Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 705 (Tidbits)

A Prominent message for the Day 705 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog is clear, without question, and is presented in an image you can't miss at the beginning of the post:

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can."

The only thing I might at to that request is, "Do good to/for every creature and living thing that you can."

If you're thinking these words seem familiar, you're probably right - because they're a request/prescriptive from someone we've encountered on Blake's blog in several previous posts - EDEN SKY!

Rather than interpret Eden Sky's words, Blake has linked directly to Eden Sky's "Awakening Galactic Culture" blog, an interview/audio spot (on "Cosmic Love Radio" Topic: Sacred Essence of Time, etc) online where you can hear Eden Sky, herself, and a link to the 13moon website. We've seen the 13 Moon site before but here's your chance to make sure you bookmark the site if you had forgotten when the 13 Moon site was mentioned before:

13 Moon .com [leads to page on 13 Moon site housing several more Eden Sky interviews/audios]

The Cosmic Love Radio interview link (interview date, 2011/01/01) can also be found at the link above (as on Blake's Blog). If you go to the audio via Blake's THE 800 DAYS BLOG, just be aware that when you click the link over there, the mp3 file at that location will immediately prompt your media player (just in case you're worried about a pop-up happening). You may have to make sure your pop-up blocker is off... I have listened to the mp3 and used the link a couple of times and it has been a completely safe process through my system.

I'm listening to this particular interview RIGHT NOW - and I urge readers to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the concepts of time here, as explained by Eden Sky. These concepts not entirely new to me (one of my favourite books EVER is called "Time Wars: The Primary Conflict in Human History" by Jeremy Rifkin) - however - there are so few people to discuss this content with who are even aware of the concepts that it's frustrating to even bring this topic up with people, as far as I am concerned. It would be wonderful if you return here and comment on the concepts from the Eden Sky/Cosmic Love Radio content!

I really like the quote Blake choose to end this Day 705 entry with. It acts as a meditational concept for me that is quite uplifting and empowering, "We are the Song of the Stars Remembering our Beauty and Purpose." (Eden Sky).

This quote reminds me of "Harmony of the Spheres," (originating from Pythagorian worldview. Pythagoras, who influenced Plato and Aristotle).

The Day 705 content is associated with Eden Sky, Cosmic Love Radio, the date Saturday January 15 2011.

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