Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 697 (Tidbits)

It seems Blake is pressed for time around this point in blogging for THE 800 DAYS blog, so his Day 697 post features some interesting photos from a friend, Joe Lee.

In my opinion, the fourth photo down shows an INSANE pyrotechnics trick... is that FIRE blown from a guy's mouth...?? That's what I see!

Plugging my ears so I won't hear when the guy starts screaming, "AAAACK I'm On FIRE!"

Blake sure knows a lot of interesting people who also possess interesting skills. Myself, I can't say, "I have a friend who blows fire out of his mouth," but I can still ask, "Do you?"


The absolute truth is: I need to catch up to Blake on FB or some other long-distance way to find out more about Joe Lee and some of the other people he has featured in pics, words, music, etc., on the 800 Days blog since I've been low-profile online...

The day 697 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with FIRE!!! and Sunday January 23 2011.

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