute 
  • "guys from other dimensions" 
  • portals 
  • multidimensional 
  • more advanced societies

The Day 670 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with MARS theories and the date, Saturday February 19 2011.