Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 737 (Tidbits)

Although this month (December) is primarily enhanced by mainly Christian-themes (Birth of Jesus, Christmas celebrations), Blake hasn't forgotten our Pagan friends (and enemies). The Day 737 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS BLOG is sort of a treat for Pagans with some music, a message regarding the Winter Solstice from Eden Sky, and some information on Pagan Yultide/Christmas Ritual.

Eden's Message found here: Solstice Synch Details from Eden Sky

Mr. Hall offers some information and tips on creating celebration rituals to observe important concepts and events - and if his guidance isn't quite enough for you, he has graciously also offered links to some respectable major Pagan websites which also provide information on rituals, Pagan principles and benevolent guidance for those interested in Pagan things.

Within the Day 737 post are a number of ideas by Blake - it reads like a list - for incorporating Pagan ritual into your life and home during the festive season (and beyond). You don't have to do EVERYTHING on the list but there certainly are enough suggestions to satisfy virtually anyone interested in Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice time of year.

My favourite of the suggestions is the last one on the list: Plant a living tree. I don't have room for this tree that is suggested but am planning a ritual and variation on this idea. I'm going to plant SOMETHING indoors - something that is useful for smudging and teas. The smoke (Cree/Blackfoot culture) is an offering of prayer, energy and spirit unto the world once the plant is mature enough to use for smudge material. The leaves/stems can be given back to the earth after tea is made...and the plant will offer beneficial oxygen and positive energy within my indoor environment and to friends and family who visit my home.

But enough of my intentions... back to the Day 737 post!

I'm posting this review of the entry/blog well after Christmas celebrations are over, so the rest of the information on the post is going to be useful to me NEXT YEAR around this time of year. The information offered is about making GIFTS, making homemade mainly natural items for gift-giving. I will be sure to take better care with my health next season so I don't become ill like I did this year. This will spare me some time for creating some homemade gifts.

One thing I won't need to wait nearly a year for is suggestion number FIVE (5): keeping a Book Of Shadows. I got out of this practice and discipline a couple of years ago and greatly miss it. Luckily for me, I have been thinking of creating a BOS for a little while and have been gathering materials in order to fully create my own book/journal that is handmade and specifically my own. I learned a bit about book binding in a University class, and have experimented a time or two with my own handmade journals. I had one book project marked as an A+ which had 3 sections and a tie-down for the most private notes I made (I had problems as a kid with a trusted adult reading and damaging my personal journal and violating my trust in him, so I LIKE privacy with my journal). I'm sure I can repeat the process and item WITH IMPROVEMENTS.

The Day 737 post has prompted my memory to GET ON THIS sooner than later, so - HEY THANKS BLAKE!

Blessed Be - I must go and assess my book-making materials (while also dashing between posts to catch up with Blake's blog entries)...

The Day 737 post is associated with Pagan Spirituality and Rituals, The Number (insert your favourite number), the Letter "P" and the date of Tuesday December 14 2010.

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