Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 677

Over on Blake's The 800 Days blog there is some comic relief (vid-clip of Robin Williams' "Golf" comedy bits) for the Day 677 post - along with a Force Majeure statement...

Force Majeure statements generally free involved or associated parties from liabilities when unseen circumstances or extraordinary events and circumstances cause said parties unable to fulfilling obligations. This is the short and basic explanation, anyway.

Where a "obligations" are concerned - with respect to The 800 Days blog, there is no heavy-handed signed legal contract, anyway, for Blake (or myself) to provide unlimited absolutely steady content online (or content strictly of a certain type). There is, however, a sort of unspoken agreement (along with some expectations) that all parties (Blake, myself, readers) enter into concerning blog posting... whereby content goes out (and is read) in steady fashion.

My thoughts are that this Force Majeure piece can be used to remind readers that, basically, "stuff happens" sometimes... to prevent a steady flow of content to the 800 DAYS project.

The Force Majeure created by Blake is definitely worth reading closely as it contains a mix of comedy, reality, satire, seriousness, social commentary and is its own little bit of art.

The Day 677 post is associated with Saturday February 12 2011.


  1. I never had actually considered before, that I might actually be held to that Force Majeure contract. Oh damn that must be why Hubpages pulled it from being published. Maybe they thought I was going to hold them to it. Don't worrry MB. I have a back up plan...give me a minute to think of it.

  2. Haha - yeah, Blake, usually Force Majeure is very serious stuff! I like YOUR Force Majeure details better than any I have seen elsewhere!

    ie: [...] not held responsible or liable for any failure to perform to to unforeseen circumstances or [...] organic produce falling from the sky, watermelons, hallucinations [...], I am not responsible for [...] paper cuts, etc...