Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 728 (Tidbits)

And... we're at the twenty third day of the month and 23 Enigma content for the Day 728 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog.

Mixed in are some tidbits on timing and calendar/countdowns of two separate cultures whose timing devices match up in different eras - the Mayans and the Romans... Interesting - but let Blake explain it for you over on THE 800 DAYS blog.

In the spirit of things related to 23, Blake has presented a few versions of Psalm 23, an extremely well known and oft-cited bit of Christian text...

And then (LOL) Mr. Hall quotes YOURS TRULY... and to tell you the truth (again), I am still quite perplexed by this 23 Enigma!

The Day 728 entry on The 800 Days blog is associated with 23 Enigma and the 23rd Day of December, 2010. Thursday, December 23 2010.

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