Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 773 (Tidbits)

It's a good thing Blake offers some mixed kinds of points for pondering because several of the posts so far have been BIG ITEMS - controversial topics, important discussions and themes to think about. The Day 773 post on Blake Hall's 800 Days blog contains slightly lighter fare - although you should still put on your thinking cap before reading...

There are some fun things to think about on this post - is your dog an alien? I have a cat and I KNOW he's some sort of angel or better-than-human entity. Is the earth "alive"? Is there life out in "outer space"?

Interesting things to think about, for sure - or even study up on.

After more than a dozen blog entries with very serious content, Day 773's post is kind of refreshing without being boring or insignificant. Obviously I'm not going to repeat all the questions here that Blake asks within the Day 773 post on The 800 days blog. I'm just following along, adding a "thumbsup" here and - as always - asking readers from here to go visit the work that Blake is committed to over on The 800 Days blog.

Blake has been adding content diligently already for over a month - and I have been tuned in as a "follower" for the same length of time. Let me tell you one thing - this blog here HAS TO BE much easier to manage than Blake's 800 Days one. All I have to do is follow, read and comment... Blake has to decide what topics are pertinent for particular days, what content is going to be acceptable (we're using google space here - google doesn't always like controversy, eh?), how to make a countdown "flow..." Mostly - it's a HUGE time committment for making big decisions on content and also - for just showing up all the time...

*Hat's off*


Whooooops WTF? Lost my head!

The Day 773 post is associated with the date of Monday November 8 2010.

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